A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor

A Boy at War A Novel of Pearl Harbor December A morning like any other but the events of this day would leave no one untouched For Adam living near Honolulu this Sunday morning is one he has been looking forward to fishing wit

  • Title: A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor
  • Author: Harry Mazer
  • ISBN: 9780689841606
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • December 7, 1941 A morning like any other, but the events of this day would leave no one untouched For Adam, living near Honolulu, this Sunday morning is one he has been looking forward to fishing with friends, away from the ever watchful eyes of his father, a navy lieutenant Then, right before his eyes, Adam watches Japanese planes fly overhead and attack the U.S.December 7, 1941 A morning like any other, but the events of this day would leave no one untouched For Adam, living near Honolulu, this Sunday morning is one he has been looking forward to fishing with friends, away from the ever watchful eyes of his father, a navy lieutenant Then, right before his eyes, Adam watches Japanese planes fly overhead and attack the U.S Navy All he can think is that it s just like in the movies But as he sees his father s ship, the Arizona, sink beneath the water, he realizes this isn t make believe It s real Over the next few days, Adam searches for answers about his friends, the war, and especially, his father But Adam soon learns sometimes there are no answers.

    One thought on “A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor”

    1. An intense read. At the end of every chapter, you were pushed to keep on reading. I wouldn't really call it a "page-turner" but elements of a page-turner in the sense that it gripped you to keep reading. That being said, there is something that is keeping me from giving that extra star to call it that amazing five-star book. Here's the thing: I can't put my finger on it. It was a great book, don't get me wrong, but it just isn't up to my five-star book standards (which, not going to lie, aren't [...]

    2. I would rate this book a 4 because it was a very good and intense read and every chapter making you want to read more. This was an easy read and very easy to understand and it was also short which i liked most of all. This book is about a kids father who is in the Navy which while Pearl Harbor is being bombed him and his friends are in the harbor and watch his dads ship sink. He is mistaken as a young sailor so he is put to work defending the Harbor from another attack by the Japanese Torpito la [...]

    3. Personal response: I really liked this book, because there was a lot of action. Plus I could relate to the characters, because I understand why they made the decisions that they did. Like when Adam was getting bullied by a kid, and then they became friends. I liked how they played some of the same sports as the rest of the United States, but used other objects for some of the games than someone that lives in other climates would use. For example, in one of the games they used a coconut. Adam tho [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading Boy at War because it had adventure and excitement. The dialog between the characters was perfect, I highly suggest read Boy at War and go on adventures with Adam and his friends.

    5. "A Boy at War" to me was a very interesting book and was very fun to read. I would recommend it for people that like war and adventure because that is what kind of book that it is. The book is not that long and if you want a book to read on a road trip this is it. It is short but a very interesting book. I had to keep reading on and couldn't put the book down and finished it very quickly. The book is about a young boy by the name of Adam and he is in a military family and they move from city to [...]

    6. The book I read is the Boy at War by Harry Mazer,this book is about a boy naked Adam on the day of the pearl harbor attack by the Japanese. This was a important day in history not only because hundreds of American lives were lost but also because the day after the attack the United States entered World War two. This book is written from the view point of a teenager whos father is stationed at pearl harbor and is on one of the battleships. On the morning of the attack on pearl harbor Adam is out [...]

    7. A Boy at War is a portrait of American history during those few, horrifying days before and after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Adam Pesko, a Navy brat, goes fishing off Pearl Harbor just before the bombs fall. He and his friends, Davi and Martin, are injured, confused, and terrorized. When Davi and Martin are swept away to hospitals, Adam is left to fend for himself and try to make his way back home amidst terror in war-torn streets. Every man for himself is the watchword, and Adam must [...]

    8. The title of my book is called the boy at war by Harry Mazer.In the beginning of this book adam needs to move to Hawaii because his dad was relocated to pearl harbor. it was extremely hard to move to another high school because no one in Hawaii likes military kidster a while adam is able to make to friends, Davi Mori and Martin Kahahawai. My favorite part of this book was when adam made friends with Davi because he davie helped mack adam's life a lot easier. This was my favorite part because thi [...]

    9. A Boy at WarBy: Harry MazerAndrew HartzeThe book I read was A Boy at War, by Harry Mazer. He has two other books in this series, but this is the first. I am not a big fan of this book, or any of the ones in this series.My favorite part was mid way into the book, because that’s when the bombs fell and that’s when it got interesting. Before and after that part was basically stuff that was boring and didn’t have to be in the book. When the bombs were falling he even got to be a soldier for a [...]

    10. High school student, Adam, moves to Hawaii to be with his father, a naval officer on the Arizona, based at Pearl Harbor--in December 1941. Adam and his friends are out on the harbor fishing that fateful morning. Vivid descriptions of Pearl Harbor from the point of view of participants, and relationships and racial issues between Japanese American Hawaiians, native Hawaiians, and haoles like Adam lift the book from the norm. The descriptions of the battle are explicitly gory, but the book is enga [...]

    11. Genre: Historical FictionAwards: Nēnē Children's Choice Book AwardGrade Level: 5-6I would have my students read this book while they were learning about Pearl Harbor. It will give them a first-hand perspective on what happened that day from someone maybe their own age. For a follow up activity I would ask the students these following questions: Now that you have read the story, consider the title of the book. Why do you think the author chose this title for his book? Do you think it was a good [...]

