Crow Crow is black Pitch black Everyone is afraid of him But Crow knows what to do He has got a plan Crow is a tragicomic story about four birds under high voltage Originally published Hasselt Belgium Cla

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  • Title: Crow
  • Author: Leo Timmers
  • ISBN: 9781605370712
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Crow is black Pitch black Everyone is afraid of him But Crow knows what to do He has got a plan.Crow is a tragicomic story about four birds under high voltage Originally published Hasselt, Belgium Clavis Uitgeverij, 2009.

    One thought on “Crow”

    1. Ik heb dit boekje voornamelijk gekozen vanwege de hilarische cover. :) Die later toch niet zo hilarisch bedoeld was, maar ja dat weet je niet totdat je gaat lezen (of de blurb leest, maar die sla ik over op bol/bibliotheek catalogus vanwege spoilers). En nu na het lezen kan ik zeggen dat de rest van het boek ook goed was! Een boek over verschillen, over bang zijn, over acceptatie. Arme kraai, het enige wat hij wil is vriendschap, maar alles wat hij krijgt is vogels die bang voor hem zijn. Dus ga [...]

    2. Another meh children's book from last week's library haul. The artwork was fun and sort of reminded me of a Pixar movie on a page. However, I'm not sure that I loved the message of the book, which essentially boiled down to "please popular crowd, take advantage of me! I don't care, as long as I'm not alone!"

    3. Overall story was good, but because of the main character being a crow, the storyline emphasizes that "black is bad," which is a message I strongly disagree with. It would've been better served using a different animal/color given the state of social affairs as they are.

    4. The illustrations are amazing but the storyline and message of this book are highly questionable. I would not recommend this for storytime. I do think this might be a good conversation starter for topics like bullying, racism and popularity.

    5. I didn't really like this book very much. I would have trouble reading it because everyone is terrified and avoids the crow because he is blackems a tad racist.

    6. Not sure which came first - Crow or Angry Birds, because they're very similar in style. However, Crow is more appealing and a little lost - after all, we all need a friend, or three.The use of such vibrant colour against Crow's severe blackness works well to emphasise the tale and it's meaning - without needing words to explain that some of us are just - well - different on the outside.The facial expressions on the birds are just brilliant.

    7. Crow is very different from the other birds around him, and is more often than not made fun of by them. So Crow devises a plan to fit in by painting his black feathers multicolored in order to look more like the other birds, but the plan backfires and he ends up scaring everyone away. This beautifully illustrated tale shows young children the importance of acceptance and the detriments of prejudice.

    8. I absolutely love this book. I use it anytime I need a story about birds for young readers. It is about a crow who cannot get the other birds to play with him because he looks different. He then gets a brilliant idea to paint himself to look like the other birds, unfortunately this does not work. He scares the other little birds more. But when the paint washes away he finally makes friends by being exactly who he isa big, scary, black crow who scares off the other "painted birds."

    9. Crow is described as a tragicomedy and I would agree. It's a silly story that relates more to older readers or adults, but still fun for little ones. I did paraphrase a couple places in the book for my storytime audience. During the book we talked about color, counting, and top to toe to extend that story.2015 Storytime theme: black birdsReviewed from a library copy.

    10. Still not real sure what the message of this book is Big things are scary? The enemy of mine enemy is my friend? The illustrations are delightful and Crow has such an expressive pixar quality to him. Too bad the story is a wee bit lacking.

    11. I love the bright colorful characters on an almost completely white setting. The message of "be yourself" and "it's not what you wear that is important" is shown not told, and the text is short enough I'll be able to use the book for storytime. A great book for 2010.

    12. We thought this was going to be a big knock-off of Pixar's For the Birds but it wasn't. The illustration is exceptionally cool.

    13. This is a funny story about acceptance. The simple illustrations add to the simple message. My daughter loved this book after the first reading.

    14. I think this would be a cute storytime selection, but the grammar stickler in me was wonderingouldn't Crow have said, "I wish I were different", rather than "I wish I was different"?

    15. Adorable pictures. Crow just wants to make some friends, but the other birds are scared of him. He tries to paint his feathers to be less scary, but it just scares the other birds more!

    16. Almost too short. The message of inclusion is nice, but it seems the other little birds only accept crow because he is an enforcer, not because they should.

    17. Crow is a simplistic entry for the Juvenile shelf, with the rather warmed-over message of "be yourself." The bold illustrations are the best part.

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