Gli Orrori di Omega

Gli Orrori di Omega Questa la storia di Will Barrent che esiliato dalla Terra piomba in quel mondo d incubo che Omega E un pianeta di fuorilegge che ha una sua particolare religione una sua precisa idea sugli svaghi

  • Title: Gli Orrori di Omega
  • Author: Robert Sheckley Mario Galli
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Questa la storia di Will Barrent, che esiliato dalla Terra piomba in quel mondo d incubo che Omega E un pianeta di fuorilegge, che ha una sua particolare religione, una sua precisa idea sugli svaghi, una sua assurda organizzazione sociale in base alla quale solo l assassino pi abile, pi feroce, e pi fortunato, in un mondo fatto di assassini, pu aspirare alla riccQuesta la storia di Will Barrent, che esiliato dalla Terra piomba in quel mondo d incubo che Omega E un pianeta di fuorilegge, che ha una sua particolare religione, una sua precisa idea sugli svaghi, una sua assurda organizzazione sociale in base alla quale solo l assassino pi abile, pi feroce, e pi fortunato, in un mondo fatto di assassini, pu aspirare alla ricchezza e al potere Un mondo in cui le propriet della vittima vengono per legge ereditate dall uccisori E su questo mondo Will Barrent cerca disperatamente i ricordi che gli hanno tolto, la ragazza che l ha salvato dalla morte per due volte, e la speranza di poter un giorno tornare sulla Terra nonostante le terribili astronavi di pattuglia orbita attorno a Omega Quando riuscir ad arrivare sul suo pianeta, si trover fronte a qualcosa pi pericoloso ancora dei Giochi di Omega i suoi ricordi, il suo condizionamento di terrestre, ma soprattutto l esasperato conformismo di una civilt che si arrenata al raggiungimento della perfezione meccanica.Copertina di Franco Brambilla

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    1. This is not a book that will rock your world. You won't be harassing your friends to read it, or spamming recommendations for it here on . You aren't going to wistfully stare at its cover a year from now, remembering the great times you had together.But that's OK. The Status Society is not a SF aficionado must-read, but it's a fairly enjoyable romp through an interesting world. The story is pretty straightforward. No alternate viewpoints, unreliable narrators, or odd time/perspective shifts. Thi [...]

    2. This book was on online freebie - readbookonline/title/3. I planned to read a chapter each day as I perused the comics, news, and celebrity gossip - BUT it turned out to be a real page-turner (or mouse-clickeror whatever you want to call an involving story read online) I ended up sitting in my uncomfortable computer chair, back aching, long past the time I should have been doing something else. A man is sentenced to a prison planet for a murder he cannot remember committing. The prison turns out [...]

    3. 3.75Un roman peste care timpul a curs bine. Omega e o Australie a viitorului, planetă țintă pentru criminali, devianți, opozanți sau orice răufăcător ți-ai putea imagina. Celor trimiși acolo li se șterge memoria și sunt lăsați pradă noilor reguli. Omega e un spațiu al terorii, bine ierarhizat dar condus după regulile celui mai puternic. Moartea pândește la orice colț. Prizonierul 402 o va afla pe propria piele și chiar dacă supraviețuiește planetei închisoare, întoarcer [...]

    4. Wow, I did not expect it to be this good! The story was captivating right from the start. I'm a sucker for Kafkaesque plots. I thought the story was suspenseful all through, throwing in weird stuff frequently to spike my interest in the story. The author's version of a futuristic Earth and the reasons behind why it evolved so is fascinating and disturbing. The title of the book hints at this. The protagonist wakes up on a starship that's on its way to planet Omega where criminals of Earth are de [...]

    5. WOW. This book is simply so real, that almost terrifying! It was written in 1960 and it seems more probable today than ever. The funny thing is, that in Polish its title may be translated as "The Evil Planet" and in my opinion it is even more accurate than the original title - it fits better, feels stronger.I just hope Robert Sheckley's vision will remain a dystopia, a bad dream, a nightmare that will never come true.---Zaskakujące, jak czasami książki napisane wiele lat temu, szczególnie ga [...]

    6. Two vastly different social structures (on two different planets) were packed into this novella. The first was a prison planet in which inmates had created a world that worshipped evil and status was driven up by authorized kills. The second was a cold conforming world in which order reigned. I found both worlds incredibly fascinating. As with so many dystopian worlds I was left with many unanswered questions and a few confusions. Despite this I found the concepts fresh and I enjoyed the ideas. [...]

    7. I have clearly read this book before, I wonder how many years ago since I didn't remember almost anything of the twists and discoveries the author has reserved for the reader.It's a light and short reading (around 100 pages), available at project Gutenberg, proof read by volunteers around the world.Well worth reading if you're a fan of science-fiction, even though the themes have been done and overdone since then: Sheckley has been, to my knowledge, a source of inspiration by its exploration of [...]

