Freddie Ramos Takes Off

Freddie Ramos Takes Off One day Freddie Ramos comes home from school and finds a strange box just for him What s inside ZAPATO POWER shoes that change Freddie s life by giving him super speed Designed for early readers this

  • Title: Freddie Ramos Takes Off
  • Author: Jacqueline Jules
  • ISBN: 9780807594797
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • One day Freddie Ramos comes home from school and finds a strange box just for him What s inside ZAPATO POWER shoes that change Freddie s life by giving him super speed Designed for early readers, this chapter book includes frequent black and white cartoon illustrations featuring kids with outsized round heads.The few Spanish words establish the boy s ethnicity but wOne day Freddie Ramos comes home from school and finds a strange box just for him What s inside ZAPATO POWER shoes that change Freddie s life by giving him super speed Designed for early readers, this chapter book includes frequent black and white cartoon illustrations featuring kids with outsized round heads.The few Spanish words establish the boy s ethnicity but will be understood in context.An unusually appealing early chapter book Kirkus Reviews

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    1. My 9 yr old grandson read the book and had comments on it. He liked it! Here’s what he had to say: He liked it a lot. His favorite character was Freddy’s dad because he was a hero in the army. He died as a hero and that part was sad. Ages 7-10 would like reading this and boys and girls both would enjoy it. This was one of the free books I got from good reads

    2. Zapato Power by Jacqueline Jules, illus. by Miguel BenitezThis book was brought to my attention thanks to the Cybils Awards. In 2010 it won the short chapter book category. Freddie and his mother have recently moved to Starwood Park Apartments. One day Freddie Ramos comes home to find a box with his name on it. Inside is a new pair of purple sneakers. There's no name with the gift, just a note saying Zapato power for Freddie Ramos. With his new shoes, Freddie is very fast, faster than a train. F [...]

    3. Summary: Freddie finds a mysterious package outside his apartment containing sneakers that allow him to run faster than a train, and inspire him to perform heroic deeds. In the book, Freddie lives with his mom. His dad died last year while serving in the military in the Middle East. His mom works hard and says she feels bad about not being able to have nice home cooked meals every night like Freddie's Abuela used to make them. Freddie's landlord is Mr. Vaslov, a nice old man who likes to fix up [...]

    4. Genre: Fantasy (Fiction)Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Level: Approximately Level N Summary: Freddie Ramos comes home from school one day to find a box outside his door. Inside are a pair of purple sneakers with silver wings. When he slips them on and starts to run he is astonished to discover that he can zoom around as fast as a superhero! Who did the sneakers come from and can Freddie use them to become a superhero?Why I Liked/Disliked the Book: The beginning of this book is just perfect. [...]

    5. Genre: MulticulturalAwards: Oregon State Beverly Cleary Reader's Choice Award Master List; Great Early Elementary Reads, ALSC 2011-2012 Age Programs and Services Committee; Honor Book, 2011 Maryland Blue Crab Young Readers Award, Transitional Fiction; The Oregon Battle of the Books 2012 List; Winner 2010 Cybils: Short Chapter BookGrade Level: K-2I could use this book in my classroom to introduce the K-2 students to chapter books. In the book Freddie Romas comes home from school and finds a stran [...]

    6. recommended for ELL310 @ Chase Academy This is a cute read. I genuinely enjoyed it, and appreciated Jacquleing Jule's light touch of humore. I think I especially liked the fact that Freddy isn't your typical kid lit smart-alack who gets caught up in some zany mischief. Freddy is a nice boy who is curious and adventurous. In Zapato Power, Freddy receives a mysterious pair of sneakers that give him the power of speed. I love how he uses his "super power" to help others. The illustrations are also [...]

    7. This book is a Cybils Award winning book. This is a great book because many kids can relate to the character. Freddie is a Hispanic kid that has grown in a single parent family and he considers his community his family. The book contains great illustrations and it is a chapter book for older children.

    8. A cute little mystery, perfect for early chapter book readers. Freddy is Hispanic and lives with his single mom (dad died while serving in the army). I believe many of my students will connect with Freddy and will want to read the next books in the series to follow Freddy's adventures (I do!)

    9. I'm always searching for easy chapter books for 1st - 3rd grade boys! There seem to be many more choice for girls than boys. I think the boys at my school will enjoy this series. I'm glad I stumbled upon it!

    10. Cute new series for kids who enjoy superhero books. Main character Freddie Ramos is Latino and lives in an apartment building with his mother. His father was a soldier who was killed. Freddie is kind to his friends and uses his Zapato Power for good!

    11. A transitional paperback chapter book (and first book in a series), Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off is the fictional story of an elementary school-aged Hispanic boy living with his widowed mother in an unidentified city (presumably either Chicago or New York) who gains super speed after receiving the anonymous gift of a pair of "magic" purple sneakers. Principal characters include Freddie, his mother, his Uncle Jorge, apartment building maintenance man Mr. Vaslov, classmates Jason & Ma [...]

    12. Freddie Ramos, just and average kid, finds out one day that he has special powers; powers that can help so many and change many lives. What should he do? Can he handle this task?Freddie spends time solving mysteries and helping where he is able. But can he keep this up?This is a great story/series/lesson on finding strength, noticing need, and seeing good in others. For a lesson students could read individually or as a group, reflect, and discuss together their take aways and reactions to text.

