The Punisher MAX, Vol. 1: In the Beginning

The Punisher MAX Vol In the Beginning Prepare to be punished For the first time ever Marvel s one man army takes center stage in a no holds barred Mature Readers series Writer Garth Ennis and artist Lewis LaRosa take Punisher to the MAX

  • Title: The Punisher MAX, Vol. 1: In the Beginning
  • Author: Garth Ennis Lewis LaRosa
  • ISBN: 9780785113911
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prepare to be punished For the first time ever, Marvel s one man army takes center stage in a no holds barred Mature Readers series Writer Garth Ennis and artist Lewis LaRosa take Punisher to the MAX literally as the hunter becomes the hunted Frank Castle s old associate Micro is back, and he s after Frank But first, he s got an offer for Frank that he d better notPrepare to be punished For the first time ever, Marvel s one man army takes center stage in a no holds barred Mature Readers series Writer Garth Ennis and artist Lewis LaRosa take Punisher to the MAX literally as the hunter becomes the hunted Frank Castle s old associate Micro is back, and he s after Frank But first, he s got an offer for Frank that he d better not refuse Get ready for blazing bullets, bloodbaths, and bold beginnings Collects Punisher MAX 1 6.

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    1. I HATE writing reviews for books that I love. I feel like I can’t do them a bit of justice. That said, In the Beginning set the standard for any and all Punisher stories that followed. This is Ennis at his absolute best. Garth recreated the Punisher in his own dark and violent corner of the Marvel Universe. This shit is grim. As are all of Ennis’s Punisher Max stories. No rubber bullets, light-hearted superhero stuff, or happy endings. So if hardcore noir is not your bag, best look elsewhere [...]

    2. İlk çizildiği, filmlere aktarıldığı yıllardan beri takip ettiğim, korkutuculuğu, kendi cezasını kendi uygulayan yargıç rölü, kaotik suçları saf şiddeti ile, kanla yıkamaya çalışan Frank Castle severek takip ettiğim bir karakter. Punisher Böylesi bir karakterin abideviliğine yaraşır bir çizgi roman serisi. Marmara Çizgi tarafından basılmaya başlanan, editörlüğünü (o eserin diline, doğasına uygun) çevirilerini beğendiğim Egemen Görçek'in, çevirisini Em [...]

    3. Después de nacimiento y la celda, comienza The Punisher MAX en Marvel Saga. En este tomo Castle acaba con gran parte de los líderes de la Maggia, lo que provoca que los supervivientes busquen ayuda para librarse de él, por otro lado su viejo aliado, Micro, se asocia con la CIA e intenta capturarle para hacerle una oferta irrechazable.Este arco completo cuenta con el dibujo de Lewis Larosa, un poco irregular, pero da bastante el pego, el color de Dean White lo mejora bastante, altas dosis de a [...]

    4. Dead f'ing serious. This is the concrete-hard world of the Punisher that we'd dreamed about all these years. And for Ennis (who usually goofs around with some crazy people and scenarios) to play this story and characters razor-straight is a sight to behold.Frank is the picture of conviction, and the enemies arrayed around him are just as serious, almost as psychopathic. The tension is so thick it's hard to breathe. When the action finally explodes it's sharp, brutal and shocking - just like we w [...]

    5. Brilliant and brutal! Since these Ennis-era Punisher books all have great cover art by Tim Bradstreet, I can never tell them apart or know which ones I have read already, but if I see one at Half-Price-Books I will sometimes pick one up knowing that I MAY have already read it.I HAD already read this one, this I realized soon enough, but I also realized that I didn't care,this is good writing!And my memory is fuzzy enough that it was a mostly fresh read.Ennis's characters, the set-up, the plot tw [...]

    6. The website I use to read manga was down so I went to a comics website instead and ended up reading The Punisher. *shrug* Maybe I'll continue. The movie's good.

    7. Много по-добро отколкото очаквах! Отлична оценка с няколко малки забележки

    8. This will always be the Punisher that I love. Ennis is at his goriest but also this isn't as ridiculous as The Boys or Preacher. Intense adult action.

    9. El Castigador de Ennis esta al borde ( ¿o fuera? ) del Universo Marvel, paso por Vietnam, tiene mas de 50 años, es una bestia llena de heridas, es una pared que solo busca estallar cabezas criminales, y como lo disfrute. Acá en 6 números, Castle se encontrara con la mafia Italiana y se los cepillara de cuanta manera pueda, al tiempo que se mete la CIA , unos mafiosos exiliados y un antiguo aliado de Frank. Pasa mucho,y muy bien contado por Ennis, que se pone macarra, se pone asesino y se pon [...]

    10. Out of all the superpowered government agents, interdimensional overlords, walking atomic bombs, animal-human hybrids, and actual Gods that inhabit the Marvel universe, the most out-of-place is undoubtedly The Punisher. In a New York in which teenagers swing around on spider webs, billionaires build invincible flying exoskeletons, and the smartest man on the planet has a body like a super-nubile Stretch Armstrong, Frank Castle just has no feasibility. Much like Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninj [...]

