Bloodlust A new beginning When Stefan Salvatore s first love turned him into a vampire his world and his soul were destroyed Now he and his brother Damon must flee their hometown where they risk being disco

  • Title: Bloodlust
  • Author: L.J. Smith Kevin Williamson Julie Plec
  • ISBN: 9780062003942
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • A new beginning When Stefan Salvatore s first love turned him into a vampire, his world and his soul were destroyed Now he and his brother, Damon, must flee their hometown, where they risk being discoveredd killed.The brothers head to New Orleans, looking for safe haven But the city is dangerous than they ever imagined, full of other vampires and vampire huA new beginningWhen Stefan Salvatore s first love turned him into a vampire, his world and his soul were destroyed Now he and his brother, Damon, must flee their hometown, where they risk being discoveredd killed.The brothers head to New Orleans, looking for safe haven But the city is dangerous than they ever imagined, full of other vampires and vampire hunters Will Stefan s eternal life be forever damned Based on the popular CW TV show inspired by the bestselling novels, Stefan s Diaries reveals the truth about what really happened between Stefan, Damon, and Katherine and how the Vampire Diaries love triangle began Note This book is written by a ghostwriter

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    1. I always wonder how Damon turned out to be THE DAMON we see in the TV series. This novel provides the background to this mystery and reveals the beginning of the brotherly feud.Damon and Stefan are always the polar opposite to each other. Stefan has a noble presence but a calculated persona. Damon, on the other hand, uses his playboy-ish facade to hide his charismatic qualities. Stefan was fortunate to be taken in by Lexi and given the opportunity to learn about alternative diet while Damon was [...]

    2. ***SPOILER ALERT!***Stefan Salvatore, a week old vampire, escapes from the people of Mystic Falls with his brother - Damon Salvatore - and ends up in New Orleans. At first, he believed that they own the world, the people who surrounds them is like a all-you-can-eat-buffet. Little did he know that he was doing the wrong thing. His brother (Damon) decides to go a separate way from Stefan, with two goals in mind; to be strong and make his brother's life a living hell. Stefan then meets Lexi, a cent [...]

    3. Opening Line:"It was October. The trees of the cemetery had turned a decayed brown, and a cold breeze had whistled in, replacing the stifling heat of the Virginia summer."For some reason I went into Volume 2 of this series thinking it was going to be told from Damon’s POV. Yeah I know it states quite clearly in the title “Stefan’s Diaries” but the photo of Ian Somerhalder on the cover threw me. Anyways, we are again in Stefan’s head, joining him directly after the end of Origins The Sa [...]

    4. I'm a huge sucker for back story, so I knew right away when I heard of this series I'd be owning the books right away, and this one had me compelled right from the beginningThe first installment basically told us everything we already knew from the TV shows Stefan Salvatore had a dark past. This second book gave me a whole new outlook on the Stefan and Damon characters. Reading about a good Damon, the complete opposite of what the Salvatore brother's are know as now. It's a very interesting per [...]

    5. The first book was a slow go as things rolled on which I guess is good because it gives the readers a chance to truly understand what the characters are going through and how they resolve their problems. In this book, there was a lot more action which is understandable since the story progresses. There is nothing wrong with it. It was definitely a page turner and all I have to say is that I can't wait to start the third one!

    6. *Spoiler* Not going to lie I got a bit emotional at the ending of this book especially after the death of Callie but I’m intrigued to read on within this series and find out how Stefan’s journey as a vampire goes. 👏🏼

    7. Because of how much I loved Origins, the first book in this series, I went out and got Bloodlust the day it came out, and immediately started it. I finished it in one sitting, glad to be back in the world I have fallen in love with in these books. It is a great addition to this series, and I am anxious to see how it will all end in The Craving, which is only a few months away.Stefan goes through a lot of character development in this book. He starts off as a monster, but because of what happens [...]

    8. Disappointing.Reads like bad fanfiction by someone that has read descriptions of the characters but never actually watched the whole show.Introducing Lexi seemed like a good idea, until she's drinking only animal blood which is in complete contradiction to her character on the show in which she is specifically shown drinking from blood bags (i.e. human) and she compliments Stefan on his restraint that she cannot match.Damon's acting suicidal yet according to the tv series, he currently believes [...]

    9. Stefan and Damon are on the run after being found out as vampires in their hometown of Mystic Falls. They hop a train to where else but the vampire mecca of New Orleans. Stefan is feeding on humans left and right, while Damon refuses, angry that Stefan has condemned him to an eternity without Katherine. Once in New Orleans, Damon takes off and Stefan falls in with another group of vampires led by Lexi (you might remember her from season 1), who do not drink human blood. Then Stefan finds that Da [...]

    10. The Vampire Diaries: Stefan Diaries vol 2: Bloodlust by L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson & Julie PlecPlot: In Bloodlust Stefan chose’s to forget his human side and kill whoever he please and is trying to teach Damon that vampires kills humans, that´s just the order of things. Damon is filled with disgust and hatred for his brothers’ behavior and leaves him with a promise that if they ever meet again he will make Stefan pay for all the lives he has taken. But soon Stefan sees Damon locked up [...]

