Gli amanti di Siddo

Gli amanti di Siddo Sulla Terra l eros soffocato dal regime sessuofobico del Precursore su Ozagen libero Anche se non tutti gli abitanti di Ozagen sono umani Sulla Terra Hal Yarrow era un giovane destinato all oscurit

  • Title: Gli amanti di Siddo
  • Author: Philip José Farmer Riccardo Valla
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sulla Terra, l eros soffocato dal regime sessuofobico del Precursore, su Ozagen libero Anche se non tutti gli abitanti di Ozagen sono umani Sulla Terra Hal Yarrow era un giovane destinato all oscurit scientifica, su Ozagen partecipa a un importante missione esplorativa Ma il suo destino cambia il giorno in cui incontra Jeannette, forse una discendente dei coloni teSulla Terra, l eros soffocato dal regime sessuofobico del Precursore, su Ozagen libero Anche se non tutti gli abitanti di Ozagen sono umani Sulla Terra Hal Yarrow era un giovane destinato all oscurit scientifica, su Ozagen partecipa a un importante missione esplorativa Ma il suo destino cambia il giorno in cui incontra Jeannette, forse una discendente dei coloni terrestri O forse qualcosa di mortalmente diverso Quella donna gli entrata nel sangue, solo che Hal ignora un particolare terribile, che si rivela a poco a poco in tutta la sua maestosa, travolgente intensit Quel che segue una storia al tempo stesso mostruosa e sublime.Copertina di Franco Brambilla

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    1. This was published in 1952, only 3 years after Orwell’s “1984” It was Farmer's first book, a novella that won him a Hugo Award as a “Most Promising New Talent.” With a bit of the flavor of P.K. Dick, it features an unlikeable man, Hal, who is a cog in the machinery of a totalitarian theocracy with a repressive Victorian outlook on sexuality. As a linguist on an imperialist mission to the planet Ozgan, his job is to help the team learn the language of its sentient species, the Wogglebug [...]

    2. Hal Yarrow is a linguist sent to the newly discovered planet Ozgan, where another sentient species lives. He has led a repressed and unhappy life. But on Ozgan, he realizes that his tyranical religion and way of life are illogical, and breaks free to find love amongst the natives.The writing is lazy. There are countless instances of Farmer forgetting what came mere pages ago. For example, on the first page, Yarrow tells a fellow passanger what a "joat" (jack-of-all-trades) is. Not five pages lat [...]

    3. Another book I read multiple times in magazine version and in paperback back years ago. This copy is signed by Philip José Farmer.

    4. This seems like a short story expanded to a novella or short novel. Interesting (and complete) world design, religious oppression taken to an extreme. No real action in the first half, though. The second half is a good story, with elements of adventure and intrigue at the personal and government scale, and works fairly well.Tried to find exactly why this book was banned, and only found the statement: "An exploration of alien sex so explicit it was one of the most banned books of it's time."The o [...]

    5. J'avais écrit une première introduction de cet avis, dans laquelle je mettais en avant le côté historique de ce bouquin, mais je l'ai effacée. Non parce que je veux ignorer cette histoire, mais plutôt parce que je pense que d'autres sauront mieux la mettre en valeur que moi. Et maintenant que cette précaution est prise, je peux en parler librement. Ce roman nous raconte donc les aventures de Hal Yarrow, linguiste en quête d'une autre vie, qui va avoir la chance de partir à la conquête [...]

    6. -No es tan fiero en león como lo pintan. Al menos no al principio-.Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Hal Yarrow, lingüista de profesión en el año 3050 e infelizmente casado con Mary, vive en una sociedad religiosa totalitaria y represiva bajo el control del Iglestado. Cuando es enviado en misión secreta al recién descubierto planeta Ozagen, comienza una amistad con Fobo, nativo del planeta, y con Jeannette, una bella y enigmática mujer que parece descender de otros colonos huma [...]

    7. I read The Lovers in its original publication form in the August 1952 issue of Startling Stories. What is perhaps most startling is how accurately and fully Samuel Mines, the editor, recognized the immediate and long-term influence the story would have. It is worth searching for the issue at Internet Archive and reading his full editorial, but here's the gist of what Mines wrote: "The Lovers is an important storye it will make a lot of fine writers sit up and be quoted as blurting: 'My gosh, I d [...]

