Beyond This Moment

Beyond This Moment Professor Molly Whitcomb travels to Colorado in the s to start over but will the local sheriff discover her secret Dismissed from the university where she served as Professor of Romantic Language

  • Title: Beyond This Moment
  • Author: Tamera Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Professor Molly Whitcomb travels to Colorado in the 1870s to start over, but will the local sheriff discover her secret Dismissed from the university where she served as Professor of Romantic Languages, Dr Molly Whitcomb travels west to start over in the secluded mountain town of Timber Ridge, Colorado, where she ll be teaching children Her train stops in Denver, and onProfessor Molly Whitcomb travels to Colorado in the 1870s to start over, but will the local sheriff discover her secret Dismissed from the university where she served as Professor of Romantic Languages, Dr Molly Whitcomb travels west to start over in the secluded mountain town of Timber Ridge, Colorado, where she ll be teaching children Her train stops in Denver, and on a whim, Molly purchases a wedding band an attempt to cover a mistake, but also a chance at a fresh start Sheriff James McPherson was eager to hire a schoolteacher, but Dr Molly Whitcomb isn t what he expected His instincts about people which rarely miss the mark tell him she s hiding something And when Molly s secret is revealed, her reinvented life begins to unravel What s , she risks losing her new found relationship with the sheriff and her renewed faith in God.

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    1. Reading the back cover blurb for the book a reader knows that the main character Molly Whitcomb has a secret that is reputation-ruin worthy. After reading the first chapter a reader knows what that secret is. I am quite certain there will be some readers who will give up right there on this book, but oh how I wish you would not. This is not a story about making mistakes and moving on with life. This is a story about being a fallible human and living with it. There are times in life where your in [...]

    2. Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.Beyond This Moment is an exciting, moving tale of a young woman, Molly Whitcomb, who is forced to leave all she knows and cares for in the world. Her life, her esteemed position as Professor of Romance Languages at a University. All because of one mistake.My Thoughts:I LOVED Beyond This Moment! Another one of Tamera Alexander's best! Timber Ridge and how it felt to be a woman in that time in history comes to life, the characters are solid and written with heart, and Molly [...]

    3. I love historical novels very much and the clothes are beautiful, but I could not have worn them ALL of the time if I had lived at the time. As well, while I love the bible and try the best I can to live by the letter of God's word, I also realize we are sinful and make mistakes, so for the time this was written I would have been more like Rachel and Lorelairgiving and caring and hoping I could have been given a second chance at redeeming myself for a one-time mistake. Having said that, I really [...]

    4. I like this one better than the first in the series. I connected with the characters immediately and I felt the storyline moved better. A lot of characters from the first novel appear in this book. I am looking forward to reading Rachel's story which will be in the next book.

    5. Oh my mooshy, happy-ending-loving, sappy little heart.I love the way Tamera Alexander tells a story. Such moments of tenderness, so much heart. Of course there was drama along the way, and the MC makes quite a mess of things. But bravo on the ending - so good.Well done, Ms. Alexander. I am such a fan.

    6. I enjoyed this Christian historical fiction story. The way it dealt with the fact that many times our poor choices have consequences that come with them was wonderful, and forgiving ourselves is often harder than receiving forgiveness from others. Molly was a character I really liked. She was definitely not perfect, and at times impulsive, but the changes in her life were inspiring.

    7. Dr. Molly Whitcomb has achieved educational and professional success far beyond what most women could even fathom in 1876. But one mistaken night of passion has cost her dearly, ripping from her hands the professional future she fought so hard to achieve and the comforts of the only world she’s ever known. With her reputation hanging by a thread she seizes the only option offered to her – a teaching position in remote Timber Ridge in the Colorado Territory. Determined to mask her shame behin [...]

    8. I just finished reading Beyond This Moment and all I can say isWOW!!!! This is now, by far, my favorite Tamera Alexander book!! I absolutely loved it! It's even better than Daniel and Elizabeth's story, From a Distance (Book 1). Please, please, please rush out and get your own copy ~ you will not be disappointed!When Molly Whitcomb is forced to leave her position as a Professor at Franklin College in Athens, GA, and take a teaching position in the town of Timber Ridge, located in Colorado Territ [...]

    9. I originally picked up this book solely for the cover, I just really, really liked it--an attractive woman with a gorgeous background, not to mention the handsome man behind her. After reading the synopsis I was intrigued and had to get it, since I've lately been finding many Christian Fiction books that I've enjoyed. Now I have to admit that the book sat around waiting to be read for awhile, until just a few days ago. I was fortunate enough to meet Julie Lessman at her book signing on Tuesday, [...]

    10. Tamera Alexander is on my short list of Auto Buy authors and this book proves why. If you've ever been in a situation when you, quite literally, couldn't wait to be "beyond this moment", this story will speak to you from beginning to end.Dr Molly Whitcomb is a professor in Athens, GA. After the death of her father, a moments indiscretion leads to an irreparable situation and she is dismissed from her position. She is given the opportunity to travel to Timber Ridge, CO and open a school for the t [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book and will give it 4 stars while the first could be upped to 4.5 stars. The main characters in this book prayed for God's guidance a lot but seemed to miss the understanding that the forgiveness they each ultimately seeked is possible because of Jesus. That's the only reason they're not both rated the same star level.A whole host of new Timber Ridge characters was introduced while learning more about some from the first book. I would love to read another book just about how Dr. [...]

