Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer They say that blood is thicker than water but just how far should you go for a sister When ace lawyer Bennie Rosato s twin sister returns to Philadelphia she knows that trouble is on the horizon fo

  • Title: Dead Ringer
  • Author: Lisa Scottoline
  • ISBN: 9780330418683
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • They say that blood is thicker than water, but just how far should you go for a sister When ace lawyer Bennie Rosato s twin sister returns to Philadelphia, she knows that trouble is on the horizon, for her sister never contacts her with familial love at the forefront of her agenda if she contacts her at all At the same time, Bennie s law firm is in trouble, so she takesThey say that blood is thicker than water, but just how far should you go for a sister When ace lawyer Bennie Rosato s twin sister returns to Philadelphia, she knows that trouble is on the horizon, for her sister never contacts her with familial love at the forefront of her agenda if she contacts her at all At the same time, Bennie s law firm is in trouble, so she takes on a potentially lucrative class action suit to try to save the day It could be make or break both for her family and her firm.Meanwhile, her colleague Mary DiNunzio persists in bringing in a case that looks like an Italian wedding than a lawsuit, and then a mysterious stranger appears just in time to help Bennie in the fight of her life for her life.Full of pace, suspense and laugh out loud humour, bestselling New York Times author Lisa Scottoline has written her strongest book ever, featuring many of the much loved characters from the wise cracking all women Philadelphia law firm of Rosato and Associates.

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    1. Great series! a well written series that consisted of some even well developed characters/strong also plus its enjoyable to read (paperback!)

    2. Having just listed to Killer Smile by Scottoline, I chose this one on audio CD to listen to since I liked the voice of the reader (Barbara Rosenblatt). The story centers around associates and the owner of a Philadelphia law firm. I feel like I know Mary DeNunzio, Judy Carrier and Bennie Rosato. This time, it sounds like Bennie's twin sister is up to her old tricks - posing as Bennie, etc. We'll seeMerged review:Enjoy listening to these books on CD. Barbara Rosenblatt (reader) does a great Philly [...]

    3. I love this series about an all female law firm but took 2 stars away from this book because of some issues I had with it. In fact, at many times I wondered if Lisa Scottoline had written this herself. Here is why:(1) Bennie Rosato is a feminist lawyer who owns her own all woman firm and believes that women are strong, intelligent and capable. She wants for women to be treated that way. So why is she suddenly out of the blue calling DeNunzio, Carrier, and Murphy "girls", "the kids", "children" a [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. Several unexpected twists and turns. It kept me turning the pages and not wanting ton put it down! :)

    5. While biding my time until the next Lisa Scottoline book is released, I picked up Dead Ringer; published in 2004. It tells the continuing story of Bennie Rosato, lawyer and owner of Rosato and Associates which is an all female law firm based in Philadelphia. R&A is having deep financial problems when a gift from the heavens in the form of a potentially lucrative class action suit falls into their laps. Meanwhile, Bennie is experience odd occurances which could mean a family member from her p [...]

    6. Bennie's identical twin sister is back and causing havoc. She's broken into Bennie's apartment, gotten drunk in front of a bunch of Bennie's colleagues, and threatened her dog's safety.But Bennie has lots of other concerns as well. She has no money, and may have to declare bankruptcy. Her firm isn't getting enough cases, but there is one that could be part of a huge class-action lawsuit. But when the plaintiff ends up dead, Bennie's determined to find the killer.Same MO as the others - zippy dia [...]

    7. Good story, but some annoying dialog referring to the other younger lawyers as the kids. The ending didn't grab me either, but I was kept guessing about who the bad guy was.

    8. A really tight thriller.You can't wait to see how the mystery is sold. Scottoline is a favorite in many ways, especially since she bases her books in my home town just outside of Philadelphia.

    9. Bennie Rosato's life is a mess. Not only has she won a case only to find out the client cant pay her after declaring bankrupcy but now she has other things to worry about. With her law firm going financially down the tube, unable to pay the mortgage and now she has to contend with someone from her not so distant past her twin sister. Just when it looks like things are picking up when French bussiness man Robert St Amien goes to her firm asking to represent him in a class action that could bring [...]

    10. I find myself up in the air about Lisa Scottoline once again. I like her characters very much and she comes up with interesting story lines. But I get irritated by her "style" in some ways. Don't really need to know what everyone's wearing. In this book in one scene it mattered, the character ran a mile in high heels. Quite a feat (foot!) therefore her shoes were a consideration her. But "he didn't know what I had up my stylish sleeve" just raises the hair on my neck. Again, I'm not saying I won [...]

    11. This is the first Lisa Scottoline novel I've read, and I really enjoyed it. Her female characters are vivid and real, and the plot is fast-paced and riveting. I found that even plot developments that normally would stretch my belief were made believable and interesting with Lisa's talented writing. I will definitely read more of Ms. Scottoline's novels.

    12. Half way through the book and couldn't care less about the characters or even how it might end. never a good sign.

    13. In this book, we are going along with Benny. Although, she is the main focus of this story, we get to spend more time with all four ladies. This part of the series, as exciting without going over the top. It is definitely realistic and believable. We come face to face with Alice, again. It will not in the way you expect it to. Once again, we are taken along, masterfully, with two different storylines. If you have not read the other books in the series, I implore you to start with and book one. Y [...]

    14. Sadly I've already read "Think Twice" so I know how Alice really is. But it was nice to see Bennie the lead in the story again after having Mary, Judy, and Anne as the lead in the other books prior. However Bennies demeanor in "Dead Ringer" is much more flippant in this book compared to the mothering and telling she did in the others. This observation left one reader wondering if someone else wrote this book because it's almost like Scottoline forgot how hard Bennie can be. Consistency in a seri [...]

    15. I probably would have enjoyed this story more, if I hadn't read similar stories before. In this story, a twin is causing havoc for the main character - and no one believes her (a lawyer) that she is not responsible for a robbery, or a break-in, or trying to get her dog killed or.No one believes she has a twin sister. I just didn't find this story original.

    16. Another fantastic thrillerIt was great to read another novel involving Bennie Rosato's twin sister Alice Connelly. One of the things that I love about Scottoloine's novels is she ties things from previous novels. Also, I love that she stresses the importance of families. Love reading this series!!!

    17. The Rosato and Associates books by Lisa Scottoline are always good reads. This one was perhaps a little too detailed in places, with lots of easy-to-skip descriptive passages; but the plot and the characters were as well-developed as usual and skillfully delivered on the pages.

    18. If you are a fan of the Stephanie Plum novels, you will like this series. I don't think it is as well written, but I did like the characters and would like to read more about them. It was somewhat slow, but otherwise, a good read.

    19. I found this book very slow in the beginning, and then it never picked up. I did not complete the book. I knew there was a murder from the description, but it was very slow to take place and by then, my heart was not into the book. I wouldn't recommend.

    20. I am quite surprised how this story ran though I knew all along who killed Robert. It was a happy ending but I think I want to know more of the associates as well.I'll keep in touch with Rosato & Associates of Lisa Scottoline.

    21. This is my favorite in the series so far. Snappy dialogue, french men, and a fun mysterywhat is not to love?!?

    22. In this book Bennie Rosato struggles to keep her law firm afloat during the recession all while being stalked by her twin sister andbeing beset on all sides.

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