The 90-Day Novel: Unlock the story within

The Day Novel Unlock the story within Alan Watt wrote the first draft of his novel Diamond Dogs in just under days and later sold the North American rights for to Little Brown in a bidding war The book became a national bests

  • Title: The 90-Day Novel: Unlock the story within
  • Author: AlanWatt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alan Watt wrote the first draft of his novel Diamond Dogs in just under 90 days, and later sold the North American rights for 500,000 to Little, Brown in a bidding war The book became a national bestseller, won a slew of awards and is soon to be a major motion picture.Get the first draft down quickly The 90 Day Novel is a day by day guide through the process of gettingAlan Watt wrote the first draft of his novel Diamond Dogs in just under 90 days, and later sold the North American rights for 500,000 to Little, Brown in a bidding war The book became a national bestseller, won a slew of awards and is soon to be a major motion picture.Get the first draft down quickly The 90 Day Novel is a day by day guide through the process of getting the first draft of your novel onto the page The 90 Day Novel was workshopped at LA Writers Lab over three years and has helped hundreds of writers complete their work Some of his students have gone on to become bestselling authors and win major literary awards.The 90 Day Novel is structured into three parts Part One describes the process of getting your story from imagination to the page and prepares you, through a few simple, powerful writing exercises to access the story within Part Two is The 90 Day Novel, a series of 90 daily letters that will guide you through the hero s journey Writers often tend to get stuck halfway through, mired somewhere in their idea of the story The 90 Day Novel will show you how and why you got stuck, and how to get to the end of your first draft Part Three is a compendium of stream of consciousness writing exercises designed to help you access the primal forces in your story, as well as the Structure Questions that will invite up images at key stages in your hero s journey.The 90 Day Novel teaches you how to distill your plot to its nature, and clarifies the mysterious process of assembling vague disparate images into a coherent narrative Working in this way, story structure which is often taught as a formula becomes a springboard, setting you free to explore the far reaches of your imagination There are no rules, Watt tells us Stay out of your left brain, and let your unconscious do the heavy lifting The 90 Day Novel clearly articulates the process of marrying the rigor of story structure to the wildness of the imagination, and in the process reminds us of something we so often forgetat writing is actually fun.

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    1. This book is a practical how-to book on writing fiction. Many of the how to books are inspirational and theoretical as well as biographical. This book is about the nuts and bolts of getting the story out and onto the page.The main idea in it is to write the first draft fast, fast, fast. It is messy and ugly and terribly flawed- but it has potential. And it gets you in the habit of writing past your inner critic. The next step is to work with the material it generated to hone a finished work.This [...]

    2. I needed a workshop to overcome a serious block, so I googled everything that was available, from online miracle cures to neighborhood reading clubs. The only one that stood out was called "The 90-Day Novel Workshop." Unlike the others, most of which were built around structural techniques, this one said forget about structure, we need to probe our unconscious to find the truth about the story we want to tell. And let the structure reveal itself as part of the process. Two meetings a week, two h [...]

    3. This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to write a novel. I spent years laboring under what I thought my story was, and using this method, I wrote a first draft in only 90 days! There is so much freedom in this method, but the book also teaches much about story structure. Most books on writing I've seen focus on either structure or freewriting - this book combines both, and beautifully.I am told that he is working on a book called The 90-Day Rewrite also, so we will have additional too [...]

    4. I've read over fifty books on the craft of fiction. The 90-Day Novel stands in the top five. Using the exercises in this book changed the way I write fiction. At the risk of melodrama, the book was life-changing in that it opened the door to help me understand why I write the kinds of stories I do, and gave me incredibly deeper access to my Voice. I highly recommend it.

    5. I read this book AGES ago. Followed some of the advice, but in the end you end up with nonsense. It would be cool if your subconscious could produce a great novel, but it really can't. It takes quite a bit of research and motivations and things that are well thought out. On the one hand though, I found out my subconscious makes really questionable choices.

