One thought on “Sole”

  1. D.E. Oprava’s new collection of poetry is a turn from his previous endeavors. In his last book of poetry, “American Means,” Oprava explored a hard, gritty, stark political landscape. In his new work, “Sole,” the reader is invited to genuflect on the elementary, starting with a footprint of his daughter, moving towards a common humanity: soul, and ending with a new understanding: sole as in “one.” It is a beautiful, delicate work, beautifully bound, and richly composed. Words so spa [...]

  2. Oprava's Sole takes the reader through vivid memories of youth and discovery (of, among other things, the transitional overlap from boyhood into manhood), with such a natural flow, that I felt upon having read it that I'd finished a great novel, without all the fluff. He's a writer who has not only found his Voice, but has crafted it with efficiency and a universal enough lens that it reads confidently like the voice of his (our) generation. Bravo.

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