    8. Tutti gli ingredienti di un buon romanzo: amore, odio paura, guerra, rifiuto, odio, speranza, eccetera sapientemente dosati e mescolati, e messi sulla pagina con autentica maestria, con un linguaggio piacevole e attraente che tiene incollati alla pagina.

    9. I personally found this book “all right”. The writing was definitely confusing at some points. I feel like Farmer put a lot of unnecessary parts into the book, as someone else that wrote a review stated, such as at the end of the book. There wasn’t really a point to write pages and pages worth of a description on how Jeanette’s species works. I could see a few pages to give the reader an idea of what was going on, and to add to the story for Hal Yarrow’s sake but not as many as 15. I a [...]

    10. Interesting early work from Farmer. There are some very interesting ideas explored here, especially those concerning religion, discrimination, and free will. At times the writing seems dated, and the naming of one of the alien races is particularly unfortunate, and this made reading uncomfortable at times.

    11. Started out intriguing given the current political climate, but got kinda boring in the middle. Ending was unsatisfactory, though some predictions I had made came true. Similarly dated stereotypical description of women, expected because of the publication date and having read Farmer before.

    12. Un hombre tiene la oportunidad de marcharse de la teocracia distópica en la que vive a otro planeta. Allí conoce a una extraterrestre y se enamoran. La estaba leyendo pensando que era entretenida sin más pero en los últimos capítulos llega lo bueno.

    13. Aight, but not my favorite Farmer story. Seemed to borrow devices from other contemporary sci-fi writers that were using them better (suspended animation, big brother-type religious cult leaders, etc)--although tbh I'm not sure what is the chicken and what is the egg here. Anyway.

    14. This was an amazing story of repression, religiosity and ultimately love. This is a must read if you like science fiction.

    15. Δυστυχώς, έπεσα εδώ σε μια ιστορία πολύ απλοϊκή και αφελή. Περιγράφεται μια γη θεοκρατική κι οπισθοδρομική στην οποία κυριαρχεί μια θρησκεία που θυμίζει εξέλιξη τού Ισλάμ (ή και τού Χριστιανισμού).Μια γήινη αποστολή, λοιπόν, πάει σε έναν μακρινό πλανήτη για να κάνει μια (αλη [...]

    16. Dünyanın Kıyamet Savaş'ından sonraki kolonileşme çabaları meyvesini verir ve böceğimsi bir tür olan Wog ırkının yaşadığı gezegen olan Ozagen'e ulaşılır. Dini kastın üst seviye üyeleri ile birlikte iletişim konusunu çözümlemesi adına dilbilimci olan Hal Yarrow'da bu gezegene yapılacak olan ön-kolonileşme seferine dahil edilir. Karakterleri bakımından bir novella olması dolayısıyla bir derinlik beklemesemde beni yanıltan bir boyuta sahip karakterleri vardı. F [...]

    17. Mr. Farmer’s novel about humans and their on-going attempts of domination, whether of themselves or an alien race, is a searing and thought-provoking classic. While dissecting a stifling theocracy whose tenets slyly invoke those of Christianity, he outlines a love affair that is as moving as it is subtly seductive.Jeannette is the polar opposite of Hal Yarrow’s sexually repressed, moody wife Mary. Yet she is also a clingy, sharp-tongued, weepy alcoholic. But, because she is amazingly beautif [...]

    18. Philip Jose Farmer is the man who brought sex into science fiction. The original short story that was expanded into this novel first appeared in the August 1952 issue of Startling Stories. The story,of an Earthman on a distant planet who falls in love with a beautiful humanoid and who enjoys a decidedly earthy relationship with her, opened the doors to a new form of sf, the innerspace story. Yet, things are neither as simple or as clear as they may appear. Farmer is essentially a satirist, like [...]

    19. Tenia curiosidad de leer una novela de Joseph Farmer, pues ya lo había encontrado en recopilaciones de Asimov, siempre en cuentos cortos, pienso que es el genero que mejor se le da y "Los amantes" siendo mas corta evitaría caer en las contradicciones que se encuentran en el relato, ademas de enfocarse un poco mas en la especulación biológica.Es una distopía del futuro muy tipo "1984" una sociedad controlada por un estado religioso que determina cada pequeño aspecto de la vida cotidiana, la [...]

