White Socks Only

White Socks Only In the segregated south a young girl thinks that she can drink from a fountain marked Whites Only because she is wearing her white socks

  • Title: White Socks Only
  • Author: Evelyn Coleman Tyrone Geter
  • ISBN: 9780807589564
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the segregated south, a young girl thinks that she can drink from a fountain marked Whites Only because she is wearing her white socks.

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    1. Something very rare happened. My boy child actually recommended this book to me. We watched The Help last weekend and he told me that this was one of his favorite books and that I needed to pick it up. (It's a 3-6th grade book)After I woke up from passing out I put in a request for it. ETA: I'm adding his review to this one at the bottom. A little girl asks her grandmother about walking to town and the grandmother starts to tell her story about a trip to town from her past. She was going to town [...]

    2. This was a different approach to the treatment of African-Americans that did not follow the "white only" signs. And at times it was unrealistic. For example, when the "chicken man" came, the white man stopped abusing the girl. The illustrations did not help either. They were hard to follow and not clear on what was going on.

    3. Summary This story is about a young African American girl who asks her grandma if she could go into town. The grandmother then shares a story of her own childhood experience. Grandmother begins by taking us back to a hot summer day when she was a young girl. On her way into town she past a chicken man, that’s what people called him, since there was a rumor that if he didn’t feel what a person was doing was right he could change them into a chicken. She walked swiftly passed, afraid he might [...]

    4. This book is a story within a story In the beginning the little girl asks her grandma if she can walk to town alone, knowing that this would cause her grandma to tell her the story of when she was a little girl and went to town alone. The illustrations are paintings, and they are paired with a classic font for the text. Together it creates an imagery of a story being told of an event that happened a while ago. The color scheme is bright and there aren't very intricate details, but they are blend [...]

    5. Text-to-Text Connection"White Socks Only"by Evelyn Coleman is a phenomenally written story just as " Freedom Summer" by Deborah Wiles. As I read both stories, I can literally visualize the stories as if I were the main character living through the settings in the stories. I like the way both stories took a quiet approach into the bigotry, racism and segregation during the time of the Civil Rights Movement in the south (Mississippi) without really mentioning it. Both stories are narrated through [...]

    6. White Socks Only is a historical fiction story told from the viewpoint of a grandmother sharing her experience growing up in the deep south during the Jim Crow time period. After taking a trip into town by herself as a little girl, the grandmother mistakenly drinks water from a “whites only” water fountain and is confronted by a large white man. This book would be a wonderful read for second grade teachers and up, to discuss historical narratives and cultural changes over time. This book all [...]

    7. The story starts out with a grandmother and granddaughter sitting out on a front porch, while the grandmother tells a story. The grandmother tells the story of when she snuck into town by herself, in her finest shoes and socks with two eggs in her pockets. She runs into the Chicken Man on her journey into town. When she got into town, she was amazed at all the white women in their finery. The she saw her Mama's friend, Miss Nancy. She hid behind a tree so that Miss Nancy would not see her. But w [...]

    8. Summary:This book is about a young African-American girl who wants to go to the town by herself. Her grandma tells her that she is too young to have any business going there alone. Then she proceeds to tell a story about when she was a young girl and took a walk to town by herself. She dressed herself up in a fine white dress, white socks, and black shiny shoes. In each pocket she had an egg. Her intentions were to go to town and try to fry an egg on the cement. She made it to town and tried her [...]

    9. In this story, an African American woman and grandmother tells a story to her granddaughter. As a young girl the grandmother was playing near the courthouse, shortly after meeting the chicken man. The chicken man is named as such, because it is rumored he turns the bad eggs of society into chickens. When the girl becomes thirsty, she walks to a water fountain which reads “whites only.” Reading the sign through innocent eyes, she takes of her shoes to reveal her white socks, and takes a drink [...]

    10. 'White Socks Only' by Evelyn Coleman is a heartbreaking story about the past of the United States. A young girl asks her grandmother if she can go into town. Her grandmother tells her a story of a time when she was a child and she went to the town. She saw a drinking fountain that said 'Whites Only' and she believed that meant her white socks. It was difficult to read this story becasue of the actions of some of the people in the town. This story is fiction based on research. It is about a certa [...]

    11. White Socks Only is about a child who wanted to go out but when she asked her grandmother she was told no and then told a story about when she sneaked out on her own. When she sneaked out she went to go cook an egg on the street to see if it is really true about the heat in Mississippi. When the girl was finished she headed to the fountain to take a drink but when she saw the whites only sign she proceeded to take off her black shoes and climb onto the step stool to take a drink with white socks [...]

    12. I watched this book read on storylineonline Actors read the stories while the pictures and words are shown. It was the story of a black girl in Mississippi who thought the "whites only" sign on a drinking fountain meant that she had to take off her shoes. When she does a white man pushes her down and threatens to beat her for drinking from the fountain. Other black people remove their shoes and drink from the fountain until the whole town is watching in shock. This story is so touching because t [...]

    13. White Socks Only is a brilliant and heart touching story of a little girl during the civil rights movement. While the story is fictional, the events like separate entrances, water fountains, etc. for white and black people were a reality at this time. This book is particularly moving because it shows the point of view of a young girl during all of this. She has seen the signs before but does not truly understand the meaning behind them. When she reads “whites only” she thinks they mean only [...]

    14. This book is about a young African American girl who asks to go into town by herself. In turn, her grandmother tells her a story about the segregation between them and white people. She had snuck into town one summer day, and she went to a whites only fountain. She assumed this meant no shoes, not understanding it was directed at her race. Then a group of African American people followed on her footsteps, taking drinks from the fountain. This story is a fictionalized memoir because it is a ficti [...]