    6. Alan Watt has hit on an excellent (if not unique) method for leading novice - and experienced - writers towards the goal of writing a good first draft novel. Using stream of consciousness techniques he begins 90 days of writing exercises by exploring the fears of the writer, arguing that even they can be used to form the nucleus of any novel. He then gets the reader/writer to mine and explore theme, character, and images that could be used to create a novel plot. I say, could, because Watt stres [...]

    7. "Couldn't Have Done it without Alan Watt and the 90 Day Novel!"The 90 Day Novel is a savior!! Having never written a full piece before, I signed up for one of Alan Watt's 90 Day Novel Workshops and now am forever grateful! I truly believe I never would have finished my first novel without the brilliance of the 90 Day Novels guidance. The structure it gives along with a 90 day time commitment creates an environment for creativity to freely flourish within the natural journey towards a transformat [...]

    8. A friend wrote the words, 'Al Watt. The 90 Day Novel' on the back of her business card and handed it to me with an emphatic, "Check it out." The next thing I knew I was writing the book I'd put off for over a year.In my experience, The 90 Day Novel provides an ideal balance between specific guidance and no hard and fast rules, and Al keeps the process moving at a pace that discourages resistance and promotes progress. There is an alchemy to it whereby decisions are made, protagonists come to lif [...]

    9. These days I only read "how to write novels in 5 days or less and make 1 million dollars" for pleasure. It can be an interesting exercise to look into the mind of another writer. Just realize it is another writer. It isn't you. I desperately wish I could have the same success as Alan (writes a novel in 90 days. A few weeks after that sells it for $500,000. Not a bad way to make a living.). But this guy is writing a book with some serious survivor bias going on. Good tips, but there is a long lis [...]

    10. The rabbit trail of book discoveries has led me down several paths the last two years, and this little gem falls in one rockin' rabbit hole. Let me explain. I saw David Sedaris live at the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga a couple years ago and before he started talking about his own work, he held up a copy of EILEEN by Ottessa Moshfegh. For five minutes he waved that book in our faces and told us what a twisted, disturbing, funny, once-you-start-you-can't-put-it-down sensational piece of literatur [...]

    11. Written in a friendly approachable style, THE 90-DAY NOVEL takes an unusual approach in that it makes a good effort at explaining the unconscious aspects of writing. Combining tips and secrets, quotes and writing exercise, Watt encourages the reader through the dynamic process of completing a first draft of a novel within a 90-day period. His explanation of showing versus telling to add life to a story was very good, as were many of the writing secrets he revealed. At last I feel comfortable bei [...]

    12. The 90-Day Novel is a book and a process I believe in, and in my view may be larger than the author himself. Alan Watt’s methods coax, guide, and encourage, so virtually all can finding a story within, worth telling. He was able to take a novice, me, and provide an on-going writing process. I’m thrilled I continue to work with a sense of purpose and urgency. In the past I had taken many writing courses and seminars. Most emphasized the elements which comprised a great story, but none provide [...]

    13. I pull this book out everytime I need to get going writing. It's not that I have writers' block but have writers' doubt. We have to pay our "dues"; have thick skin; and be open to critiques from anyone--and still get started on the next story. I'd write even if I never published. I'm a word smith and at heart the old fashioned story teller. So Mr. Watt is my comfort and acceleration tool until I'm pounding the keys on my own. I've read his book and the second time around actually did all the exe [...]

    14. Because of this book, I actually *did* write a memoir in 90 Days. So, if you want to cheat writer's block and have your story in your head--or heart--go for it. For those of us stuck in edits, it looks like there's a sequel int he works

    15. To anyone used to reading this sort of book, Watt has a very unique and, for me, a very useful approach. If this book does not get you writing, well, maybe take up knitting? Archery? Crosswords?

    16. A very hands on writing book. Watt takes you from the beginning and holds your hand all the way through to the end. He lists engaging questions to think about for your characters, helps you to see your way through the world and gets you started with every day.The only complaint I had was that some of the days there towards the beginning seemed rather sparse in what was done for that day and it felt like some of the exercises and prompts could have been combined to move things along a little fast [...]