    20. Nur sieben Jahre nach dem Ende des Nazi-Reiches entwickelt Farmer diese Zukunftswelt, in der im 21. Jahrhundert durch Biowaffen fast die gesamte Menschheit ausgerottet wurden. Aus den in mehr als einer Hinsicht kläglichen - denn vernunftresistenten Überresten - entwickelt sich neben anderen Staaten die so genannte HAIJJAK-Union, die große Teile der westlichen Hemisphäre umfasst. Ihr Gründer Isaak Sigmen wirkt wie eine Mischung aus Adolf Hitler und dem [seinerzeit noch unbekannten ] Ayatolla [...]

    21. El pasado sábado tuvimos la reunión del B.i.F Books y nos tocaba leer Los amantes de Philip Jose Farmer. La verdad que yo llegué a la reunión con una opinión más negativa que positiva pero después de concluir me había dado cuenta que no lo había analizado suficiente y había cosas que las había interpretado mal y pasado por alto. Es un libro muy de la escuela de mediados de siglo XX, en la que narra un choque de civilizaciones y culturas. La cultura protagonista es un futuro muy lejano [...]

    22. Philip Jose Farmer is a world builder. He has created so many intriguing cultures and that is true in this book as well. Although this is set in the 31st century, the wrong-headed righteousness of today's most rabid fundamentalists can be seen here. The Sigmenites have a rigidly controlled society based on unquestionable truths that don't stand up to scrutiny, but are never scrutinized by the followers. When Hal Yarrow, a linguistic "joat" (jack of all trades--generalist in linguistics)is enlist [...]

    23. I can definitely see why this book was so controversial in its day and it offered up far more than its sexual frankness, so it deserves its classic status. Farmer makes the humans in the story seem completely alien because of their religion based government. The society he describes is completely claustrophobic due to the gapts whose job it is to judge and punish their charges for even the slightest overstepping of the rules, including sinful thoughts. I found it amusing the protagonist's (Hal Y [...]

    24. Would recommend to anyone. for the "man". Scathing critique/exploration of religious archetypes, totalitarianism, xenophobia, andwell.e boundaries of love (or the lack thereof). This one is truly a classic. Having primarily attended private (read: religious) schools throughout the majority of my adolescence, I easily identified with the protagonist. This one goes beyond its sci-fi assignation, as it has universal appeal. Farmer is one of my all-time favorite authors, and this is the best of his [...]

    25. I picked up this book at Powell's City of Books simply to gawk at the wonderfully weird cover. (Different from the one shown here.) When I read the back, I was intrigued by the concept of the world split into two shifts (day/night) due to over population. It was only $3.50, so I bought. I read it on the train home. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. There were places the writing could certainly be cleaned up. Yet the characters were excellent, the plot moves fast and it's a fun world to inh [...]

    26. Un buen principio, pero un final mediocre. Personajes muy superficiales, y un personaje femenino realmente malo, amén del libro mas machista que he leído jamás. El concepto, traido con los pelos y la sociedad alienígena, era de chiste. Con literatura como esta, es normal que en los años 50 la ciencia ficción estuviera denostada.Me habían pintado a Farmer mucho mejor, lo cierto es que el que estoy leyendo ahora empieza también muy bien, pero bueno, da para otro review.

    27. A crisp brisk read starts off as a dystopia then hurtles through light years to a distant planet. The newly recognized (when written) crime of genocide is at the hart of it, and of course a daring live story. I was surprised how many plot devices were planted along the way, all of which I missed: neat structure. It ends up playing with the Lileth legend. Good that a scifi book can take you so farwithout taking 800 pages to do it in.

    28. I picked this up because i'd heard a lot about it being the forerunner (haha) of the SciFi genre in some ways. It's a quick read and might be worthwhile reading except for the repugnant relationship between Hal and Jeanette. He treats her like she's sub-human, in my view. (Ironic, considering (view spoiler)[she's an insect. (hide spoiler)]). I know it's not fair to judge elder books on modern standards, but some books should be left behind.

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