God Is the Gospel: Meditations on God's Love as the Gift of Himself

God Is the Gospel Meditations on God s Love as the Gift of Himself This book is a plea that God himself as revealed most clearly and fully in Jesus s death and resurrection be seen and enjoyed as the final and greatest gift of the gospel The gospel of Jesus and his

  • Title: God Is the Gospel: Meditations on God's Love as the Gift of Himself
  • Author: John Piper
  • ISBN: 9781433520495
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book is a plea that God himself, as revealed most clearly and fully in Jesus s death and resurrection, be seen and enjoyed as the final and greatest gift of the gospel.The gospel of Jesus and his many precious blessings are not ultimately what makes the good news good, but means of seeing and savoring the Savior himself Forgiveness is good because it opens the way toThis book is a plea that God himself, as revealed most clearly and fully in Jesus s death and resurrection, be seen and enjoyed as the final and greatest gift of the gospel.The gospel of Jesus and his many precious blessings are not ultimately what makes the good news good, but means of seeing and savoring the Savior himself Forgiveness is good because it opens the way to enjoying God himself Justification is good because it wins access to the presence and pleasure of God himself Eternal life is good because it becomes the everlasting enjoyment of Jesus.All God s good gifts are loving to the degree that they lead us to God himself This is the love of God doing everything necessary, most painfully in the death of his Son, to enthrall us with what is most deeply and durably satisfying namely, himself.

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    1. Wonderful book. Full of seeds, sufficient to plant orchards.As soon as I finished it in November 2010, I went back to the beginning and started over again, which I rarely (if ever) do. Just finished again, March 2011. And then Nancy and I read it aloud together, finishing in June 2017.

    2. The best Piper book I have read. He pounds home the idea that unless God is our ultimate aim then we have built our foundation upon sand. He also does a good job of not throwing our created things. Created things are good as long as we don't stop at them, but climb them up to God. It also adjusted my view on love. I found it more exegetically dense than some of his other books, which may make it a harder read for some.

    3. I love to listen to John Piper. I find him much more difficult to read. Whenever someone calls this guy or that guy from a hundred or two years ago "the last Puritan," I wonder if they've ever read a Piper book, 'cuz he sure writes like one -- very thorough, somewhat repetitive, and densely good. All three of those things combine to make such authors slow going for the likes of me. Soarly four years later (including long periods of neglect), I'm finally done reading God is the Gospel. Despite th [...]

    4. Actually, we are watching a DVD series based on this book. Piper says if you could be happy in a heaven full of all the good gifts from God, all of your loved ones and none of the bad of this world, but no Jesus -- you don't understand the Gospel. Jesus is more than just the ticket to heaven that gets tossed away once you get there. The good news of the Gospel is that our reward is God Himself. We will have intimate companionship with Jesus forever in eternity: "Whom have I in heaven but you? An [...]

    5. The title is the book in a nutshell. A fantastic read. Although I think he errs in terms of the "God of this world" in 2Cor 4:4, his thesis still stands. God is to be treasured above every gift or escape from harm. Heaven would be hell if God was not there. But God would not be heaven or the gospel if we valued the benefits over the bestower. To see and enjoy as the Father enjoys the glory of God in the face of Christ is the end of the gospel. To enjoy the Son as does the Father and to enjoy the [...]

    6. The theme of this book is that Christians should love the Giver more than his gifts. Providentially, I picked up this book when I was miserably sick. It directed me away from my momentary discomfort to God's gift to me Himself.

    7. This book was incredible. I devoured it. I really learned to focus on God rather than Gods Blessings. My reward is not entering into heaven, But Jesus himself!

    8. As usual, Piper hit a home run. I honestly prefer his preaching, but his writing is worthwhile also. I was challenged with the idea that God Himself is the ultimate end and ultimate good of the Gospel and nothing else.Poignant Quotes:And not one gospel blessing will be enjoyed by anyone for whom the gospel’s greatest gift was not the Lord himself.When I say that God is the Gospel I mean that the highest, best, final, decisive good of the gospel, without which no other gifts would be good, is t [...]

    9. This book is something of a wake-up call. People seek God for a million reasons. To feel a sense of purpose. To be a part of something bigger than themselves. To assuage guilt. To heal from pain. And so on. This book is a simple reminder that while all of these are valid reasons, they're all bound to disappoint if they're not subordinate to the primary reason to pursue God: to ENJOY God. To savor and delight in all that God is. This book is a reminder that THAT is the primary "gift" of a relatio [...]

    10. I should start by saying that I find John Piper best live or on video. There's something about seeing him, animated and moving, that makes him both (1) easier to understand, and (2) more enjoyable. In fact, full disclosure, I find that he can be a bit repetitive for my tastes in print. Then again, he's unpacking these massive, earth-shattering, mind-altering truths that bear repeating, so it's hard to blame his style or repetition.All that out of the way, "God is the Gospel" is a fantastic book. [...]