    17. Helpful and motivating. Four stars because my hero is a She so it really annoys me that He is the only sex used to refer to a hero. Was this book written before the 1980's?I'd suggest instructional books written for men and women use he and she interchangeably throughout. Or pick "she" for the next two hundred years. It's rather alienating and dismissive of 50% of humans on earth and my main character on a subconscious level - which is the level these exercises are supposed to work on.Otherwise [...]

    18. Al Watt has an accessible approach to writing with "The 90-Day Novel" and his method is deeply satisfying. Watt puts you in touch with your deepest source of imagination and give you the tools and exercises to tap into that source to write your original story. Watt has reverence for the creative process and that humble approach and concise exercises related to structure allows students to write novels in 90 days!

    19. Write a Conflicting Book with Hero & the Antagonist having Backstories,strength,weakness,hidden agendas,lies etc etc. This is the only Advice the Author gives throughout this Book apart from self-publicizing his own Book Diamond Dogs. Now that you read this above Tips,you don't hv to read this 300 pages of GIbberish.

    20. Not that I'm DOING what the book says - which is writing my novel in 90 days, this book is more than worth the price of admission.

    21. This is a must read for any writer. It will change the way you look at your muse and blast through writer's block. Can't recommend it highly enough And I'm not a fan of how-to books.

    22. Definitely a book for writers on the "organic" side of the spectrum, Watt focuses on listening and exploring what the story wants to express, rather than trying to force anything. It's a book that comes with homework, and is best to buy rather than to check out from you local library. But it's book that gave me valuable insight into the themes and dilemmas of the novel I've been toying with for about a decade, so I enjoyed reading it.

    23. Second time of readinge idea is good for planning out a novel, but the content and advice is a bit wish-washy and not to the point. The character building and prompts are great, making it an nteresting resource, keeps you motivated (to an extent), has great potential, but falls short due to the content. I'm still eager to read the author's second book about editing however.

    24. The best book on writing I've ever read. My writing tends to be plot-driven, but this taught me to marry up character and plot for dimension that will make my second book much better than my first.

    25. Years ago, when I asked a (pretty successful, very well known) writer what advice she had for me - just beginning to write prose - she said "Sit butt in chair. Write." Great advice, but nerve wrackingly difficult, especially if you've never written long-form fiction before.I bought this book with some trepidation. All silly concerns - my friends would laugh at me (in fact, several who saw it on my desk rolled their eyes). It would be too "generic", eg it wouldn't address the problems I personall [...]

    26. Good to use to start things going, but if you're going in for the long haul, not so good. You end up with a notebook or a pile of notebooks with messy garbage and you have to sift through it to find a story. Got sick of it by day 20, gave up five days later.

    27. I had been struggling with writing my novel, not because I'm not a good writer (that can be learned), but because my story was so personal it was physically hard to get it on paper. At the beginning of this book it lists reasons why you might be struggling. One of the reasons is that you feel like you might "die" if you write your book. I suddenly felt understood. My sister on the other hand didn't get it. How could you "die" from writing a book she asked. This book may not be for everyone. It i [...]

    28. I used this book to write a rough draft of my first novel. I found it extremely helpful. The book gives you assignments each day. The first four weeks are used to explore the characters in your book and produce an outline of the novel. The outline that the author recommends is in three acts. The rest of the book asks you to work on the actual novel.The structure of the book was very helpful, giving me ideas about the kinds of things my characters might bring to the story, reminding me about the [...]

    29. April 25-28, 2015I've decided to actually go day by day for my latest novel, but I knew it would drive me crazy to have this one book on my list, so I skimmed it again. It really is full of good things. August 18-22, 2013I read this book straight through instead of doing it day by day because I found that things go better if I absorb the information before trying to apply it.I really liked what Alan Watt had to say about creating fiction and I think I can tie it into how I already write my novel [...]

    30. It had interesting exercises, but I didn't really like any of them and didn't feel half of them helped me actually move forward with the story. I didn't find them helpful at all (well, maybe one or two), and it just seems like it'll lead you to a very formulaic novel (even if at its very core every novel is formulaic, as it follows a beginning, middle and end, after all).Also the basic tips it gives behind all the exercises and rambling are pretty obvious tips. This might work for some people, b [...]

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