Zoo Visit bloomsbury zoo to read an extract and find out Seventeen year old Cam Stewart was living a comfortable life in Southern California until kidnappers suddenly turn his world upside down With grit

  • Title: Zoo
  • Author: Graham Marks
  • ISBN: 9781582349916
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Visit bloomsbury zoo to read an extract and find out Seventeen year old Cam Stewart was living a comfortable life in Southern California until kidnappers suddenly turn his world upside down With grit and determination he never knew he had, Cam escapes his worst nightmare, only to find a bizarre reality waiting for him On the run, some new friends helpVisit bloomsbury zoo to read an extract and find out Seventeen year old Cam Stewart was living a comfortable life in Southern California until kidnappers suddenly turn his world upside down With grit and determination he never knew he had, Cam escapes his worst nightmare, only to find a bizarre reality waiting for him On the run, some new friends help Cam uncover the truth about his life and about the person he was supposed to be This fast paced thriller will make every reader think twice about the consequences of genetic science Reviews The story works in an O.C meets 24 kind of way, and readers will likely enjoy the warp speed conclusion as all sides descend upon Cam Publishers Weekly, on line Marks s precise choice of words and the book s fast pace redeem Zoo and make it a satisfying read School Library Journal Marks has hit on an enticing plotline for this fast paced, contemporary thriller Kirkus Reviews This surprising and fast paced story think 24 will have you flicking through the pages faster than you can say speed read ELLE girl With a plot reminiscent of I Am the Cheese, and delivery that will appeal to fans of television and crime suspense, this novel takes it place in a genre infrequently visited by young adult authors Fast paced storytelling, realistic characters, and plenty of forensic science create appeal for a wide range of readers VOYA Graham Marks writes an exciting, fast paced thriller with realistic characters and puzzling circumstances that will keep you guessing and turning the pages Teenreads International Reviews Zoo is a pacey thriller call it chilling would be to undersell what is a complex and memorable novel The Bookseller A well crafted, sassy, involving tale of betrayals and misunderstandings and learning to be a man It might even make El Leonard look over his shoul

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    1. Cameron was just a high school kid that comes from a wealthy family. He was driving in his Volvo when he got in an accident, and that was the last thing that he could remember. He woke up in a room with a camera pointed at him and a voice said that he was awake. He had to empty his bladder, so he asked to use the bathroom. The guard said that he could if he left the door open, so he could hear him. While he was in the bathroom, he saw a can full of air freshener. He grabbed the can on his way ou [...]

    2. cameron stewart was a highschool football star, who was on his way to win a state championship but he got sick the week before and wasnt able to go. but life took a turn for the worst when he was kidnapped in front of his own home. the story is very exciting as it takes you on a journey through his life as he trys to make it home. this book is very addictive, and i recommend it to anyone who likes nonstop action and a lot of twist and turns in a story.

    3. With an attention-grabbing storyline and sassy characters, this book is one I'd read again. The storyline itself is easy to follow, but not to the point where it is dull. In fact, it's anything but (I mean, how can a story be dull when a kidnapping, an escape, and a murder all occur within the first 5 chapters?). There weren't many parts that were boring, it really did a good job at holding my attention.The characters were really something! It seems like there is a little of every personality ty [...]

    4. A young boy living in Los Angeles Califonia is one day mysteriously kiddnapped. Cam is a part of a rather wealthy family and is well known to many people. One day he goes out for a drive that turns into a car wreck and he wakes up in a room with nothing, not even shoes.When Cameron Finnaly fakes a bathroom emergency he quickly thinks of a plan that leads to the death of the guard who was supposed to be watching him. Not thinking Cam starts to run through the empty house, hoping not run into any [...]

    5. Cameron is kidnapped for no apparent reason. The rest of the story follows his escape from his captors, his journey home and the real reason behind the mysterious circumstances he finds himself in.A fairly suspenseful crime thriller. The short chapters keep the book moving at a decent pace and it does a fairly good job of keeping your attention. But because it's a "young adult" book it probably doesn't go into any greater depths than I would have liked.One thing I didn't really like was the over [...]

    6. Zoo was an amazing book in my opinion. The author does an amazing job of transitioning and keeping the reader informed even though the book is so full of non-stop action.Cameron Stewart is a well off kid who was going to play in his school's state championship football game. But everything takes a turn for the worse when he is t-boned, kidnapped and drugged by a mysterious group of people. He wakes up to find that his only way to get out is to knockout the guard but after he executes his plan he [...]

    7. I am a person that doesn't find reading very interesting and sometimes even boring. But Zoo was different than any book I've read recently. It had a lot action and plot that was easy to follow, but also the right mix of detail about characters that flowed with the actual story. The books theme that i picked up was sometimes you're put in situations where it's just you, no one to help. You rely on yourself and what people have taught you to get by. Even survive. The story starts with Cam (main ch [...]

