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  1. "The death of the snakes was horrible." And so begins this unintentionally hilarious book for anyone who knows anything about Taiwan (or Singapore, for that matter). Taiwan is certainly a worthy setting for several good adventure/crime stories (including Francie Lin's The Foreigner), but none of them should involve wild, running gunfights across the island (much less anti-tank rockets in Singapore), since both places in the late 70's had strict martial law governments where even owning a gun was [...]

  2. Lee Fon Yu was a man with a price on his head. Ryman was bored with his job. Crosby had been sacked from his job. Flower was a whore. Burton was in love with Flower. They conspire and steal three million dollars worth of artifacts from the National Palace Museum of Taiwan. Escape to sell the goods to a man called Biggs who had a museum on a boat. The adventures take them on a hard and tortuous journey through the South China sea. There is treachery and betrayal all the way. I forgot the time whi [...]

  3. I'm not a big reader of fiction so for me I thought this book was pretty good. A third of the way in it becomes a non stop action movie and being set in Taiwan makes it all the more interesting. Hard to visualise some of the action sequences though.

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