Stand by Your Man

Stand by Your Man Imagine what might happen to Bridget Jones if she d grown up a bit got married had a kid and still wasn t quite ready to give up her boozy nights out with the girls

  • Title: Stand by Your Man
  • Author: Gil McNeil
  • ISBN: 9780747561392
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Imagine what might happen to Bridget Jones if she d grown up a bit, got married, had a kid and still wasn t quite ready to give up her boozy nights out with the girls.

    One thought on “Stand by Your Man”

    1. I loved this book. It's the story of a single mom raiding a three year old and it had me laughing aloud at much of the book, and feeling very sentimental in others. Alice Mayhew is an architect who lives in a small English village and commutes part time to a job in London. The story is told in episodes over the course of a year. One major theme involves the community garden that Alice suddenly finds herself in charge of. From beginning planning in January to the judging in October, the garden br [...]

    2. I started reading Gil McNeil's knitting series, and enjoyed them so much that I'm working my way back through her other books. Read Gil McNeil if you like:-Light hearted books starring single parents - Books where the protagonist is searching for what makes life meaningful and enjoyable to them.-Books where characters grow into their best selves.This book involves gardening, which I love; but the real story is the protagonist finding her happiness. This is a quick, easy read starring and English [...]

    3. Cute small town read of a single parent, Alice and her day to day life in the village. When the new couple from London arrive, things in the village spice up a little, with socialite Lola urging the town to enter a garden competition. While everyone is busy with that, Lola is busy with her own games.Another nice snapshot of village life, but very similar to the knitting trilogy. Nice bit of amusement that you don't have to concentrate too hard on.

    4. Abandoned. I have read it before, wasn't memorable, tried it again and it just was not doing it for me. Very slow, very predicatable, not very interesting, didn't keep my attention, tried too hard to be witty and was basically a re-hash of the previous 2 books I've read of hers but with different characters.

    5. Alice es una madre separada que vive en un pueblo del sur de Inglaterra. Con su amiga Lilly se integrará en la vida local a través de un proyecto de jardín. Aunque el centro de su vida es su hijo, descubrirá el amor de nuevo.

    6. I kept waiting for something to happen and when it finally did, it was a bit anti-climatic i thought, but it was an easy read and somewhat entertaining at times. There were a lot of british references of which i knew nothing about, but didn't bother me so much, yet it might bother others.

    7. I loved it! Made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion :-) very realistic story of life as a mother. Liked all her other books too, although they are very similar to each other.

    8. The book was funny in parts. I did not like her usage of foul language-there was no need for it.The best characters in the book were Jim, Lola and Molly. Alice was ok.

    9. Loved it. The casual light humour and loving thoughts toward her son entertain the reader. An enjoyable read.

    10. Nothing special, but it doesn't pretend to be. Entertaining. Could not finish it, though, so not enterntaining enough. Maybe I was in the wrong mood

    11. I really like this author. Love her sense of humor and like that she writes about families. The only negative is the swearing.

    12. Loved all the gardening references as an avid gardener myself and found myself chuckling at some of the mishaps! Rest of the story was enjoyable if a little predictable but made for easy reading!

    13. Cute, fun, very English, I actually really liked it, if you want something easy and light. But I really don't get the title, I could not figure out which character was standing by her man.

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