    13. Cute illustrations accompany a tender story of a boy who has lost a father and slowly builds a surrogate relationship with another father-figure. A pair of "special" zapatos appear at his door. When he tries them on, he feels relieved that his torn and worn down shoes can finally be replaced and that his mother won't be financially burdened. The gift comes just at the right time. But Freddie quickly learns that these shoes are not only timely, but also special.

    14. Zapato Power is a transitional chapter book about a boy who receives a pair of powerful shoes. The boy, Freddie Ramos, discovers they give the ability to run at super speed, so he decides to use them to help out his friends and neighbors. He finally discovers that his building's maintenance man is an inventor, created the shoes, and gave them to Freddie.

    15. Thanks for the heads up on this title, Latinxs in Kid Lit!This is exactly the book I need for exactly the readers who need it -- in this case, upper elementary students who benefit from lower-elementary reading support. This book is not particularly funny, precise, sharp, or noteworthy, but it tells a story about magic shoes that readers will engage in and care about.

    16. A fun story about a boy who receives a package with super power shoes in them. He thinks they are from his uncle but finds out it was not his uncle. As Freddie tries to solve the mystery of the shoes he uses his new found speed to help others in need. Great read aloud for 1st and 2nd graders.

    17. Freddie Ramos is surprised by the appearance of a mysterious package on his doorstep with his name on it. When he opens it, he finds a brand new pair of purple shoes with wings on the back. Freddie soon figures out that his new shoes give him "Zapato Power," and he can run at astounding speeds. As he uses his new found powers to help others around the neighborhood, he is working to solve the mystery of who sent him his new kicks.

    18. Fun and quick read. Freddie gets a mysterious new pair of shoes that give him super speed. He tries to use his new power to help others, but he soon realizes that brain power is sometimes even more useful than super speed.

    19. The first in a series of books about a child with sneakers that give him superpowers. It will be a hit with many students.

    20. This book is fine. My seven year olds are enjoying the series. I read this first one aloud to R in post op after his surgery. It's a good little series for early chapter readers.

    21. I have seen this book listed as a Level M on various online sites.Moving to Starwood Park Apartments has been a good thing for Freddie and his mother. It’s just the two of them now that his father was killed in the line of duty. Starwood Park is much nicer than their old neighborhood, cleaner and safer. Mom went back to school and can afford a better place for them. They no longer have to worry about having a good dinner. But there isn’t always money left over for extras, like new shoes. Esp [...]

    22. Freddie Ramos comes home from school one day to find a special package waiting for him on the front step of his apartment building. What could be inside? With the help of his landlord Mr. Vaslov, Freddie cuts open the box to find a shiny new pair of purple sneakers with silver wings on the side. Tossing aside his old beat-up shoes, Freddie finds that the new shoes fit perfectly. Not only that, but they give him the ability to run faster than a speeding train and appear to others as only a buzzin [...]

    23. Freddie Ramos is surprised when he finds a mysterious package outside the door of his apartment. Inside are some awesome new shoes - purple with silver wings on the side - just what Freddie needed since his old shoes are falling apart. There's no return address on the package, so Freddie has no idea who sent them. When Freddie tries them on, he discovers something amazing - the new shoes make him SUPER FAST, able to outrun the El train, able to run past his principal in the hallway too fast for [...]

    24. Freddie was trying to find out who left him a mysterious package with no return address but a note that says ‘Zapato Power for Freddie Ramos’. Was the mysterious package from his uncle Jorge in New York? But uncle always sends funny cards with his gifts and there was no card in the box but a pair of purple sneakers with silver wings on the side. Later that day Freddie found out that the sneakers wasn’t from his uncle or his mother. But Freddie was happy because he was ready to be a heroThe [...]

    25. A charming early chapter book about a young elementary school age boy named Freddie. He receives a mysterious package one day, containing a pair of purple winged shoes that help him run super fast. He must also solve mysteries such as, who gave him the shoes, who stole Maria’s lunch, and who is “Poope?” Freddie solves these, makes a new friend, and realizes he has power within himself to do anything.I am using this for a 2-3 grade bookclub group. It is on the short side, but with incoming [...]

    26. Aaaa, this book was so sweet! And just a little suspenseful too. It was a big hit with my kindergartener. This adorable semi-superhero gains super-speed-powers from special new zapatos (shoes). He uses his new powers to, for example, go back and get a library book his classmate left in the classroom, because the classmate is crying and distraught. He does deal with some bigger problems too. (The truth about the graffiti problem is really pretty awesome.) And I like how he comments that some prob [...]

    27. Freddy Ramos comes home from school to find a package with mysterious shoes inside. With a "Zoom! Zoom! Zapato!" he is off racing to save the day. I thought this was a very cute book. Probably best for children between 6 to 8 who like superhero action stories. The story had very nice comic book style illustrations which were very adorable. The only aspect of the story which did not sit well for me was the discussion of Freddy's dads death. Apparently, he was a solider who died. Although Freddy's [...]

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