The Bride Stripped Bare

The Bride Stripped Bare A woman disappears leaving behind an incendiary diary chronicling a journey of sexual awakening To all who knew her she was the good wife happy devoted content But the diary reveals a secret self

  • Title: The Bride Stripped Bare
  • Author: Nikki Gemmell
  • ISBN: 9780007170869
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • A woman disappears, leaving behind an incendiary diary chronicling a journey of sexual awakening To all who knew her, she was the good wife happy, devoted, content But the diary reveals a secret self, one who s discovered that her new marriage contains mysteries of its own She has discovered a forgotten Elizabethan manuscript that dares to speak of what women truly desA woman disappears, leaving behind an incendiary diary chronicling a journey of sexual awakening To all who knew her, she was the good wife happy, devoted, content But the diary reveals a secret self, one who s discovered that her new marriage contains mysteries of its own She has discovered a forgotten Elizabethan manuscript that dares to speak of what women truly desire, and inspired by its revelations, she tastes for the first time the intoxicating power of knowing what she wants and how to get it The question is How long can she sustain a perilous double life

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    1. This book was basically irritating. It starts off with a letter from the anonymous author's mom to the publisher saying that her daughter disappeared, with her infant son, and her car/baby's stroller were found atop a cliff but no bodies were found. She found this manuscript though. So does the manuscript give insight into the woman's disappearance? Der- not at all. It's just this woman who is basically an asshole telling of her dissatisfaction with her brand new marriage (it starts on their hon [...]

    2. I know there’s a lot of controversy around this book. Firstly, let me just say – this book is not about sex, it is about sexuality. It is not about the act; but instead, the thoughts behind it. Yes, this book contains explicit scenes – but unlike most general fiction novels (cough, The Bronze Horseman, cough), we are given snippets of boldness to accommodate a softer understanding. I suppose it just has discourse, I suppose it’s something close to literature. As a reader I felt encourage [...]

    3. I absolutely hated and possibly despised this book- so much so that I will have to re-read it to reassess my harsh judgement of it (in the hopes that I was just being a young, inexperienced and intolerant sod at the time). What I find appalling (gee that's a strong word) is that the book sells itself on being unashamedly honest- and this may be so in its efforts to express forbidden sexual desires. But in the areas that really count for something, it uses brazen sex to shock and blind the reader [...]

    4. Raw. Painfully honest. Unflinching. Unbearably beautiful. I devoured The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gemmell in one day. Since this is my first foray into erotic fiction, I had very little idea of what to expect. Lots of "sexy sex" I imagined. But The Bride Stripped Bare absolutely floored me from the very beginning. Sexual descriptions aside, which were not cover to cover as I had preconceived, The Bride Stripped Bare had every element I desire in any novel: Literary writing of high caliber - [...]

    5. This was the first book with any type of erotica theme that I'd ever read. I remember being absolutely scattered as I followed this woman's journey of her seeking something that was just so simply destructive. She was an effervescent woman looking for something more, that elusive high that kept the bar being raised so much after every encounter. Too dangerous as it cannot have a never ending satisfactory and successful 'high'. It will all fall down, and she will have to pick herself up. This wil [...]

    6. é simplesmente horrível, 320 de pura agoniaodiar, fica muito aquém daquilo que sinto por este livrocá vão os motivos porque o odiei:- a fala ser toda seguida (olá, saramago fêmea -.-''')- a personagem principal ser uma mulherzinha completamente frustrada (penso que a autora também o seja)- parece que é bipolar, na mesma frase consegue dizer que está feliz e triste, quer uma coisa e depois já quer outra (divorciar-se não??? ela gosta é da boa vida que o Cole lhe dá e não dele)- mis [...]

    7. The best second person narrative I have read, ever! This is languid and beautiful and biting, tragic and edge of your seat. I started the book and within the first chapter I was committed. The litany on loop in my head? "This can't end well." It is the story of a woman's search for herself. Discovering and then re-discovering identity in the face of and in reaction to other people's expectations. What is, perhaps, even more horrifying is her own complicity in the architecture of her life. She is [...]

    8. Whilst my initial expectations behind the concept of this book were that it promised to be a revolutionary and original chronicle about a women's journey of sexual awakening, I was very quickly disappointed, and amazed myself that I managed to persevere until the end, considering that turning every page and chapter felt like a chore. For me, the author spent far too much time trying to create a book that is different, just for the sake of being different.The book is laid out in a complicated mix [...]