    12. A short, compelling novel about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. 3 new friends are fishing in a boat when the bombs and planes attack. Adam, Davi, and Martin's lives will never be the same. Adam's father's ship the USS Arizona is ripped apart by a bomb, Adam is pressed into heroics by people who think he is an sailor. I didn't like the Marine or Hawaiin vocabulary that wasn't explained.

    13. This story is about a boy who is growing up in a changing world in Hawaii when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. His father is a man who believes that his boy is a role model and is going to change from boy to man. I love this book Because it describes Adam's story. You are practically screaming for Adam to do what you what him to do and you feel like you are Adam because of the description. I learned that when the USS Arizona sunk so fast it killed 15 thousand people.

    14. This story is about a boy who experiences the bombing of pearl harbor and who fights the Japanese fighter planes. I liked the book so much that I would give it a five star rating. I would recommend this book to a person who likes to read novels and historical fiction.

    15. Adam Pelko grew up in a military family. That means that he is constantly moving from state to state and now he ends up in Hawaii right around the beginning of World War II. Adam has one sister, Bea, his mom, Marilyn, and his dad, Emory. As you can tell, Adam has a hard time making friends as he moves from school to school. For example, there is a kid that doesn't enjoy people from the main land and his name is Davi. Whenever Davi gets the chance, he punches Adam in the arm and calls him a haole [...]

    16. I choose to read this book because it looked interesting and because of all the war going on in the world right now, which can hint some possibilities of what could be happening in the near future. I wanted to see a kid’s perspective that is about the same age as me on how he felt about the war. If our country breaks out into World War III, this book could possibly give you an idea on the viewpoint you could have on war. This book takes place in 1941 in Hawaii. In this book, you are reading ab [...]

    17. First of all, this is honestly the first book I liked from what I have read in the past. The reason why I liked this book so much was because it had like drama and exaggeration moments in the book. I didn’t think this book would be so interesting! The book cover said it all though. Compared to other book covers this one got my attention immediately! Then, the audience to this book would be to people who like drama and exaggeration books. This book could also be red by young teens who like boo [...]

    18. I recommend you to read this book, “A Boy at War.” This book is about an American boy named Adam who has a little sister and they live in Hawaii. His father is in the navy and they have traveled to multiple places around the world. Why? Adam’s father’s job depends on many lives. America is in war with the Japanese and the majority of the people living in Hawaii are Japanese. Japan wants to bomb America and Adam’s father tells him not to be friends with Davi because he is Japanese. Adam [...]

    19. Boy at War by Harry Mazer is a novel of Pearl Harbor that tells the tale of this event through the perspective of a fourteen year old boy, Adam Pelko. Adam’s father is in the Navy, so, his family is always on the move and this time, the Pelko Family has be relocated to Hawaii. The book begins with Adam going to an ordinary middle school in Honolulu where he meets a Japanese boy named Davi. The two end up growing closer until Adam’s father questions Adam’s friendship just because Davi is Ja [...]

    20. Adam's dad was in the Navy. They moved to Hawaii and Adam meets a boy named Davi who is Japanese. Japan wants to start a war with America so Adams dad doesn't want Adam to be friends with Davi. Adam goes fishing with Davi in Pearl Harbor. They see Japanese planes drop bombs and they figure out that it's a war. Adam sees his dad's ship sink. After they get out of there, Adam goes home and they get a letter from the Navy saying that his dad is missing. His family moves and Adam doesn't want to lea [...]

    21. Well I had high hopes for this book. The setup at the beginning was far too long considering the length of the book itself. Once it got going with the Pearl Harbor action it was all quite unbelievable in how the young Adam got pulled into action doing things with soldiers. I'm sorry but they would have been able to distinguish a 14 year old from a sailor/soldier. Then it ended. Seriously hate when authors or publishers do this considering in ebook it was 99 pages for 6.99 plus tax. I'm sorry but [...]

    22. Okay so Adam Pelko is a boy who's family had to move to Hawaii because of his dad's work, his dad is a marine. He has to experience making new friends, what living in Hawaii is like, and how to survive the Pearl Harbor! His dad and his dad's comrades were on a ship by the harbor when Japan struck. His dad "sunk with the boat" says everyone but Adam keeps on looking for him no matter what it takes. This book was a thrill seeker.There were a lot of cause and effects i will say a few. Adam me

    23. I enjoyed this, I really did. It was an interesting and fast-paced story about the Attack on Pearl Harbor that kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next. Despite this, I felt a major disconnect with the main character. Perhaps it was the simple language or how immature he seemed at the beginning of the book.

    24. Quick read for those who have little time to read. Historical fiction of life before, during, and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Reader will get a glimpse into military life from the perspective of a young man entering high school. Just as he is beginning to adjust to life on a tropical island and make friends, the was changes his life forever.

    25. This story was about a fictionalized family, mostly featuring a 14 year old boy and his friends. It was well told, especially where the second half of the book was based upon true happenings at Pearl Harbor during and around December 7, 1941. It would be informative for young people to read if they are not up with their history.

    26. Three stars for an adult rating, but would probably be higher for a young reader. I read it in hopes of recommending it to my junior high grandson (which I will do) in preparation for a visit to Pearl Harbor.

    27. I read this book with a group of middle school boys who are very reluctant readers. They liked the action in the book and were able to form great questions, predictions, and inferences and we were able to have meaningful discussions on the content. I'd call that a win!

    28. This book is one of my most favorite books of all time this book is amazing you should try the rest of the series like i did the rest of the series is just as good

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