    15. “White socks Only” is a short informational picture book written by Evelyn Coleman and illustrated by Tyrone Geter. The story is about a little girl and her introduction to the history of her people and how she struggled with racism in the past. The story begins with a little girl asking her grandmother if she could go into town, so her grandmother takes this opportunity to teach her granddaughter how going into town was like for her growing up. The story switched to the perspective of her g [...]

    16. This is a great story told to a granddaughter by the perspective of her grandmother telling her a story about her days as a youth and the experiences she has had and what historic events took place. Her story was based before civil rights were relevant. The story was about her as a little girl going to town on her own and the events that she saw that changed a whites only water fountain to an everyone fountain. Her story teaches young readers what it was like back then and how far we have come, [...]

    17. This is a story about a young African American girl who asks her grandmother if she could go into town on a hot summer day. The grandmother proceeds to tells her a childhood story when she faced discrimination because she had drunk from a fountain which had a sign on it saying "whites only". She had misunderstood this sign thinking "whites only' meant white socks only. Her action of drinking from this fountain results in a town which begins to make changes. This would be an excellent story for s [...]

    18. It is remarkable how the power of innocence can bring a fresh perspective to injustice. This story finds a way to shed new light on the absurdity that was segregation.

    19. White socks only about a curious little girl who wants to go to town alone. Her grandmother tells her no and proceeds to tell her granddaughter a story about when she once snuck into town alone. When she gets there she plans to try out the saying "It's so hot outside, you can fry and egg on the concrete." She wants to see if this is true. Through he own experiment she sees that this is in fact, true. With it being so hot outside and coming across a water fountain, she decides to have a drink. Sh [...]

    20. I think that the theme of the book is that back then, It wasn't fair. For example, This man says can’t you read! And points to the sign. This shows that he is really mean.I know this takes place back then because it had a sign for whites only. But Martin Luther king Changed that.I think that that the little girl is brave. For example, when the man gets his belt out, she does not run. She stays.This shows she is brave. You can do a lot of things when you’re brave.I think this mean man is real [...]

    21. Evelyn Coleman wrote White Socks Only to tell the story of a grandma who remembers the time when she went into town alone as just a little girl. She was not allowed to go into town alone because she was too young and would only get into trouble. She was dressed very nice and walked into town to get into some trouble. After walking for awhile, she gets thirsty. She sees a water fountain that says "Whites Only!" and immediately thinks that the sign is referring to only white socks on the stool by [...]

    22. This is a cute historical fiction that reflects on events that have happened in the past. A granddaughter asks her grandmother to go into town alone and the grandmother says no because she is too young. The grandmother then tells the granddaughter a story about what happened when she snuck into town when she was young. She was in town and very thirsty and saw a water fountain that said whites only. She took off her black shoes and drank from the fountain,wearing her white socks. A white man star [...]

    23. This is a story set during the Civil rights era. when oppression ran rampant through the United States. A young girl wants to visit town on her own, Her grandmother takes this opportunity to turn it into a good lesson for her granddaughter. She begins to tell a familiar story to the young girl about when she was young and went into town by herself. The young grandmother tells the story about how she went into town one day dressed in her Sunday best by herself. She had two eggs in her pocket and [...]

    24. White socks only take place in Mississippi during the civil rights era. A young girl walks herself into town to do a little experiment for herself- she wanted to see if the gossip was true and you could actually fry and egg on the pavement. The closest pavement happens to be in town. Once she has completed her task she turns to drink from the "Whites only fountain" before returning home. She is African American and misinterprets the sign and is under the impression it means, "white socks only." [...]

    25. White Socks Only is a historical fiction picture book written by Evelyn Coleman and illustrated by Tyrone Geter. This tells the story of a grandmother who tells the story to her granddaughter of when she was a girl who believes that the sign she spots near a water fountain is for her because of her clothing. Unfortunately, this story takes place in the South during the time of segregation. The story takes place around a water fountain where many people challenge the sign that is posted nearby st [...]

    26. White Socks Only by Evelyn Coleman is a story about a young girl who asks her grandmother if she could go in to town by herself. Her grandmother then tells her a story about a time when she was a young girl and decided to walk to town by herself. It was a hot summer day and she walked all he way to town carrying some eggs. When she was at the courthouse, she stopped by a water fountain. She noticed a sign there that read, 'whites only.’ She then removed her black shoes to reveal her clean whit [...]

    27. This multicultural children’s picture book is about a young girl who faces racism and through all of the events she matures into a young adult. In the beginning of the book, we are introduced to the young girl and she is talking about the old man. Rumors say that he turns people into chickens if they are not good. One day the girl decided to go to the main part of town, where she saw many white folds and a vast amount of stores. Because segregation was so intense during this time the young gir [...]

    28. White Socks Only is written by Evelyn Coleman and illustrated by Tyrone Geter. A young girl from Mississippi asks her grandmother if she can go into town. She dresses in her nicest white dress, white socks, and black patent leather shoes. On her way to town she meets the chicken man and he gives her a couple of eggs that she experiments with to see if the sidewalk is hot enough to cook one. When she sees a water fountain with a sign that says “Whites Only” she thinks that it means that you m [...]

    29. This story is a historical non-fiction book that touches the theme of segregation in the South. It takes place in Mississippi. A young African American girl asks her grandma if she could go into town and the grandma shares a story of her childhood experience. The grandma tells of a hot summer day where she went into town and drank from a water fountain that had a “whites only” sign. She takes a drink and other African Americans follow her example and they all get whipped by a white man. This [...]

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