One thought on “మిథునం [Midhunam]”

  1. మిధునం శ్రీ రమణ రాసిన కథల సంపుటి. వివిధ పత్రికలలో ప్రచురించిన కథలను పుస్తకంగా ప్రచురించారు.ఇందులోని కథలు "అరటిపువ్వు సాములారు" 'తేనెలో చీమ" "వరహాల బావి" "ధనలక్ష్మి" "షోడా నాయుడు" "బంగారు ముర [...]

  2. Its been over two years that I had read a book written in Telugu and absolutely loved it! This is a collection of 6 (or 7) short stories, all of them set in the backdrop of a village mostly in Coastal Andhra. Each story is about something really simple, like the myriad of conversations that happen over a typical wedding, a small kid's attachment with his grandmother and so on. At many points, it reminded me of many incidents that my father and grandfather have told me to have happened with them [...]

  3. Sriramana gaari gurinchi naaku anthaga teliyakapoyina, Thanikella Bharani gaaru theesina "midhunam" cinema punyamaa ani ee pustakam gurinchi telisindi. Saralamayina raathalo unna vyangyaanni, haasyanni adyanthamu aswaadinchavachu. Rakarakaala nepadhyaalalo unna kathalu unnayi indulo. Prathi kathalonu maanava sambandhaalu, brathuku chupinche kotha kotha ruchulu sangathulu kottochinattu kanipisthaayi. "Bathukante adera baduddhayi" anna maatalatho mugisina ee pusthakaanni nenu eppatiki maruvalenane [...]

  4. I actually watched the movie first and then my dad said, Itz based on a short book. And he wanted me to read it. And when I read it. All I could think of is.Amazing!

  5. Immensely pleasant prose, exceptionally crafted stories. You will laugh and cry at the same time.A must read if you can read Telugu!

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