Better Than Running at Night

Better Than Running at Night Having left behind the melodrama of her solitary high school days and the beheaded martyrs in her paintings Ellie arrives at the New England College of Art and Design Looking forward to the opportunit

  • Title: Better Than Running at Night
  • Author: Hillary Frank
  • ISBN: 9780618250738
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Having left behind the melodrama of her solitary high school days and the beheaded martyrs in her paintings Ellie arrives at the New England College of Art and Design Looking forward to the opportunity to recreate herself and her art, she begins her first day by dirty dancing with the Devil Then she makes out with him Ellie soon learns a lot about herself in this storyHaving left behind the melodrama of her solitary high school days and the beheaded martyrs in her paintings Ellie arrives at the New England College of Art and Design Looking forward to the opportunity to recreate herself and her art, she begins her first day by dirty dancing with the Devil Then she makes out with him Ellie soon learns a lot about herself in this story about independence, trust, and boys.

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    1. All these people have the weirdest ways of thinking. The main character is anti-drug, but she smokes pot for the first time in order to forget the smell of dead raccoons and because she has a tummy ache. The guy she is seeing got mad at her for eating Dunkin Donuts with another boy, because his dad died at a McDonalds and now he hates all fast food establishments. As he throws an angry snowball against a building he yells, "I thought we had an understanding!" What the hell?! Everything in this b [...]

    2. First of all, I really enjoyed this book! I haven't come across many books about college students, so this was really refreshing. It was marked as "juvenile browsing" in the Bard library, although I'm not sure I'd classify it that way. I really think it could be enjoyed by a reader of any age--if they're into this kind of story! So what kind of story is it? you ask. FICTION--good fiction. The main character is really relatable, or at least I found it easy to relate to her, especially her perspec [...]

    3. This book is about a girl who moves to another country to pursue in dreams in art; especially painting. She goes to the college of her dreams and tries to become a new person instead of the typical, dark and quiet loser back in New York. She meets a boy named Nate along the way who ends up going to the same school with her and ends up controlling most of her life and feelings. He plays games with Ellie and she ends up losing herself in the process. She learns that it is a hard thing to do to get [...]

    4. I liked that it still had real art lessons within the text. reading this made my art skills improve because I knew more. It was so realistic that I was ok with everything that happened to Ellie. I wanted things to work out with Nate sooooo badly. I do believe he had deep feelings for her that could have possibly been love. Nate just lied too much. It was obvious that he had slept with Sloane when the bra was found in his apartment because there was no bra in his painting. When Sloane showed up a [...]

    5. I really expected to like this book, since it appeared to be a coming of age at art school story. But instead of being about the transition from high school to college and finding independence, it's mostly about Ellie's relationship with a sophomore womanizer. I liked the parts about her classes (the contrast between her two teachers was great, reminded me of some of what I saw while getting my art degree), and her study of anatomy, which leads her to notice the musculature of those around her. [...]

    6. 3.5/5. I read this book for the first time before I graduated high school, high school me would have rated this a 4-5 (gave it 4 stars now for 16 yr old me). Parts of this book have stuck with me for a long, long time. It influenced my art and creative outlook when I was doing AP Art, and it still left a strong impression 10 years after I read it. I spent over an hour trying to find this book online, since I didn't remember the title (my google search history is now slightly troubling)-and I don [...]

    7. I read this book because the title sounds really cool, but that was definitely the best part of the book. To start off, what bothered me most was the sex scenes, which read like terrible fan fiction. In one, it seriously said "He put his hands up my shirt and I did the same to him." Seriously? The characters were very strange and underdevoloped. The protagonist is extremely boring, her only interesting trait is her hippie parents, who named her Ladybug and keep pushing her to smoke pot, but of c [...]

    8. This book surprised me with its honest portrayal of a girl's first year at art school. Ellie meets Nate at a costume party her first night staying at New England College of the Arts. He is mysterious and alluring; flattering in all the right ways. Ellie feels they are soul mates and draws lines of fate between their similar pasts. As the semester wears on, she realizes that there is more to herself than the past and quickly outgrows Nate's flighty adventurousness. She sometimes regrets her decis [...]

    9. I wanted to like this book as it was about a teenager and her college years but as I progressed I continued finding myself criticizing the main character. Ladybug, Ellie, a naïve teenager, pursuing her career in arts falls in love with Nate, a womanizer. The story revolves around these two character describing their on-off loveless sex relationship with few other guest appearances. One of the most weirdest scene when Nate got angry with Ellie because she ate Donuts with another guy, because Nat [...]

    10. I picked this book up from a hole-in-the-wall bookstore, thinking that the title and the cover art was really something different and interesting.About 20 pages into the book, I was starting to have doubts about my choice in picking it up. 50 pages in, I was about ready to bang my head on the desk- and I decided it wasn't worth finishing.As the book starts off it pretty much throws you into the main character's life randomly, with hardly any backstory or description of the setting. The book cont [...]

    11. I feel unresolved.The art stuff is great, I can relate to it considering that I'm a graphic design major now, but yeah, that ending was very profound. I don't think many people know what it's like to be on your own or what it feels like to make true art or if anyone knows what art is or how much work is put into it or how many people don't necessarily make it in the art career sector.This book speaks volumes in terms of what the book jacket describes.I also loved the figurative speech inside it. [...]

    12. This book wasn't as drawing as other books I normally read but for some reason I couldn't put it down. I finished it in one night and was sad when it was over. Hillary Frank does a fantastic job of creating a real world with all it's real problems. As I read this book I felt like my heart broke when Ellie's did and I was inspired when Ellie's was. This book is good for anyone who admires art seeing as this book mostly revolves around college art students but I still think anyone can find identif [...]