    8. I read the book "Zoo" By Graham Marks. This book has very good detail and makes the reader want to keep on reading. I'm not normally someone to read books but this book was pretty dang good. The book was way better than expected. The title is kind of misleading because the book has nothing to do with a "zoo". This book takes place on the east coast of the U.S. in California and Oregon. Cam is a kid who gets kidnapped and is trying to make his way home but then realizes that home is not the safer [...]

    9. What I liked most about the book is all the action and suspense that came with all the imagry, it all just mixes together in a great way for a good action book in my opinion. However there are some things I really didnt like about the book too like the ending it really could have had a better one then the one it has now. There were also some memorable parts of the book that just really stood out to me like when Mark said "I could feel my blood pumping rapidly, I felt really groggy like if my hea [...]

    10. A. One thing i liked about Zoo by Graham Marks is how it makes the reader feel involved. I really liked how my heart rate would speed up when something happened that's really exciting, or when something creepy is going on in the book and you can feel that pit in your stomach. I think every student should read this book if they like to read or don't like to read. B. The only thing I didn't like about this book was how every other chapter would drag out and nothing interesting would happen. C. "Ev [...]

    11. I was really confused at the first few chapters and was ready to put it down, until I got deeper into the book. I was ready to find out what Cameron was going to do next. The whole time reading, my brain was like "Wow, if this is happening to Cameron, it could happen to anyone right?" The book always made me like put myself in his shoes and think the same as him and reconsider what his decisions were and what I would do better instead, like a strategy game almost kind of. Overall, the book caugh [...]

    12. I thought that the book ZOO was fairly good but i would have preffered other books over it just because i would enjoy other topics. Its not that its boring cause it does have some action in it such as when came gets hit by a van and then dragged out of his car. That is the very beginning of the book then it leads to his escape from where he is being held captive, the murder of a man and other such things that are interesting. You must read it to find out if Cam makes it home safely (he does). I [...]

    13. From the start of this book I was hooked. It caught me with mystery and suspense. Always wondering, "Why Cameron? He is just a normal teenager, right?" That's what drove me to deep reading. It was as if I felt I was right there with him, expierencing everything with him. On his journey of confusion, and wonder. Watching him uncover the lie he was living. The lie he would soon uncover. The unwanted truth of his life. I expierenced all of this. Fell in love with the characters. I can honestly say [...]

    14. Cameron Stewart, 17, is kidnapped from his car in front of his house in San Diego. Right from the start police suspect this is not your typical kidnapping. Cam escapes his kidnappers in Seattle and heads home. However, his journey is not a straight forward return. He begins to suspect that his parents have a secret that he has never known and he begins to question his own identity. With the help of a group of young adults who aid him and help him figure out what is going on, Cam comes to some st [...]

    15. Cameron wakes to the fact of being a kidnapping victim and can’t figure out why. It the middle of the night Cam is able to use a can of air freshener to kill the guard and escape. Scared from accidentally killing the guard Cam doesn’t go to the police for help he instead travels till he doesn’t even know what country he’s in. While wandering Cam is even shot! During his travels he meets a girl named Tee who helps him clean up his bullet wound and in doing so they find out information tha [...]

    16. Couldn't put it downarted late last night, stayed up way too late, then picked it up again this morning and read it right through to the end. It's a noir-ish crime novel. The main character is kidnapped early on in San Diego, wakes up god knows where and escapes, makes his way back home, all the while learning some very disturbing things about his past and his parents. It's not a book for the ages, but damn, it sure moves along.

    17. This was a pretty good read. It needed to be a little more action packed then it actually was, but I thought it was pretty good! The story was about Cameron Stewart, a supposed kidnap victim. He runs away from his kidnap place and runs into Jaxson and Tee. Jaxson is a control freak who evidently has a girlfriend, Tee. He mistreats her and things heat up with Cameron.

    18. Just an easy read - read it through the middle of the night when up with a bad back. Not great, but not bad either - i guess you'd classify it as some kind of thriller - although it's kids/YA so fairly tame. Also pretty darn unbelievable in places and a shame that the 'twist' is fairly unoriginal.

    19. This story reminded me a bit of Double Helix or The Third Twin. It is about a teen who is searching for information on genetics and cloning only to discover some tampering was done on his own DNA. Since some people don't want him to get the information, there's a mystery element involved in this quick read mainly intended, in my opinion, for teens.

    20. a very compelling read that leaves you racing through the pages to see where it goes. I really enjoyed the chapter headings as it helped me keep everything in order (time, place, date, etc). the ending wasn't a shock at all, but still a fun adventure

    21. I got this book at the dollar store because it sounded kind of good. The author was British but the book was set in San Diego and the West Coast. I found that confusing. I didn't like that there were SO MANY characters. It was interesting though. A quick read.

    22. This might have been passable a few years ago but when I read it the other week the plot, characters and concept sounded all too familiar. This kind of novel has been written before, could do better.

    23. Completely failed to catch my interest. Overall I felt like it was a big waste of time even trying to finish the book so I stopped midway.

    24. Really fun book! I recommend this book for anyone who likes action because in this book the boy really had a hard time with running away from kidnappers.

    25. This book is really good one of the best books i read so far it has good action and violence thats what i like.

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