    8. I enjoyed this, liked the methods used by the protagonist to always get out of those situations despite what his 'advisors' always said. In the tale Will Barrent suddenly awakes on this 'space ship', apparently his memory has been temporarily erased. He is told that he committed a murder and has been shipped off to the prison planet Omega. Here crimes dominate. Well back on Earth, there have been drastic change, for one the planet is now close to utopia, with all based on trustBarrent must prove [...]

    9. I initially went with 2 stars, to leave room at the bottom, but I'm going to to go with my heart and give the 1 star thumbs down. Ugh. I don't even have the energy to give this one a thorough dissection. The main character is bland and treated by the narrator as some sort of genius for managing to perform basic critical thinking tasks. Maybe he's a cousin to the protagonist in Dorsai!. The parts of the worldbuilding that you aren't rolling your eyes at are.waitere aren't any. Skip this one.

    10. Actually this is more a 3.5 review. Despite a fairly two dimensional main character and a lot of explaining, the ideas and wit of this novelette really carried the day. Favourite bits were the identical religious speeches on both Omega and Earth (only spoiled a bit because Sheckley couldn't restrain himself from pointing out the same point at the end) and the copying of past authors that passes itself off as creation, both for the pulps and the higher literary forms. (In the camp of there are no [...]

    11. This is a very strange novel. The tone of the book changes significantly through the course of the novel, but I did find it enjoyable. A man awakens in a cell and finds he has lost his memory. He is then informed that he is a murderer on his way to a prison planet to begin a new life. Early on he is saved by a woman who may or may not be real. These mysteries are only the beginning as you try to figure out what is real and what's a facade. This book deserves more like a 3.5, but the reason I lea [...]

    12. 4,5/5 Metis BK serisindeki en iyilerden. Kısa ve öz, en sevdiğim özelliği bu :). Kitap başlangıç olarak, PKD'nin romanından uyarlanan Total Recall gibi biraz. (view spoiler)[ - İçimde kalmasın söylemeden edemicem çünkü :D. -o kadar benziyorlar ki, Total Recall'u izleyenler bilirler 3 göğüslü kadını, heh işte, bu kitapta da yine 8 göğüs olanı var ve ikisi de kahramanlarımıza gösterip kaçan bir bir uzaylı rolu oynamakta. Öyküsünde var mı bilmiyorum ama Totall Re [...]

    13. I loved it. Fun, imaginative, and it keeps you reading 'one more chapter' at a time. yeah, it has some silliness to it by today's standards and it has a 50's SF feel to it nut I think that just adds to its charm. it doesn't try to be uber-serious or snarky like most SF today. And that is a very good thing. I only wish there was this kind of material being written today. Somewhere we kind of lost the FUN that made SF popular. Maybe Hollywood will re-discover this kind of stuff when the super-hero [...]

    14. This book is freely available from Project Gutenberg through the efforts of fine folks at Distributed Proofreaders. Robert Sheckley is one of my favorite authors, so when I saw this book in Distributed Proofreaders, I knew I wanted to work on putting it all together. Check it out!I definitely enjoyed actually reading the book after completing all the final checks and stuff. It's been a while though, so I don't recall all the details. I think I liked the way it ended.

    15. While I agree with Mark about the wasted idea, to some extent, I still think this science-fiction novella about a moribund, manipulative Terran Hegemony deserves a better grade than one star for that idea. A nonconformist from Earth is railroaded, through false murder charge, to a prison-planet, then seeks to return to Earth to discover and reveal all. Of course, those who favor conspiracy theories will attempt to extrapolate beyond the plot. I still enjoyed reading it.

    16. One of the best books I've read, seriously. I was enthralled. It was made even better because I'd had never heard of the author, and its one of those free classics. I'm in shock right now how good this was. Read it.

    17. Прикольні короткі історії.З альтернативною історією, космічними пригодами і т.п.Деякі сильно накурені, тому пропускайте історію, якщо не заходить.

    18. Will Barrent wakes up unable to recall his name, his past, or how he got here. “Here” turns out to be a spaceship heading for Omega, prison planet for all of Earth’s unwanted criminals, who've been given free reign over the laws and culture of their new world. Will’s unable to recall his crime, either, though he has more pressing problems. Omega has a very strict caste system, and a byzantine series of laws and regulations; life expectancy is three years. Within minutes of entering Omega [...]

    19. I was directed to this story when I was looking for tales set on prison ships or planets. Giving the description a quick read, I bought it and settled down to read.The fact that this book was written in 1960 is apparently from the get go. This is not a problem, but rather something that stuck out and forces the reader to adjust to the mindset of the age this story was written in. Sheckley tells a good story with The Status Civilization though there are some points that left me wrinkling my brow. [...]

