Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World

Veganist Lose Weight Get Healthy Change the World Kathy Freston wasn t born a vegan The bestselling author and renowned wellness expert actually grew up on chicken fried steak and cheesy grits and loved nothing than BBQ ribs and vanilla milkshakes N

  • Title: Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World
  • Author: Kathy Freston
  • ISBN: 9781602861336
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kathy Freston wasn t born a vegan The bestselling author and renowned wellness expert actually grew up on chicken fried steak and cheesy grits, and loved nothing than BBQ ribs and vanilla milkshakes Not until her thirties did she embrace the lifestyle of a veganist someone who eats a plant based diet not just for their own personal well being, but for the whole webKathy Freston wasn t born a vegan The bestselling author and renowned wellness expert actually grew up on chicken fried steak and cheesy grits, and loved nothing than BBQ ribs and vanilla milkshakes Not until her thirties did she embrace the lifestyle of a veganist someone who eats a plant based diet not just for their own personal well being, but for the whole web of benefits it brings to our ecosystem and beyond Kathy s shift toward this new life was gradual she leaned into it but the impact was profound Now Kathy shows us how to lean into the veganist life Effortless weight loss, reversal of disease, environmental responsibility, spiritual awakening these are just a few of the ten profound changes that can be achieved through a gentle switch in food choices.Filled with compelling facts, stories of people who have improved their weight and health conditions as a result of making the switch, and QAs with the leading medical researchers, Veganist concludes with a step by step practical guide to becoming a veganist easily and gradually It is an accessible, optimistic, and illuminating book that will change the way you eat forever No less delicious, still hearty and satisfying just better for you and for all.

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    1. I was pretty skeptical about this book. After seeing Kathy Freston on Oprah, I was worried her book would candy-coat the issue, or that it would be "vegan-light". Or that it would be all about how to eat meat substitutes or more focused on veganism as a diet or cleanse, as it was portrayed in Oprah's show.Instead, I learned Freston is compassionate about animals, but also wanted to allow multiple entry points for people to learn that veganism (or being a "veganist") is the right way to eat and l [...]

    2. This is one of those books that, now that I have read it, I wish I had a million copies that I could just hand out to random people I encounter throughout my days! It is JAM-PACKED with a TON of information on nutrition, the harsh realities of factory farming, health, weight management, spirituality, food-borne illness facts, and that is just to name a few. Admittedly, there are chapters of this book that are very difficult to read. If this is your first time learning about the horrific animal a [...]

    3. I'd call this a "quick read" about the benefits of a vegan diet and a great intro for someone curious about why people choose to be vegan. (I borrowed this book from my friend Lori, who's been vegan for about 30 years; as a long-term vegan, Lori said she didn't gain much new knowledge from the book. One of the most impressive books on veganism that Lori has read recently and that she highly recommends is The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle.) Kathy Freston defines "veganist" as "1. Someone wh [...]

    4. The introduction was very promising. Her approach seems accessible. I appreciated that she makes a point to tell readers to skip chapters and come back to them later if they are not yet ready for some of the more difficult truths, rather than discard the book entirely. Then I actually started the book and it just wasn't what I personally wanted. The promises can be a bit grandiose though they're common in veg advocacy. For example: "You will be helping provide food to the global poor" just isn't [...]

    5. I was thinking this was going to be a cookbook and give me ideas on how to go "veganist." I have been dealing with health issues and had been doing pretty well going vegetarian for a while--but I slipped up only after about 9 months over the holidays and gave in to eating meat again (I've stayed away from red meat for years though). I thought this book would help me with my health issues and was the big reason I decided to get this as a Kindle purchase. Very few books have really hit me emotiona [...]

    6. A more accurate subtitle might be ”Eat Carrots, Be a God” . Parodying the promises Kathy Freston’s makes in her meat-free manifesto would defy Mark Twain. According to Freston putting away the cheeseburgers will allow you to effortlessly lose weight, cure any diseases you may have including heart disease and cancer, and literately take on a ”golden glow”. Avoiding cheese dogs will make you not only more sexually attractive but actually better at sex. She does stop short of claiming tha [...]

