My Sister Sif

My Sister Sif Fourteen year old Riko manages to get her sister Sif and herself to their Pacific island home where a scientist who falls in love with Sif discovers her connection with an underwater race

  • Title: My Sister Sif
  • Author: Ruth Park
  • ISBN: 9780140378153
  • Page: 476
  • Format: None
  • Fourteen year old Riko manages to get her sister Sif and herself to their Pacific island home, where a scientist who falls in love with Sif discovers her connection with an underwater race.

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    1. I read this in high school and was keen to re-read it again as I could only remember bits and pieces about it.It was a more conservationist story than I recalled, and I couldn’t remember the ending at all. It was interesting that it was set in 2000, which at the time I read it, was still in the future, but it was written in 1986, which is the year that the main character of the book was born in. I don’t know whether this occurred to me when I first read it, but this time around, I wondered w [...]

    2. my most treasured book when I was growing up, dreaming of becoming a marine biologist. reading it again as an adult was wonderful because it's a lovely story, told in an accessible way. I will always always love this story. <>< ><>

    3. What can I say? I love the idea of merpeople. This story was particularly well done, and I loved the "down under" setting (both literally and geographically!). I think this is Ruth Park's best.

    4. my favorite childhood book. this book brings a lot of good childhood memories. this is a perfect book for kids within the ages of ten to any age!read it you will like it.

    5. Gestern habe ich mich noch gefragt, ob ich zu hart zu Büchern bin, die ich in meiner Jugend gelesen und geliebt habe und sie aus heutiger Sicht einfach nicht mehr wertschätzen kann. Dann habe ich "Schwester des Meeres" in fast einem Rutsch durchgelesen und die Bedenken sind weg.Ich habe es geliebt. Damals wie heute. Als Teenie und jetzt als Erwachsene. Mein Schwerpunkt mag sich verschoben haben, aber das Setting nimmt mich immer noch gefangen und ich wünsche mir, einmal die Insel besuchen zu [...]

    6. One of the most influential books of my childhood, and the first to spur my love for the environment. First published in 1986, My Sister Sif was YA and CliFi before anyone even recognised such genres.Ruth Park weaves reality with fantasy: set in our world, the young Erika travels back to her her native island Rongo with her big sister Sif. There, we meet their family - mermen and merwomen fighting to protect their ocean and suffering the consequences of environmental damage all around them.My Si [...]

    7. This story is set in the early to mid 1980's (this is important to how the story ends) and tells the story from ~14 / 15 year old Erika "Riko" Magnus perspective who lives with her adult sister and family and slightly older (~17 years old) sister Sif in Sydney.Sif is homestick for their homeland, the Pacific island called Rongo. Riko sells some seashells to fund her sister Sif's and then her own trip home.But there are many changes occuring.There have been environmental changes occuring which ah [...]

    8. A beautiful story and one of my favourites from my childhood. Revisiting the world of Erika and Sif feels like coming home.

    9. Originally posted at Postcards from La-La Land.I first read this book sometime in high school, and now re-read it for the From the Bowels of Obscurity Book Club (yes, I can hear all your inner 12-year-olds giggling at "bowels" ;-) ). . . . .We Magnus children were born on an outer island of the Epiphany Group in the Pacific Ocean. This island is called Rongo, and it is so small no one in the world cares about it except the people who live there. It is just above the Tropic of Capricorn, lying ha [...]

    10. My Sister Sif is a beautiful, fable-like speculative story - a small, lovely novel that mixes fantasy into reality so well it feels like it really could have happened. I'm not going to give away what those fantasy aspects are, in case you decide to read it - I think it's nice to be surprised. I came to it not knowing very much about the story itself, and I was very quickly swept up in it. The magical aspects of the story are perfectly ordinary to the characters, making the story feel very much o [...]

    11. Ruth Park was such a wonderful author. This book and playing Beatie Bow were, and still are, two of my favourite books. The sense of place is amazing and beautiful and has such a fable-like quality even though it is set in what was then the present (early 90s). The characters are well drawn and interesting and the premise was captivating for a sea-obsessed Australian child/teenager like me. Don't be put of by the merpeople aspect, it is presented in such a matter-of-fact yet somewhat intangible [...]

    12. Interesting story about a young girl named Riko/Erika and her older sister Sif/Sarah. Their family is from a mostly unknown island called Rongo. After the death of their father, they moved to live with their older sister Joanne in Sydney, Australia. Sif becomes so homesick that Riko finds a way to help her go back to Rongo and then later follows herself.While on Rongo, they meet a man named Henry Jacka, a scientist. They have a family secret that Henry figures out. He tries to help their family, [...]

    13. The main character and older sister (Sif) go visit the island where their family (their mother's side, I think) lives. The mother's family is kind of a mermaid race. I don't remember how it worked, other than that they lived in the ocean. The main character takes after her human father, but Sif takes after the mother's side more. A young man interested in sea shells whom they met prior to the trip joins them unexpectedly and a little love story plays out between him and Sif. The main focus thoug [...]

    14. It was an okay book but it lacked originality. Nothing new here. Just something to read if you've got nothing better to do. The main character, Erika, is believable. But she is too young and immature to like. Some people would argue that it's meant to be a book for teenagers. But if you are not a teenager, you will finish reading it, and wonder what the point was.

    15. I love this book. It is a story about growing up and letting go. It's also about how we, in our ignorance, are ruining our planet.It makes the adult in me want to cry and the child in me want to be a mermaid and have Fae friends.I read this years ago and am glad I decided to read it again.

    16. I've never been able to forget this book. Reading it as a child of the 90s, this took me out of my surrounds all the way to Rongo. The conservation message was clear as was the sisterly love. One for the dreamers!

    17. I have loved this book since I was 13 years old. Reading it again as an adult I have been able to take a lot more out of it than just the romanticism I did then. I highly recommend this for all young adults.

    18. Loved this book!Its a nice read for those who love books about mermaids and underwater creatures, things like that.I love how this story is based on an island and like the island knows about the little faerie thingsyway really enjoyed it- nice romance too

    19. I would probably have quite enjoyed this as a kid, because I would have loved anything with so many animals and mermaids in it. But unfortunately, that is about all it has in it, apart from clumsy prose and clunky characters, and there is very little magic reading it as an adult.

    20. One of my absolute favourites from high school, that still holds up. Ruth Park manages to perfectly capture a teenage personality and mindset in Riko, and I love the island/ocean world she's created. A little preachy at times with the conservation message, but also still relevant.

    21. This is my favortie book from when I was a kid. I kept it checked out from the library for years, going back every two weeks to renew it. It took me years to actually find a copy to buy, because it was out of print. It is an easy, fun read!

    22. This was one of our books for year eight and I enjoyed it enough that I went on to read a couple of Ruth Park's adult books.

    23. Definitely a favorite book of mine. I loved the romance (both in the plot and in the story-telling) and the fantasy elements.

    24. There's nothing like revisiting an old friend. The ecological message is still as sound, and as important, as when it was written.

    25. I fondly remember my year 2 teacher reading this to our class and then making my mum buy it as I loved it so much,one of the first novels I ever owned. It's a cherished memory for me.

    26. Inuit did not care for it. It was not horrible but I would catch myself skimming and finally just skimmed the end

    27. First read this in high school and fell in love with it so much.Magic, family, adventure, coming of age. Great Read

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