    20. I enjoyed the book. It reminded me at first of Hunters of the Red Moon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley, but it evolved to have much more to say on a social level about our own society by painting pictures of extremes.The author had a subtle sense of humor as he went about telling such an unbelievable story, and I enjoyed the read. I've heard some people compare the author to Douglas Adams, but where Adams seemed to have his plot revolve setting up lame jokes (at the cost of the story), Sheckley had a [...]

    21. A dystopian novel disguised in a science fiction cover. Book rating; 4/5Narration: A bit flat, but we are still grateful for the work of Mr. Gregg Download A LibriVox audio version; Download an e-book from the Gutenberg project“Dead or alive, you will retain all your rights.” Will is a murder and he is sent to the planet Omega, where all criminals are dumped and free to determine their own fate. Or so they think. The problem is Will has no memory of who he is and what his life on earth was.O [...]

    22. The speaker held out his hands to quiet the murmur that ran through the auditorium. He said, "All of you are criminals. And all of you have one thing in common: an inability to obey the basic obligatory rules of human society. Those rules are necessary for civilization to function. By disobeying them, you have committed crimes against all mankind. Therefore mankind rejects you. You are grit in the machinery of civilization, and you have been sent to a world where your own sort is king. Here you [...]

    23. A man wakes up without any memory apart from his native language and finds himself on a prison ship headed to a world of punishment. He struggles to survive there despite the prison world's life expectancy of 3 years. He is eventually initiated into the underworld and escapes back to earth, where the situation is equally dire, but under far different circumstances.The message I read most in this book (which might reflect other currents of thought I've had recently) is that security and stability [...]

    24. This is a nifty little book, despite outward appearances. It's set on a prison planet, the dramatically named Omega, where prisoners have their memories wiped before arriving, and it features a two-dimensional, tough-as-nails protagonist, as well as more than its share of improbable action sequences. While that sounds awesome to me, it also sounds like schlock. However, The Status Civilization is rather clever about its cliches. Sheckley's description of Omega is darkly comic and he manages some [...]

    25. Sheckley puts the reader in the place of the main character, who begins not knowing his name or where he is. The protagonist and the reader gradually gain a few clues. At first he's known only by a number, then is told his name is Will Barrent and he's been moved to a world named Omega due to a crime he committed. He and the other people riding a starship all arrive at once on Omega and at first have no memory of their lives on earth, other than being told what crime they committed and why they [...]

    26. The novel starts off with the protagonist, Will Barrent, arriving on the planet of Omega in complete confusion. He is part of a group of prisoners, and his memories have been completely wiped out. He knows that he has committed a crime but doesn't know what he did. He has been given a life sentence on the prison planet of Omega. The planet is a place of complete chaos where crime and disorder rule. Barrent does what he can to survive, meanwhile non-conforming with the rules of the planet, which [...]

    27. Barrent is sentenced and sent to a planet Omega. He is said to be a murderer. Omega is for prisoners only. They have their own rules there. Their status comes from the lowest of low called a peon who got no rights at all to the upper classes, the beyond-laws. On Omega he fights and kills to live and gets a job. With every successful kill he climbs up in social hierarchy. However he feels that he’s not prone to kill and murder. He’s doing this only for self-defense. He’s got suspicions that [...]

    28. Status Civilization is a classic of science fiction whose protagonist, Will Barrent, has been sentenced for murder he does not remember committing and shipped to a brutal prison planet to live or die as he sees fit. On Omega, as the planet is known, civilization is topsy-turvy - a deformed mockery of normalcy where a person's status depends on how many others he manages to kill. Will must survive in this twisted world all the while trying to figure out what crime it is he committed and why he do [...]

    29. "Πλανήτης Ωμέγα", εκδόσεις Μπουκουμάνη.Ούτε κατάλαβα πότε το τελείωσα! Κλασικό περιπετειώδες ανάγνωσμα με καλές και δυνατές ιδέες που εφαρμόστηκαν αρκετά καλά. Ο πρωταγωνιστής είναι ένας τύπος που ξυπνάει ξαφνικά σε ένα δωμάτιο χωρίς να θυμάται τίποτα, εκτός κάποιων πραγμ [...]

    30. Will Barrent bohater Planety Zła budzi się na pokładzie statku. Nic nie pamięta, zna tylko swój numer. Za chwilę wszystko ma się wyjaśnić. Statek ląduje na planecie więziennej, a Will dowiaduje się, że został skazany za morderstwo. Na planecie nie ma strażników. Więźniowie pilnują się sami, dzięki systemowi kast i przywilejów. Awansować można tylko w jeden sposób - zabijając innego mieszkańca.Jest jeszcze tajna organizacja, której celem jest wysłanie kogoś na Ziemi [...]

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