    11. Garth Ennis - writerLewis Larosa - artist4/5 starsThe great Garth Ennis writes stories that are dark, violent, gripping and oftentimes funny as hell. He would seem to be the perfect scribe to write for Marvel's darkest knight, and Ennis' work on The Punisher Max series is quite good indeed. However, the stories do seem to be a bit strained(?) at times. The Punisher, as imagined by Ennis, is simply not a fun or funny character. More than that, he is a character almost incapable of humor, joy or [...]

    12. This series gets gruesome right from the start -- a graphic full-page featuring Frank Castle's massive hand covered with his son's brains -- more sinews and tendons and other gory atrocities flooded my retinas throughout. Illustrator Lewis Larosa leaves nothing to the imagination (as far as exploding skulls are concerned), while writer Garth Ennis conjures a cool Mafia-based revenge plot populated with hilarious characters and nutzoid violence. But the thing about the Punisher is: he's just a ma [...]

    13. Garth Ennis leads a particularly fine bunch of creators in the gun-ugly stories of Frank Castle, The Punisher. Lewis DeRosa admirably captures mooks in his pencils, but this is stellar inking work by the always on-target ink artist Tom Palmer. Palmer does not overwhelm the pencils but interprets them, and in this young artist's work, he adds experience and heft in his use of line and shadow.warning: this is The Punisher: it's derivative; it's violent +; and, in the wicked hands of Garth Ennis, i [...]

    14. Well, that was more gore than I was expecting. Which is a weird statement to say because I've read Preacher and The Boys multiple times, and you think I'd be desensitized to the gore of Ennis by now, but here we are.A very strong first arc, well plotted and interesting the whole way through. Felt a couple of the secondary characters fell a little flat, which is rare for the Ennis I've read, but if you're a fan of his work, it's well worth a read. If there's one Marvel character Ennis was born to [...]

    15. Dark, atmospheric, violent and exciting. Frank Castle, aka "The Punisher", has been a vigilante for years, but he may be facing one of his biggest challenges when psychotic Boston gangster Nick Cavella and his dangerous henchmen Pittsy and Ink are called in to take Castle out. At the same time, a group of shady Government agents working with "Micro" (Frank's old partner from his early days of waging war on crime) have their own plans for CastleGrisly, darkly funny and filled with atmospheric art [...]

    16. Disclaimer: Garth Ennis is one of my favorite comic writers, so I am decidedly a little biased. When I found out that the writer of Preacher also did a run on Punisher I had to give it a go. Now Punisher, specifically the MAX version of the character, is exactly what the character exists for: Testosterone fueled fantasy fulfillment.

    17. Damn, this lived up to the brutality expected in a Punisher book delivered by Garth Ennis. I really enjoyed this book with a caveat or two The story wasn't just about the dishing out a whole lot of death and punishment, but does well to delve into the driving force and psychology behind why the Punisher continues to do what he does, even when he is faced with a seeming endless flow of criminal chowder and evil villains. It uses a well known (i think this character has been around for a while but [...]

    18. In The Beginning:There is a verisimilitude to this comic that is truly amazing. For a story that is undeniably about a "superhero" (actually an antihero), the tone and circumstance, events, characters, and dialogue all ring true (but for an unfortunate female character who is a walking cliche, and portrayed in a horribly sexist way - this storyline's biggest flaw). I don't know if Ennis ever served in the military. If not, he probably had someone from the military as an advisor. Frank Castle's c [...]

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    20. This isn't the most elevated Punisher story. There are some that do some truly magnificent thematic work with the character. Garth Ennis wrote a few of them. But this is one of the most purposefully constructed and SOLID Punisher arcs in the character's history. It builds off of the established lore so well and introduces modern elements so masterfully, that it elevates an otherwise pedestrian narrative. There are a lot of crossing plot threads and the art is magnificent and evocative; Ennis' pl [...]

    21. Violento, obsesivo y sin pausa. Ese es el Frank Castle, The Punisher, que podemos encontrar en la línea Max de Marvel Comics. Garth Ennis se toma todas las licencias para esta historia y que le permite seguir explorando la mente de nuestro querido Frank y su causa que lo deja sin descanso enfrentando a cuanto criminal se le cruce.El arte de Lewis LaRosa son potentes fotogramas de una película. Se agradece que sea uno de los dibujantes actuales de Bloodshot en la editorial Valiant. Su trabajo e [...]

    22. Punisher'ın bu ilk cildinde içindeki öldürmeye açlığı görüyoruz. Ama Frank aslında çokta kötü biri olmadığını da bu ciltte gösteriyor. Mesela savaş esnasında esir aldıkları kadına tecavüzü yasaklıyor. Savaşa görev için gittikten sonra kendi isteğiyle iki kez daha giderek Frank öldürmeye olan açlığıyla iyice yüzleşiyor. Savaş biterken 25 kurşun yediği halde ayakta kalması zaten ayrı bir efsane. Gerçekten çok sevdiğim bir çizgiroman karakteri oldu. B [...]

    23. Violent and very 90's (yes, I know it came out in '04). IT doesn't really showcase the best of what The Punisher character or Garth Ennis as a writer have to offer. It came of as dated, and full of caricatures of what masculinity should be. One poorly written token woman character, and lots of pulpy silliness.If you want to slum it, give it a read but don't expect anything monumental.

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