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  1. Originally posted at: aurorareviews/201Something more sinister than snakes is lurking on Dog Head Island.When Joe inherits an old book from his great uncle, he has no idea that the adventure of a lifetime is waiting just around the corner. With the help of his mother, his friend Annie, and his teacher, Mr. Grant, Joe slowly begins to unravel the secrets of Dog Head Island. Will they uncover an ancient treasure or something else entirely?Ms. Andersen put together a very interesting mystery. The c [...]

  2. Maggi Andersen’s Dog Head Code is a fun mystery suitable for all ages.When Joe inherits an old book from his Great Uncle Jake, it lures him into a mystery involving a code, a marked map, and an ancient Aztec god. With his mom, teacher, and friend at his side, they travel to Dog Head Island. While the island slowly gives up its secrets, they have to find a way to survive.Dog Head Code spans several months while we delve into the enigma surrounding the book’s code and map. Andersen does an exc [...]

  3. I absolutely loved this book by Ms. Andersen! The storyline was intriguing and grabbed my attention immediately. I especially enjoyed the idea of the old book containing a map and a special unbroken code that Joe recently inherited from his late Great Uncle Jake. I found my heart pounding in my chest while Joe, his mom, Mr. Grant (Joe’s teacher) and Joe’s friend, Annie, were all inspecting the old and broken down mansion on Dog Head Island where Great Uncle Jake lived. The author planted ple [...]

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