Burned Regan Reilly and her best friend Kit are on vacation in Honolulu intent on having a Hawaiian adventure They won t be disappointed When we last saw private detective Regan Reilly she d recently bec

  • Title: Burned
  • Author: Carol Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9780743262651
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Regan Reilly and her best friend, Kit, are on vacation in Honolulu, intent on having a Hawaiian adventure They won t be disappointed When we last saw private detective Regan Reilly, she d recently become engaged On the opening pages of Burned, Regan s friend Kit urges her to come to Hawaii for one last girls weekend before she ties the knot The snowstorm of the centuRegan Reilly and her best friend, Kit, are on vacation in Honolulu, intent on having a Hawaiian adventure They won t be disappointed When we last saw private detective Regan Reilly, she d recently become engaged On the opening pages of Burned, Regan s friend Kit urges her to come to Hawaii for one last girls weekend before she ties the knot The snowstorm of the century is blanketing the East Coast Regan can t get to New York to visit her fiance, Jack no relation Reilly, and Kit can t get home to Connecticut So Regan packs a bag and is on her way.At the Waikiki Waters Playground and Resort, where Kit is staying, the body of Dorinda Dawes, who wrote the hotel newsletter, washes ashore Around her neck is an exquisite and valuable shell lei that once belonged to a Hawaiian princess, a lei that had been stolen from a museum in Honolulu thirty years before.Will Brown, the manager of the resort, doesn t believe that it s an accidental drowning In the three months Dorinda had worked in Hawaii, she had become a controversial character who had a reputation for pointing out the very worst in people Will is afraid that she was murdered and that the murderer might still be in their midst.Besides Dorinda s death, strange things have been happening at Waikiki Waters Will is desperately afraid that whoever is behind all the hotel s problems will strike again.Lucky for Will, he meets Regan Reilly and convinces her to get on the case Once she starts digging, she comes across all sorts of suspicious characters And the closer she gets to the truth, the danger she s in.Can Regan find out what really happened to Dorinda before it s too late for someone else Beforeit s too late for her Regan s investigation takes the reader on a fast paced ride from Waikiki to the Big Island of Hawaii and back again.Clark s trademark humor and quirky characters make Burned a wonderfully unpredictable mystery, complete with a thoroughly satisfying denouement.

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    1. Wowat was published? I listened to the abridged version on CD and would never have made it through the whole book otherwise. The writing was unsophisticated, the characters were predictable and it was really cheesy. If this "author" has writing skills they were not represented in this story. A huge publishing mistake (besides paying for this story) was to let the author narrate it. Next time, they should hire a professional, someone who knows how to do a Hawaiian accent, NY accent, etc. and stay [...]

    2. One huge complaint - the cute packaged ending complete with bow (not the first I've seen for this series) was utterly ridiculous and unsatisfying. Join the real world Carol Higgins Clark! Your mother's books have twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. Your books follow such a formula that even lovers of a mindless read will be annoyed. Forget Regan Reilly! My time is precious and I'll find a new author.

    3. This was an interesting book set in Hawaii. One thing I enjoyed is that many of the places mentioned in the novel were sites I had visited on a trip there several years ago. The mystery was appealing, and there were a number of quirky characters as is usual in Carol Higgins Clark's books. This involved a hotel, a special event which involved an auction of 2 historical leis (one of which had been stolen 30 years ago,) a murder, a kidnapping, and suspected misuse of funds by twin leaders of a grou [...]

    4. A nice, good old fashioned cosy mystery. I really enjoyed the laid back who-dunnit aspect and the characters in the book is easy to relate to.If you are in the mood not to burn brain cells this is most definitely the book for you.WaAR

    5. Well, it is definitely not literary gold. It is a fun, fast paced, enjoyable, read! This is great to read by the pool on a lazy afternoon. I enjoy the Reagan Reilly series because it is carefree entertainment. You know when you start any of the books from the series that the ending will be satisfying and complete.

