Dragonwings Moon Shadow was eight when he sailed from China to join his father Windrider in America Windrider lived in San Francisco s Chinatown and worked in a laundry Moon Shadow had never seen him But he soon

  • Title: Dragonwings
  • Author: Laurence Yep
  • ISBN: 9780064400855
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Moon Shadow was eight when he sailed from China to join his father Windrider in America Windrider lived in San Francisco s Chinatown and worked in a laundry Moon Shadow had never seen him.But he soon loved and respected this father, a man of genius, a man with a fabulous dream And with Moon Shadow s help, Windrider was willing to endure the mockery of the other Chinese,Moon Shadow was eight when he sailed from China to join his father Windrider in America Windrider lived in San Francisco s Chinatown and worked in a laundry Moon Shadow had never seen him.But he soon loved and respected this father, a man of genius, a man with a fabulous dream And with Moon Shadow s help, Windrider was willing to endure the mockery of the other Chinese, the poverty, and the longing for his wife and his own country to make his dream come true.Inspired by the account of a Chinese immigrant who made a flying machine in 1909, Laurence Yep s historical novel beautifully portrays the rich traditions of the Chinese community as it made its way in a hostile new world.

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    1. Summary: This novel tells the story of Moon Shadow's decision to leave the Middle Kingdom and come live in turn-of-the-century San Francisco with his father. It chronicles his life in America, first in the Tang people's part of the city (what white people call Chinatown), and then living alone with his father among the "demons," as he considers white people.Response: I have never read a Laurence Yep book, and I am so glad I finally did. I will definitely read more. Aside from how much I enjoyed [...]

    2. This is an enjoyable tale of a young Chinese boy who travels to the US to be with his father. His father longs to fly and begins a correspondence with the Wright Brothers. I'll spare the details of his quest to avoid spoilers, but honestly, that part of the plot seems to take a back seat to what I felt the true message of the story is.The author calls Dragonwings an historical fantasy. It is loosely based on a Chinese man who did actually create a flying machine that stayed airborne for 20 minut [...]

    3. A man and his son coming to understand each other, their adopted homeland and the power of flight in earthquake-ravaged 1903 San Francisco.Read for work - Loved it!

    4. I really enjoyed this book. It's listed as appropriate for 10+ year olds, which I think I would have to agree. But I really appreciated that it didn't talk down to the reader but rather, it felt like he was challenging the reader to think bigger than "normal".As I am moving to China and learning more about the culture and traditions of these people, I was quite excited to read about the various festivals and holidays Moon Shadow celebrated throughout his story. It actually reminded me a lot ofAl [...]

    5. Moon Shadow, an 8-year-old Chinese boy, migrates to America to join his father Windrider. The father and son meet for the first time in their life because Windrider sails to Aemrica before Moon Shadow was born. Seeing his own father as a stranger at first, Moon Shadow learns to love and respect his father as time passes. They together make a living by doing laundry for the "white demons" as they called.I was a little disappointed by this book because I was looking forward to learn more about the [...]

    6. I though dragonwings was a pretty good book I don't know what. I liked about the book and what I didn't but it was pretty decent book

    7. Dragon WingsI read this book in the beginning of 2017. This book is a historical fiction. It was a true story that happened in the early 19 hundred. This book talks about an 8-year-old boy named Moon Shadow. When I got this book from my teacher the cover was plain. I didn’t want to read at first but, as I read the story it got more and more interesting. The best part in the story was when he made the airplane and flew it on the top of the mountain with his father. It felt very touching when hi [...]

    8. I read DRAGONWINGS by Laurence Yep with my seventh grade guided reading group. For those of you unfamiliar with this method of teaching, it means working with a small group of students (4-8 kids depending) and guiding them through an instructional level book by facilitating discussion, providing meaning, and pointing out details that may be missed by inexperienced readers. When we finished reading, I decided to take their comments and compile them to turn my review of the book into another learn [...]

    9. I don't know why exactly but I felt overcome with emotion after finishing this. I read the play version for a class and it only took me about an hour. This tale takes place in the early twentieth century and follows a young boy, Moon Shadow, who moves from China to San Francisco to live and work with his father. Moon Shadow soon realizes that California is not the mythical "Land of the Golden Mountains" that he'd heard so much about, but rather a foreign space filled with hostile natives and hor [...]

    10. A juvenile fiction book about 8 year old Moon Shadow from China who joins his father in San Francisco at the beginning of the 20th Century. His father, Windrider, kite maker extraordinaire, had been in America since before Moon Shadow was born because their own national government and society couldn't or wouldn't provide employment or means for families to survive. America was a land of promise for them and provided the means of supporting their families in China. Windrider worked in a laundry r [...]

    11. Dragonwings was a fantastic book. It is a historical fiction, and based very loosely on the true life a Chinese inventor and aviator who lived in San Francisco in the early 1900s. Most is fictional as very little is known about the real Fung Joe Guey.The book is filled with wonderful characters, dialog, and life lessons. Descriptions of events like the 1906 San Francisco earthquake are realistic and full of life. The story is told from the perspective of a young Chinese boy, who full of misunder [...]