    9. I found this book kind of confusing. I had trouble deciding what it was supposed to be - erotica? chick lit? mystery? And yet it didn't seem to be quite any of those things. It wasn't erotic enough to be erotica, had too much sex to be chick lit, and wasn't mysterious enough to be a mystery.There were parts of it that I did like. I thought her husband was a real jerk, so I could see why she would be looking for more, and I was glad when she met Gabriel. This is where I think it would make good c [...]

    10. Oh my.First off, I had no idea that this book was basically written porn. I usually base my book selections on covers, descriptions, and a page or two of the book.This one has an odd cover. Or, I should say it had an odd cover. The newer editions seem to have more flesh. The description included so much raving about the book and it was a bestseller. The edition I had said it was written by an anonymous author. Anonymity is always intriguing. Finally, the first few pages involve a woman and her s [...]

    11. I should say, I skimmed the sex scenes. Why? Not my usual reason. The bride was just so alien to me - a woman who married her husband because she could be herself fakes her orgasms? I just didn't grasp the idea of a woman who lets her husband wipe his cum on her face, but doesn't mention any of the dissatisfaction she feels with him to him. It was akin to listening to a dead fish that no one notices it doesn't flop any more. She was unsympathetic from the get-go, because she was supposedly "bein [...]

    12. ok you can read the blurb and other reviews for the story line.An intense story of one woman's journey from a marriage, that i can safely say was not made for the 'right' reasons; and that is the whole point of this story,.t me i've been married for years and this is how many of them crumble ,so like many who gave this 5* i identified and that's all i need to sayIt struck me all the way through that only someone who has lived this 'experience' would know how to write about ite phrase 'walk in th [...]

    13. 'The Bride' is neither erotica nor e-rom. Though published well before 50 Shades, it has been reissued in a Shades-esque cover to take advantage of the erotica boom, no doubt disappointing many in search of good honest smut. IMO it barely makes the grade as what is really is: a confessional about a doomed marriage and subsequent affair, with a somewhat detached, clinical tone.Books written in the nameless, self-referential second person don't faze me. Books with whimsical chapter epigrams don't [...]

    14. This is an ambitious and affecting novel and I don't know how I missed all the hype about it when it first came out. Normally I find novels written in the 2nd person a bit too much like hard work, but Gemmell really makes her own. Although it was billed as a daring piece of erotica when it was first released, oh how quickly fashions change. I suspect it might disappoint readers of the current trends in 'erotica' who are used to getting a shag-fix every 1500 words. There's a lot more going on her [...]

    15. I don't really know why I picked this book, it's a best seller, so I figured that it would be a good read. OMG, it's not. It's about a new wife who, in a way, gets bored with her marriage, so she cheats on the husband, does a bunch of dirty things, decides that she wants to have a baby, so she and the hubby have a kid, and as most people think 'having a child will make things so much better'. The reason I didn't like it, was because it was just very graphic as far as the 'bedroom' fun goes. I ju [...]

    16. Sou da opinião que o carácter do protagonista não tem, por si só, o poder de elevar a propriedade de um livro nem, tampouco, de o enxovalhar… Mas, quando o âmbito se propõe a ser tão intimista quanto o é em A Noiva Despida e o único ponto de vista a que temos acesso é o desta mulher, torna-se deveras difícil conseguir apreciar a leitura…Resistindo à tentação de usar adjectivos bem mais brejeiros para descrever esta personagem, digamos apenas que é uma mulher egocêntrica, imat [...]

    17. I tried I honestly tried. The blurb sounded good, especially the part about the "bride" discovering an Elizabethan manuscript. But I just couldn't get more than 49 pages in without being simultaneously bored and being a little nauseated.For one thing, the context of the "chapters" of the "lessons" aren't clear. It feels like I'm going back-and-forth in time, from their delayed honeymoon to days before they were married to days long after they're married. It's simply the CONTEXT question of "wher [...]

    18. (The author is Nikki Gemmell.) Although the book is pitched as a no-holds-barred intimate journal of a woman coming into an awareness of her sexuality, not much is fully laid bare here. There is hardly anything enlightening regarding the complexities of the female body or the intricacies of the female mind. This is neither a diary nor a novel. It’s an amalgam of female gripes, frustrations, and obsessions that one is likely to encounter as filler content in women’s magazines and self-help bo [...]