    13. I really loved this book. It was an honest, coming of age story that had twists that I didn't see coming. I found myself relating to Ellie even though we're two very different people. The thing I enjoyed the most about it was, though it was hypnotizing, there were no "fairytale" qualities about it. No smooth sailing or sugar coated actions. The characters are adolescents/college students through and through.

    14. Took too long to finish this little book, better late than never.i really enjoyed this book. It's very Different /weird than what I usually read, what I mean by that is the way the chapters are set up and the style of writing. But overall I liked it I think it's a different take on coming of age and it was done well .

    15. "You know, I look around at all these girls and I find myself comparing them to you and they're just not as good. Life's one big competition to them. But you seem to be above all that."This book really surprised me and I'd give it a solid 3.5 stars.The writing is at times fragmented and confusing but the content really grabbed me. It's a tough read at times but it's a very honest portrayal of a girls first love, or perception of love, and a step in finding herself. Nate is every shallow, self-ob [...]

    16. It seems to me I have the displeasure of picking up books about people who do absolutely nothing for over 200 pages but record the most monotonous inane things that happen to them. The book was a good read but I would have enjoyed it more if I were still in high school or fresh out of college. I don't think that anything I didn't already expect to happen didn't happen. I don't want to seem like I'm tearing the book apart but everyone was flat and one dimensional and the foreshadowing throughout [...]

    17. The girl really annoyed me, she was so clingy to the guy and was always thinking about him, that was really annoying to read. And the guy, ugh, he pissed me off. Like dude, get over yourself, seriously.

    18. I related to this book very personally and learned a lot from it. It gave me new perspectives to things that I go about on a regular basis and it's not every book that you find that with.

    19. I really really enjoyed this book and its fresh look on being an artist and trying to learn your craft.Ladybug Yelinksy (nicknamed Ellie) has left home for the first time and is living in a little apartment while going to art school. She was a moody outcast in high school, dramatically doing her face black and grey and painting/drawing disturbing scenes, until she saw Ilya Repin's painting "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581". Instead of discouraging her, this makes her even [...]

    20. I found this book to be deep yet entertaining. I personally have never been a fan of romance but I found this book particularly good. I felt that the way things were worded gave me a good description of how they felt. I felt like her situation was practical. Like something most people go through. It started off strong and I found my self confused the first chapter but as thing got put together I found myself falling into a good book. I found the characters relatable and could easily picture myse [...]

    21. First year art student, Ellie, experiences everything imaginable about adult life and perhaps too soon. Things she encounters are first time boyfriends, sex, drugs, and ultimately finding herself as an artist and as a person. After falling in love with the first boy she has a fling with, Ellie ends up not knowing how to take control of her life and lets people walk all over her. For being so young, experiencing new things, and being away from home, Ellie has to deal with these pressures and conf [...]

    22. This story is very interesting. I love finding a book without a typical /cliche storyline, this book is completely original. As a whole I loved the story, but at some parts I felt like Hillary didn't provide enough detail. Settings, characters, scenery etc. The main character herself- I don't have a clue as to how she might look. She never described her hair, eyes, physique nothing. I don't know about you guy's preference but I like to have a little imagery, ya know 'paint that picture in your [...]

    23. Better Than Running at Night turns out to be one of the best books I've read this year. This 2002 debut novel by Hillary Frank covers the first year Ladybug (Ellie) Yelinsky spends at the New England Collage of Art and Design.Each chapter is short, not more than a couple pages. Each one has a funny title, illustrated by a tiny sketch the by the author.Hillary Frank created a very realistic, likeable and believable character in Ellie. She's naive in the way that so many new adults are but she als [...]

    24. Ellie is just starting life at her new arts college and she is trying to branch out of her comfort zone. In high school she was the standard goth, anti-social kid, so now she wants to be more outgoing. During her first week there, she attends a costume party and meets Nate, a boy who is quite a bit more experienced than Ellie in every way. She gets caught up in an unsettling situation of sleeping with someone mainly because she's already started doing so and can't think of a good reason not to. [...]

    25. ellie has just left home to attend art school. she meets a charismatic fellow student and loses her virginity to him, only to find that he's not the boyfriend she expected him to be. the whole book is written as a series of short vignettes, and some of the art class ones are hilarious. i picked this one up because of the cover art by sabrina ward harrison (i totally judge a book by its cover) and also because, even though it's more than 10 years old, it still circs really well in my teen collect [...]

    26. I originally chose this book at a local thrift store because of it's decorative cover, but I don't think I could have ever chosen a better book for my time and place in life right now. It follows Ellie as she completes her first two semesters at an art school far from home. The atmosphere felt eerily like the semester I just finished; her professors reminded me of my own and her struggle with balancing personal relationships and art-related schoolwork somehow aligned with mine.I gave it 5 stars [...]

    27. Basically this book was all about sex. and boobs. and drugs. and donuts. and a little about going to art college. but mostly sex. Ellie has her "sexually awakening" during her first year at NECAD, and after her first time with Nate she begins to open up both in sex and in her art, discovering herself. There was a brief part towards the end where i was hoping that the novel was taking a turn (for the better), but unfortunatly not. it was just a brief detour and then- BAM! NATE! SAM! SEX! ART! DRU [...]

    28. My kingdom for a halfway decent novel set in college!! This book kept turning up on lists of college novels so I had high hopes, but it only took about ten pages for me to realize that [jedi hand wave] this is not the book I was looking for. The boyfriend is OBVIOUSLY TRASH from the very beginning, and it was frustrating watching their relationship slowly crumble while yelling "DUMP HIM, GIRL" at the page. He was still the most well-drawn character in a book full of vagueness, so I'll forgive hi [...]

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