    7. This is an interesting book on nutrition surrounding a plant-based diet and the benefits of eating little to no animal product.I did appreciate her non-extremist style and opinions, but I just can't get past the poorly supported data and ridiculous claims (walking burns more calories than running per mile. Really? Please explain.) Etc. The statistics and "savings" figures appeared unsubstantiated, although I haven't researched the sources that she does provide. My biggest problem with this book [...]

    8. My re-read of this gives it 5 stars. When I listened to audio last year for free on Hoopla as I was going vegetarian, and was checking out various books for information. Now I am leaning into being a vegan and I got the hardback from the library. I think this is an outstanding resource! I like her style and her attitude of "progress not perfection." And the idea of "leaning in". For me, this is a perfect resource. I am thankful this book and will be looking at more by this author.

    9. I'm about halfway into this and have read more than enough to know what I think of the book.This might seem like a good, accessible, and quickly-readable (but -very- shallow) overview of the issues that prompt folks to go vegan, but I take issue with it for several reasons.First, she makes unrealistic promises about weight loss. Veganism is not a magic get-out-of-calories-free card and eating vegan will NOT guarantee you to lose weight at all, much less rapidly and effortlessly, as the author re [...]

    10. Ugh, my phone ate my lengthy review. Reworded: I had trouble taking the "health" claims seriously when she kept advocating highly processed foods and unfermented soy without acknowledging that they are total junk food. The entire sample diet in the back of the book made me cringe. Not only is fake meat/dairy not close enough to the real thing to satisfy a meat eater making the transition, but to eat it at every single meal? Yuck. Find yourself a good vegan cookbook (like Veganomicon) and go from [...]

    11. This puff piece on the benefits of the vegan diet presents scientific and anecdotal evidence to support it's claims.There are several things that rubbed me the wrong way about this book. Yes, of course there is evidence that eating a plant-based diet is better for you. However, Freston bases her book around "promises" of what your life will be like if you adopt a vegan diet. Sure, most of them are, probably true such as weight maintenance and lowering your risk of cancer. But then she also "prom [...]

    12. In Veganist, Kathy Freston makes a straightforward case for the vegan lifestyle without being judgmental. Reading about the treatment of animals was difficult, even for someone like myself who is not a hard core animal activist. She makes a great case that like humans, animals are also God’s creatures.If the treatment of animals isn’t enough to turn you away from meat and dairy, Freston talks about the health implications for us, with both cancer and heart disease having links to animal prot [...]

    13. I had been finding myself leaning in to vegetarianism and veganism more and more and have been eating less and less meat as a general rule. So far I've let beef and chicken behind and most pork products. Still eating some bacon on occasion. But this is convincing me to let that as well as eggs go also. I'm afraid the hard one for me is going to be cheese. Having grown up on a farm and been in close contact with killing animals both domestic and wild I am feeling better by no longer subsisting on [...]

    14. I'm a recent vegan convert and I've been trying to informe myself as much as possible. I thought Veganist was a good starter book because it covered all elements from health, nutrition, environment, animal suffering, and spirituality. The author incorporated some stories from different individuals and medical professionals which I liked. No heavy duty epidemiological studies are portrayed here like China Study (which I also recommend), but these studies are expressed in more simplistic ways. The [...]

    15. I don't remember what made me want to read this book, but I went into it with an open mind. Besides several typos/misspelled words/grammar errors, I liked this book overall. I liked the author's "lean into change" attitude. She wasn't pressing anything on you or making you feel bad or guilty about your current lifestyle, whatever that may be. I wasn't completely convinced with very many of the stats presented in the book; there were no footnotes citing any sources. A lot of the numbers and stats [...]

    16. I bought this book for the library thinking that it would be one that I bought and purposefully never read because sometimes we don't want to know too much. I haven't read Jonathan Safran Foer's "Eating Animals" and I haven't watched "Food, Inc" for those reasons.Yet for some reason "Veganist" made it to the top of my "to read" pile and I really did enjoy it. Kathy Freston gives the introduction that she didn't become a veganist until she was in her thirties -- she started slowly cutting differ [...]