    12. I'm given to dissing teachers who assign the same old book year after year, and this is the umpteenth time I've read 'Dragonwings' because it was assigned to a middle schooler with whom I was working. 'Dragonwings,' however, is just the greatest of novels on so many levels--as an historical novel, an adventure novel, a multicultural novel, a coming-of-age novel. I love it, and each time I read it, gain more from the reading. 'Dragonwings' encompasses everything from the 'I Ching' to E. Nesbit, o [...]

    13. For me this reminds me of the hard work that my grand-parents had to do for me to be here right now. It is a story about a boy who's father is in america and now he wants to me meet his father so he goes on this joureny to find his father. Once he is there they have a good time but other people do not like his father so bad things happen. then there was a big commotion in the story. Close to end (as you can see there is a plane that is on the cover) they fly there plane but bad things happen aga [...]

    14. This book was ok, I guess I enjoy the realism of this story as it could be possible but it wasn't a wow. I really enjoyed how at the end of the story Windrider realizes that Moonshadow and his whole entire family is worth more than flying and is fine with just knowing he could fly. I also enjoyed how Uncle started to gaze upon life in a different manner as now he has befriended a demon.

    15. This book was really intense and dramatic. For example, it included the great San Francisco earthquake, death, life challenges, and many more! The story revolve around a little boy named Moon Shadow, his father (Windrider), and their company. Moon Shadow travels from China to San Francisco; leaving his mother behind. He worked with his father at the company until something happened that made them leave the company, and move in with a kind lady named Miss Whitlaw and her niece Robin. Few years la [...]

    16. Now, I had to read this book for school so it wasn't my choice. I say this because I normally don't read books with the main theme being flying. And I'll be honest I did NOT like this book. At first, I thought it was okay, but when the story progressed, rather slowly, I thought it was kind of slow paced. It also seemed like the author made the character's meet just for the purpose to be used later, not for emotional or mental thought. I hope you know what I mean. And the story didn't even seem t [...]

    17. Dragonwings I'm falling behind on my reviews. I'll try and catch up before the month is over. I've slowly been reading Yep's Golden Mountain Chronicles this month. I don't think I've ever read them in chronological order. It was fine for the first four because they were written sequentially. Dragonwings has a very different feel from the first four probably because it's at least a decade older than those first books. The narration style is very different which makes it feel more historical. [...]

    18. This book features a father who came to the United States from China around the turn of the twentieth century and the son who joined his dad several years later. It's told from the boy's perspective and has elements of a coming-of-age story, but it also touches upon a relationship the father develops, through letters, with one of the Wright brothers, due to their shared love of flying. The father and son also develop a friendly relationship with their landlady and her daughter (who are Caucasian [...]

    19. I started out reading this book and really not liking it. Not because of bad writing. Because of superb writing. It hurt my heart on every level. How does anyone ask a mom to give up her son at the age of 7? How do we as Americans treat others so terribly? I didn't want to sit in this sad, hopelessness for 200 pages.Then Mrs Whitlaw comes into the story, and the Company all prove to be loyal enough to be Hufflepuff.The dragon dream along with dream of flight, helps pull the story through when it [...]

    20. Is following your dreams more important then your family?Moon Shadow has never met his father. He was born nine months after his father left for America (referred to as 'the Demon land'). Moon Shadows life is full of the stories of his father. He is brought up knowing his father as you might know the hero of your favorite childhood book.But then a family friend comes to bring Moon Shadow to the 'demon lands'. He'll finally get to meet his father.'Dragonwings' was a slow and carefully thought out [...]

    21. 3.5 stars.Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish this story together, but I couldn't leave the last two chapters unread. I also feel as if I had read this book before, but can't remember when if I did.Dragonwings follows Moon Shadow's journey of coming to America to live with his dad, Windrider, in the land of the Golden Mountain. In the Middle Kingdom, the Golden Mountain is full of dreams, but once Moon Shadow gets there, he quickly realizes that life in America is, in fact, the opposite for t [...]

    22. My 11 year old daughter read bits and pieces written by Yep for school recently, so when we found this book at a thrift store, we thought it would be great to read an additional Yep novel to expand her studies. This book had some great perspective into Chinese culture in San Fransisco during the early 1900's. I liked the historical and cultural aspects of the novel, but didn't find the storyline super engaging.

    23. Dragonwings was one of the first books I listened to digitally that gave me a great look into Chinese culture and the pride they have for their families. The book allows the reader to look inside a father and son relationship as they grow together, finding themselves and fighting to pursue their dream while keeping their focus on sending money back home to help family members. My class and I enjoyed this book and recommend it to explore the theme of family and loyal.

    24. Good book for kids to learn about history, discrimination, and culture. I was surprised to read that the focus was the dad's dream and not the kids ambitious or dreams. I like how they tied in true historical events such as the Gold Rush, the San Francisco earthquake, and the Wright Brothers. I am reading with my students and they are focused and we are able to research lots of history and facts to link it to our reading.

    25. I have to say, the cultural exposure is really spectacular. You learn a lot about immigration and life in China and San Francisco. The book also briefly mentions the San Francisco Earthquak which had a huge affect on history and people's lives. I think that the story was a little slow paced, but overall not a big issue. A book that tests your knowledge of China, flying and immigration.

    26. This is a good book for seeing Americans from the eyes of an oriental boy. A good coming of age book at about a 4th grade level or higher. The trials and tribulations his people faced in the early 1900's might be similar to what some people from other countries still faceexcept that mail doesn't take 2 months to deliver.

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