    19. 2.5 stars. This is a hard book to rate/review. There were parts of the book that I thought were very good. The protagonist is an English woman who marries the man of her dreams only to find herself completely out of sorts and unsatisfied in the role of a *good wife*. I found her thoughts and feelings about her circumstance compellingly raw and honest. And then it just gets strange. She becomes convinced that her perfect husband has been cheating on her with her best friend and decides to embark [...]

    20. If you are a woman, read this book. I think that almost every woman will be able to find something that resonates with them in this intensely personal story. I read this as a teenager, and again last year as a 21 year old, and it meant different things to me at different times. It's almost as if experience enhances it's meaning in the story. I'm sure if one day I choose to have a family, I will be able to find new meaning in this story. It's about sex, yes, but it's more. It's about being a woma [...]

    21. The author had the main character think things about men that I've thought many, many times. I had no idea where the book was going to go, and as I got deeper and deeper into it, I found myself nodding and saying "exactly!".But.en the madness for a baby got in the way, and just annoyed me. Not everyone wants kids, and I'd love to have seen this story in an alternate universe where her biological clock was NOT ticking. That's all I'm going to say, no spoilers here.Oh, and if you try to figure out [...]

    22. This was actually fairly enjoyable. I was emotionally affected when the main character was, at least until I started hating her, hahaha. My only major issues was the sex in the book. I think it is a little too wild and out there so that kind of bummed me out, and the strange "Elizabethan" quotes thrown into the the book made me roll my eyes every single time. Not going to continue on in the seriesdidn't know it was a series when I started it so I am just going to act like it isn't.

    23. Originally posted at Paperback Princess to view in it's entirety pls click here.A Mother produces a manuscript apparently written by her Daughter, a Daughter that has recently disappeared, the manuscript is "The Bride Stripped Bare". This is a very gripping introduction that had me thinking from the start if this is actually true, not so much the novel but if the Anonymous writer had in fact gone missing. This grabs readers immediately and the attention doesn't diminish either.This book is very [...]

    24. This book wasn't an easy read, but looking back to when I read Nikki's With My Body, I recall that that one wasn't an easy read for me either.My problem is with the female characterwho seems nameless, though her husband has one (Cole) and so does her best friend (Theo).As the story goes one lead character finds out her husband is having an affair (possibly) with her best friend.From that moment onI just get more and more frustrated with the heroine. I can't deal with a woman who won't walk out o [...]

    25. I read this in a couple of days, but it wasn't because it was such a great book--it had more to do with the flight delays I had between Colorado and the East Coast.I didn't really find the structure of this book that appealing. I thought maybe there would be a lesson and then a more narrative chapter, but the ridiculous number of lessons got boring. I didn't feel that anyone was developed much in terms of characterization. While we're supposed to get a good look at the secret self of the main ch [...]

    26. Muito sinceramente nem sei o que dizer acerca deste livro. O título sugestivo deixou-me à espera de mais, aliás esperava encontrar algo diferente daquilo com que me deparei. Nunca senti tanta dificuldade em escrever sobre um livro como para este (demorei uma semana a concluir a opinião).Pode ser um aspecto pessoal, mas custou-me a entender alguns aspectos da história e do livro. Não consegui saber quem estava a narrar o livro e só muito tarde na leitura é que comecei a pensar acerca do p [...]

    27. I read this book because I was interested by all the hoop-la about the author wanting to remain anonymous and the media hunt to expose her identity No wonder Niki Gemmell wanted to remain anonymous because the content of this novel is so rough, raw and um - crudely descriptive?!This novel has been hailed as the sexual liberation of suburbian house wife. Dare I say that many people, for many years, who may be women, who may be married, who may live in suburbia have had the ability to shop freely [...]

    28. Oh I hate it when we are promised purple, scarlet and black and we end up with beige and vanilla blushing a shade of pink. The narrator is a wan, nervous thing who, it seems, has never had an orgasm (even alone by her own hand) because she has been too busy surrendering herself to other people's needs. She's been as quiet as a mouse and totally unaware of her own interior world. Her dreadfully bland and dull husband makes her quit her job and hang around the house catering to his every need. Exc [...]

    29. Well written book exploring the struggle the main character encounters between what she thinks society expects from her, to be regarded a good girl, good wife, on a sexual level, and what she actually feels. It is interesting to view this book with the art work by Marcel Duchamp of the same name in mind.It is about how she views her own body and sexuality. It is also about independence vs dependence and security, how these issues are so often an either or choice and how a child heightens this vu [...]

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