    12. Beyond This Moment is a very apt title for this book. Who can tell the end of the road from the choices we make? The book's theme of acceptance of the consequences we make got stronger and stronger as the book neared the climax and conclusion. We don't know what is at the end of that road, but we can know that a loving God does know the end and that road may be just what we really need or someone else may need as we journey on that road. I loved the story- a woman who gets pregnant out of wedloc [...]

    13. The story of James and Molly will keep you entertained for hours; in fact, once you start reading, you'll probably be tempted to keep going until the satisfying conclusion. But this story is not just about these two main characters, but also touches significantly on the lives of supporting/secondary characters. And I appreciate that Alexander clues us in on how some of the folks from the first book in the series are doing.I also appreciate that Alexander interweaves several themes that are so mu [...]

    14. This is a novel about a young teacher who is working her way through the repentance process. It is a book to assit someone going through difficult times. The story line is about healing and gives encouragement.Quotes: Life can be hard, and painful at times. But there's also such beauty and joy to be found."And for courage to follow God's lead, no matter where it takes us."People dont hold our future. Or yours. God does, and He'll bring what He wants to bring, and He'll take what He wants to take [...]

    15. Loved the message in this one! I grew to care for the characters and loved the relationships between them. My favorite from this trilogy!

    16. In one moment of weakness, Dr. Molly Whitcomb's life changed forever. Finding herself pregnant and unwed, Molly is fired from her job as a college professor and forced to take a lower position as the new school teacher in Timber Ridge- far from her Georgia home. Ashamed and embarrassed, Molly chooses to present herself as a widow- and hide her pregnancy- upon arrival in town to cover up her poor choices. Timber Ridge Sheriff, James McPherson, has been tirelessly dedicated to his job, but after m [...]

    17. Another wonderful book by Tamera Alexander who has officially become my favorite writer of inspirational novels. Ms. Alexander's writing style brings me into the story every time and I was so sorry to see this one end. I hope there will be more stories with Molly and James and the Colorado Territory and her new statehood. The social issues dealt with in this book are ones that we still have problems with today because of our judgemental attitudes towards change and anything different than what i [...]

    18. Totally enjoyed this book. Small town in Colo, secrets, love, and lots of surprises. A female college professor was rare back around the end of the Civil War. The majority of women didn't finish junior high, let alone go on to college and beyond. Then when scandal hits, you have no choice but to move west. Or are forced to go west. How hard can it be to teach children, once you have taught college age people?Then you have the sheriff, who is suppose to be supervising the teacher. Oh and teachers [...]

    19. I was excited to visit the town of Timber Ridge again after loving the first in the series. However, the heroine in this story, Molly Whitcomb, was too much of the damsel in distress but I did like the story of forgiveness, and loving people for not who they were but who they are.

    20. I just couldn't get into this, no matter how hard I tried. I think some of it had to do with a similar overall plot to its predecessor, From a Distance, with the whole hiding-a-big-secret-and-lying-to-everyone theme, but taken up a notch. I don't usually like those kinds of stories to begin with, and two in a row was too much for me. The constant dishonesty also made it hard for me to connect to Molly, who couldn't really think past what an allegedly horrible person she was, and that made the wh [...]

    21. Sometimes it can seem downright impossible to escape our pasts, to start anew after we make mistakes. Though with our somewhat looser morals in contemporary society, it is likely easier to avoid the consequence of our actions today, than in the past. Today publicized bad behavior makes us admired “celebrities”. This cuts both ways, however, in that we have looser morals in some areas, but stronger in others, while “moral outrage” is sometimes less about genuine principle, and more about [...]

    22. Teacher with baby out of wedlockA touching story about a woman struggling to find her identity while being exiled from her dream job to Colorado because she was pregnant out of wedlock.

    23. KlappentextColorado 1876Hals über Kopf gibt Dr. Molly Whitcomb ihre Stelle als Dozentin für moderne Sprachen auf und reist in den Westen, um an einer Dorfschule in den Rocky Mountains als Lehrerin zu arbeiten. Aber warum kauft sie sich in einem Juwelierladen einen Ehering? Welches Geheimnis umgibt diese talentierte junge Frau?James McPherson, der sympathische Sheriff von Timber Ridge, ist von den ungewöhnlichen Unterrichtsmethoden der neuen Lehrerin beeindruckt. Bald redet das ganze Dorf von [...]

    24. Better and better!This series is delightful, gripping and unable to be put down! I cannot wait for the next book! Not only is it a great story, but it is a wonderful reminder of God's faithfulness.

    25. Where Book 1 of the series was a lot of action (beating, murder, kidnapping), this book is mostly about mental action. Doing battle within yourself. Is doing wrong (even for a good reason) ever right? Sometimes do you need to lower your expectations of others? Fighting to prove yourself against others who want you to fail. Doubting yourself and your worth. Doing what is right for others when you know it will be used against you. There is some action (a beating, cattle rustling). Sounds like this [...]

    26. I did not like this book as much as the other two books in this series even though in terms of characterization and other such technical aspects, it was on par with the other two. What lessened it for me was that when I finished, I felt little resolution for the emotional turmoil that Molly goes through throughout the book. Alexander made me as a reader feel the sting of sin and a great deal of the guilt that weighs down Molly as she struggles with her decisions, her relationship with God, and w [...]

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