    6. Absolutely awful book. I read this in hopes to find another great author; her mother is fantastic. The book moved so slowly, considering the plot covered not even a week's time. Realistically too much was thrown into the book that didn't fit into the timeline of the story. The characters were described so poorly and we did not find out much about any of them until the end of the book when all these weird plot decisions popped up. The ending felt incredibly rushed and thrown together at the last [...]

    7. Very Entertaining It's a fast-moving and lively mystery story. I had to keep reading it. It made me laugh quite a few times. The characters were logical, and I appreciate that. I'm a Jackie Collins fan, and I thought of her while reading this, because the writing style and chapter breakdown was strikingly similar to a Jackie Collins book. There were different character groups at the beginning of the story, and they all became associated later in the book; they all came together at the end of the [...]

    8. I am not reading another book by this author. Her books rely so much on coincidence & happenstance that there is no mystery in them. So regan can't go to New York so instead she hops a flight out to Hawaii where her best friend just happens to be and they can share a hotel room. While there she gets pulled into a mystery because the hotel manager just happens to need a detective. The whole thing just snowballs from there. Not a very good book.

    9. Fairly good book, although a little lame. Gave it 4 stars, not that it was that good, but it did keep me turning the page to see what ridiculous thing was going to happen next. Story line a little off-beat and unreal. But, all in all, I kept turning the page and finished the book. Not one I'd want to read again.

    10. Just light clean murder mysteries without strong language or sex. Fun to listen to while you are doing other mindless things. There may be one or two mild expletives but I don't remember any.

    11. Easy little mystery, similar to what her mother rights. It was written in 2005 so I was surprised by some of the old fashioned references. Who is going to know who Jack LaLanne is?

    12. First time reading a book from this series. Enjoyable fast read of a murder mystery set in Hawaii. A hotel employee is found on the beach wearing a valuable historic shell lei. One thing I liked that was different from most mysteries was you knew part of the solution about halfway through the book. Many times mysteries tie up quickly at the end, but little details solved pieces of the crime during your reading of this story. Would read more from this Regan Reilly series.

    13. Best story.This book deserved this rating as each chapter makes the plot more interesting. You feel as if you are in Hawaii enjoying the sun, surf and sand.

    14. Recently engaged Private Investigator Regan Reilly is based in L.A. and her fiancé Jack is head of the major case squad in N.Y. When a bad snowstorm hits out east, Regan's plans to spend the weekend with Jack are squashed. Then Regan's best friend Kit Callan calls her from Hawaii where she is on business and tells Regan to hop on a plane and spend her weekend with Kit as her last 'single fling'. When she arrives she learns the body of an employee of the hotel where they are staying has been fou [...]

    15. Well I am not really the Higgins Clark reader of the house, but my mother, who has read several, had the book and I picked it up and started reading, and, as happens sometimes, I just kept on reading. It was light reading, and reminded me slightly of the tie-in novel Mr. Monk Goes To Hawaii, but with some sillier bits. (and Monk novels get kind of silly sometimes, although not particularly that one) However, it wasn't that great and isn't really my preferred sort as far as mysteries go, so I'm n [...]

    16. Another reader commented she couldn't believe someone actually published this book is hard to believe. I listened to the audio book read by the author; she was a horrible narrator! the only reason i didn't not give this book less stars is that i have read worse. If you must-read this book, it's good mind candy. I believe I finished it out of determination and commitment to seeing it through. Towards the end I was hard pressed to not throw the CD out the window. I found myself talking back, givin [...]

    17. In the 8th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's beloved Regan Reilly PI series, Burned, we've found Regan down in Waikiki, Hawaii. Before she'd gotten married to Jack, she invited her best gal pal with her to enjoy the weekend with her. But when they've gotten there, they've found Dorinda Dawes, the hotel's PR woman, dead and washed away with the valuable lei that once belonged to a Hawaiian princess 30 years ago. The manager believed that she didn't accidentally drown and persuaded to take on t [...]