    17. Wow. This lady pulls out all the stops. From her graphic descriptions of animal slaughter houses to the chapter that claims the First Testament is proof that Jesus would want us all to be vegans, I can't say that Freston trusts her readers to decide much for themselves. The use of science is sometimes solid but often inconsistent and self-serving, and her gratuitous use of adjectives makes me cringe. If a chicken is covered in poop and dropped in boiling water while still alive I can pretty much [...]

    18. Everybody who eats should read this book. Here, you can find all of the good reasons to eat a truly healthy diet; health, nutrition, avoiding illness, longer and more active life, and reducing the horrid cruelty to animals that occurs in factory farms. I was impressed by all the interviews with true experts in the field. I was also impressed by the depth into which each aspect in the areas of health is explored. I also appreciated Freston's appproach to being a vegan--you don't have to go crazy; [...]

    19. With its breezy, friendly style and chapters headed with "promises" about the benefits of going vegan, this is a very appealing book. Freston sells veganism well, claiming it will make you healthier, save you money, help you lose weight "effortlessly", and help the environment, among other things. In the back matter, she suggests three weeks worth of menu plans (no recipes, and a heavy reliance on soy meat-replacement products), offers a shopping list, and points to several cookbooks and website [...]

    20. Kathy's non-dogmatic, gentle tone made this book about veganism refreshingly approachable! I'm a new veganist and I've struggled finding the words to explain what I'm doing to my friends and family. Instead of trying, I plan to just give them copies of this book! It's a great overview of the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle, without all the dogma/stress that some books include. In particular, I really like her "lean in" approach to going vegan - I think readers will find it an easier way to ap [...]

    21. I thought this book had some good information, but if you've already read a lot on the topic, there's nothing new. She covers the usual topics: health, environment, plight of factory farmed animals, etc. Sometimes came across a bit preachy, but I can't say she's wrong. Since finally becoming completely vegan a month ago, I have saved some money, lost ten pounds, become more--ahem--regular, and my blood pressure has dropped to an awesome 102/69. I wish I could tell you how great I'm feeling, but [...]

    22. I really liked this book. I have been researching food in relation to health for about 9-10 months now, and I like to refresh every so often. This book talks about vegan eating from health standpoints, enviromental standpoints, animal cruelty standpoints, spiritual standpoints, ect. I have been eating dairy free since last April, but this book has really pushed me into giving up meat as well. I am going to give it a try as of yesterday! The animal cruely stuff is really powerful.

    23. If this book doesn't make you go vegan (ist), I don't know what will. The horrible details of animal suffering may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it needs to be said. Although I am already sold out on the plant based whole food diet (via The China Study book), this only strenghtened my beliefs.Moreover, this book contains a wealth of 'how to' and 'why' info all collected into many neat sub chapters.

    24. As far as books promoting veganism, this one falls short. I recommend Skinny Bitch. It's entertaining, informative, and supplies the concise raw truth. Don't waste your time or money on Veganist.

    25. It's hard to read a book when you feel like kicking the author in the shin. There are better books out there on this topic.

    26. I loved this book. First of all, I love her approach to becoming a vegan. I have wanted to give up meat and dairy and struggled with cravings for along time. It took me about 3 years to give up all meat and dairy completely. Kathy's approach is gradual and lets you know that becoming a vegan does not have to be all or nothing. This is not a diet plan but covers several topics which make an overall case for adopting a plant based diet. Kathy covers all the physical health reasons including weight [...]

    27. This was a well organized and persuasive book. I listened to the audiobook and it was very well done. Each section is a topic unto its own and the author avoids the repetition that many in this persuasive genre are guilty of. I am often turned off by this genre because of the sensationalism, exaggeration, etc. While there is an element of that in this book, the author takes a more realistic approach of "leaning into" veganism. As a Christian, I appreciated the section supporting a religious appr [...]

    28. I loved this book. It covers so many great and different reasons to go vegan, and includes many of the reasons I do. Only about 50% of vegans site "caring about animals" as a reason for going vegan, and this book does a great job of highlighting the variety of reasons a vegan diet may be appropriate for anyone. Love this book and it has a permanent place on my shelves.

    29. I don't know that I will ever eat a totally plant-based diet, but this book definitely persuaded me to lean that way. It is very well written and full of good information, and the author manages to impart it without the "holier than thou" attitude :-) 4.5 stars

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