One thought on “Oor Wullie Book 2011 (Annual)”

  1. As a child, I looked forward to each week's Sunday Post newspaper for one reason: the Oor Wullie comic strip. I read these religiously and received an Oor Wullie annual (a combination of Sunday Post strips and new material) for Christmas each year. For those unfamiliar with Oor Wullie, he's a Scottish icon whose name (and spikey-haired, dungaree-wearing image) is as recognisable to Scots as William Wallace, Rob Roy and Robert Burns. Prior to buying this 2011 annual, I hadn't read an Oor Wullie b [...]

  2. ‘Our William & The Browns’, for you English numpties is the classic comic of Scotland. Jings! Michty me! Braw! Help ma boab!

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