    18. Regan Reilly goes to Honolulu to join her friend Kit when she is unable to get to NY due to a snow storm. Once again, Regan encounters murderers, theives, and crazy patrons of the Waikiki Waters Hotel. Will, the hotel manager learns that Regan is a private detective and immediately asks for her help. Despite the fact that she only has the weekend, Regan manages to identify the numerous people responsible for all different types of wrongdoing. The murderer gets caught, the theives are revealed an [...]

    19. Regan Reilly, private investigator living in California, is engaged to a police inspector, Jack Reilly (no relation), who works in New York. Regan had planned to visit Jack and her parents who also live in the New York area when her plans are nixed by a severe snowstorm in the northeast which closes down all airline flights to the area. Her best friend Kit is attending a conference in Hawaii at the same time and is stranded there because she lives in the northeast too and cannot get home. She in [...]

    20. It was a fun quick beach read. I could dream I was in Hawaii along with Regan Reilly. I didn't realize it was part of a series but it worked well on its own. It is a good book when you are looking for a light mystery although it wasn't quite as funny as the reviews suggested it would be. I will try some other books in the series but not right now since the book wasn't deep enough and the characters were not really developed enough to make me really want to find out what other adventures Regan ha [...]

    21. Burned is a mishmash of jumbled story lines and very uninspired dialogue. Carol Higgins Clark is no Mary Higgins Clark. It looks like she gets her work published on the strength of her mother's reputation.The audiobook version features the author as the narratorwhat a colossal mistake! She does a horrible job; though this does spare a talented reader the task of trying to make her dull prose sound interesting.Burned is a good name for this book.cially if you spent money on it!

    22. I wish I had paid attention to the order and read this right after Popped. Oh well it was still fun. I really liked all the characters in this book. It was strange to (SPOILER) have Ned go good at the end. I didn't really feel that was a natural progression. He mentioned he might of made a nice guy, but that was it. I didn't get that one totally. But I liked the twist with the Twins the best. This series is just light fun reading. I finished it in a couple of days.

    23. This mystery found Regan Reilly and her friend, Kit, on a Hawaiian getaway that was anything but relaxing. I appreciated the author's skill in keeping me guessing while maintaining a clean romance and perplexing drama. We saw gradual revelations of the vacationers and hotel staff's true characters. The symbolism represented with the two valuable leis was ironic. Recommended for those who like a cozy mystery.

    24. A Regan Reilly, LA private investigator mystery. Regan joins her friend Kim in Hawai'i for a weekend. She joins Kim at a Waikiki hotel and finds herself quickly involved in a murder and acts of vandalism at the hotel when the manager hires her to investigate.Quick reading mystery with several subplots all of which are wrapped around the main story line.

    25. Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly mysteries are great reads. They are technically mysteries, but fun: populated with zany, likable characters in great settings, & yet also an entertaining read - even at night, alone. They're breezy, not scary. For a wimp like me, that's perfect. This entry in the series is no exception.

    26. This was the first book I read in the Regan Reilly mystery series. It was a great book but I had to start at the beginning of the series in order to fully understand the characters and their background. Carol and her mother (Mary Higgins Clark) share the same writing style, which is why I turned to her mysteries.

    27. Just like her mother- Carol is a superb mystery writer. Burned was a fast read that was both amusing and entertaining. It made a great read for the middle of summer! Who wouldn't like a mystery story to take place in nature's paradise- Hawaii?! The next book in this series is Hitched which I have, hopefully I will get around to reading that one in September. Now it's off to another summer read!

    28. Another book in the Regan Reilly Mystery series. Very enjoyable read, but not my favorite Regan Reilly book. Do not read this book as your first Regan Reilly story. To fully understand the characters & the past references made in each book, you should start with the first Reilly mystery "Decked".

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