    11. I'm glad I read this book because doing so has led to lots of reflection about the meaning of the gospel the centrality of God.Piper writes the book to address the fallacy that "I love the Gospel because of what God did for me." That is a worthy goal, but his reductionism and hyperbole just aren't convincing. Well, they did convince me (once again) that I am not a Calvinist. The sovereignty of God is a truth that does not suffice as the answer to every question. In fact, it can become a glib non [...]

    12. I loved this book. Full of comfort and encouragement. If you've felt uncomfortably cool towards the usual Gospel presentation or ever beat yourself up for not getting excited enough about "what Jesus did for me" or evangelism, this is for you. I always felt like the usual narrative somehow missed me--like it was written by and to a certain personality and not for all people. Piper points to God as the ultimate delight and treasure and rest and teleology of our hearts--not the narrative. Piper wr [...]

    13. Finally, I have finished reading God is the Gospel! I really like John Piper's writing, but it seems I can usually only stand it for a few pages at a time. He's just so deep theologically, and it takes me days sometimes to mull over what he is saying. However, two days ago I felt a new determination to FINISH my original 100 Books List before December of this year. So I got through the second half of God is the Gospel in just two days. I'm so happy! It is a huge accomplishment--it feels even big [...]

    14. This book was helpful in the fact that it makes a very important point: that the good news of the gospel is much more than the fact that Jesus died and rose again, that we are forgiven, that we get to go to heaven. The real point behind it all is that those things are all great gifts from God, but the true reason that the gospel is good news is that Jesus' sacrifice allows us the greatest gift which is to know and be with God himself and all His glory.The problem with this book though is that it [...]

    15. This is an amazing book for the Christian to see what is the infinite value of God compared to all His gifts of grace. Each section shows more and more the importance to exalt God above all He gave us out of mercy. For the reader interested in see the true purpose of the Gospel and it's primary Goal to show God through Christ as He truly is in all His glory. For the Christian who truly loves God and wants to be satisfied more and more in Him. For the scholar who lives out of joy for the supremac [...]

    16. A must read in light of our current resurgence of Gospel centeredness. Justification is a significant truth we tend to lack in our works based culture, but the point of the Gospel is not our forgiveness or justification or even merely escaping hell for heaven. The point us to see and savor the glory of God in the face of Christ. If we lose God as the greatest good the Gospel opens the door to, we lose it all. Tremendously helpful book by Piper.

    17. A fantastic explanation of why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about God Himself, and notthe things we "get" from God, Piper writes with passion about knowing God and enjoying Him forever. A refreshing read that brought new theological insights to my mind when I read the chapter on God's sovereignty. A must read for all.Brent McCulley

    18. A deep theology of the Gospel. Piper has a knack of tying biblical ideas and principles together in a profound manner. This is one of the top 5 books I have read this year. Put it on your list or read it again.

    19. This is the best book by John Piper that I have read. It has one point: the greatest gift of the gospel is God, Himself, without which all the other gifts of the gospel would not be good at all.

    20. This was a satisfying book to read. Just what I wanted; an entire book given to carefully expounding a few key passages in Scripture. In this case, they all center around what it means for us to see the glory of God and how the gospel is all about God. God is the center of the gospel, not us. Here are a few noteworthy quotes from the end of the book:God is not glorified if the foundations of our gratitude for the gospel is the worth of its gifts and not the value of the Giver.May he grant us tho [...]

    21. I had a tough time getting through this book; not because the writing was bad, and certainly not the message (that God's glory is the greatest gift of the Gospel). Giving it four stars because it's a great book. But I think because I grew up in a reformed environment, Piper's message is not something new to me. It seems geared toward Christians who are either new in the faith or have grown up in churches that offer watered-down Gospel messages. Not to say I couldn't learn anything from the book; [...]

    22. Great perspective on the true point of the Gospel I’ve never really thought about before. Kinda redundant and wordy in the middle but well worth sticking through to the last couple of chapters.

    23. As the two stars indicate, it was okay.John Piper starts with an interesting and convicting question (the classic "Would you be happy in heaven if God were not there?"). He elaborates a bit and returns to this at the end of the book (the last chapter was good) and, in the same chapter, discusses what it means to love someone like Christ, but it doesn't seem to be enough to warrant a complete book; the book's innards are filled with parts that should credit Jonathan Edwards as author and Piper as [...]

    24. Piper's books have yet to disappoint, and this book was anything but disappointing. Dr. John Piper has illuminated the Scriptures, by God's grace, in a magnificent way, showing simply that God is the gospel. God is the chief end of all things. God saves us, grows us, and blesses us with gifts, all to point toward his infinite glory.Many Christians today idolize a specific aspect of the gospel, of which I am guilty as well. Some idolize God's love. Others place the highest value on the cross. Som [...]

    25. Wow. A must read and one I will be coming back to again. Inadvertently, it was also a great read in preparation for Easter. Here are some quotes:"What makes all the events of Good Friday and Easter and all the promises they secure good news is that they lead us to God. "Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God" (1 Pet. 3:18). And when we get there, it is God himself who will satisfy our souls forever. Everything else in the gospel is me [...]

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