    11. I said in my review of Shadow Souls that it was time for L.J. Smith to hand over The Vampire Diaries series to someone else and work on an other series. I meant it in the best possible way, I like her books and want those that have her name on them to be good and to continue to be published. It feels like she's going off track and maybe her heart just isn't in this series anymore. Her other stuff is dying for some attention where as people working on this series on tv are doing a good job with s [...]

    12. Bloodlust, volume two in Stefan’s Diaries, explores the (mis)adventures of Stefan and Damon during their early vampire existence in New Orleans (though in the show they don’t immediately leave Mystic Falls after the vampire eradication as they do here). At this point, their roles are reversed, with Stefan embracing the traditional vampire lifestyle and Damon shunning his new nature, choosing capture and torture over self-preservation. What has the TVD world come to!We meet fan favorite Lexi, [...]

    13. Probabil am eu o problemă, însă acest ghostwriter schimbă înfăţişarea personajelor de la o carte la alta. În aceasta, Damon are ochii albaştri. Şi nu ştiu ce se întâmplă cu moartea mamei fraţilor Salvatore, care, NU este spoiler, de moartea ei ştiindu-se încă de la începutul seriei "Jurnalele Vampirilor". Spun că nu ştiu ce se întâmplă pentru că în T.V.D Stefan i-a spus Elenei că mama lui murise atunci când el se născuse, în timp ce aici, în "Sete de sânge", ghos [...]

    14. Once again, as with the first book I LOVED reading this! It was a quick read and really gave sooo much insight/backstory about Stefan and Damon and their world!

    15. SOME MINOR SPOILERS (I think)It's been a few weeks since TVD season 3 ended. It's one of my favorite Tv shows and I can't wait for the next season to start.In the meantime, I decided to read Stefan's Diaries series. I've read the first book, Origins, some time ago, but I wasn't really impressed. I enjoyed Bloodlust a lot more. The writing style is better than L.J. Smith's.The book is written in 1st person, from Stefan's POV. That's probably obvious, from the title 'Stefan's Diaries', but I'm not [...]

    16. Shortly after the television show, The Vampire Diaries began, I read the original series from LJ Smith and I hated it. I hated the characters and I hated the plot. I was even stupid enough to read the next Vampire Diaries series, The Return, and that was even worse. I love the show so much though, actually I'm borderline obsessed with it. Everything I hated about the original series, I love about the show. I think Damon and Stefan are my favorite vampires out there today, and I love that Elena i [...]

    17. V druhém díle se vracíme opět do Mystic Falls, kde však pobudeme jen chvíli, a se Stefanem a Damonem se vaydáme do New Orleans.Poté, co se v minulém dílu bratři staly upíry a přišli o svoji lásku Katherine, mezi nimi vznikly neshody. Ze Stefana se stal krvežíznivou stvůrou, která nemá slitování s žádným lidským životem. Damon se odmítá krmit a po jedné krvavé vraždě se otáčí k bratrovi zády a utíká.Tenhle díl je něčím novým i pro zastánce seriálové [...]

    18. Se na série televisiva e mesmo nos livros a história se destaca por haver um triângulo amoroso e por Damon passar sempre pelo mau da fita, nestes diários de Stefan começamos a desvendar muitas das razões pelas quais ambos aconteceram.Depois de se terem transformado em vampiros, ficou impossível Stefan e Damon continuarem em Mystic Falls. Como tal, decidem ir para Nova Orleães à procura de uma nova vida cheia de diversão e de coisas nunca antes vividas. No entanto, Damon continua inconf [...]

    19. I can't decide which book out of the Stefan Diaries I like better. Origins was great, we got to learn some more about Katherine and other details we didn't know about Stefan while he grew up in Mystic Falls. But then again, Bloodlust was great cause we got to learn a story that we never knew of before. We find out about how Stefan overcame his darkest days and how Damon turned into a monster. One of the things about Bloodlust I loved was Lexi. We got to learn about her back-story, something we n [...]

    20. New series of books based on the tv series. Since the tv version is SO different from the original series, this is nice. There are essentially 2 completely different storylines going on in the two series even though they share the same main characters.After Stefan forced Damon to change in Origins, the two brothers are at odds. Stefan revels in the feeling that he gets when he kills, and Damon is miserable. He tries to let himself die, but Stefan keeps bringing him victims and refuses to let him [...]

    21. Lepší než první díl a i když to mělo své nedostatky, líbilo se mi to. Hlavně proto, že jsem opravdu velká fanynka seriálu. Konečně se dozvídáme něco nového, něco, co ze seriálu neznáme. Například se dozvíme, jak Stefan po své proměně žil, jak poznal Lexi, atd. Škoda jen, že tam bylo tak málo Damona, protože Stefan mě někdy opravdu přiváděl k šílenství, pro mě je to prostě úplný psychopat, narozdíl od Damona, který prostě ví, co chce Ovšem překla [...]

    22. This was probably my fault for reading Vol 2 without reading Vol 1. These books are only for fans of the TV show on the CW and not the original novels the show is based on. (The backstories differ between the two.) This is suppose to show what a villain Stefan was when he was first changed into a vampire and how he began to control his new abilities. Simple writing, simple story. Unless you can't live without knowing everything about this TV character, skip it. If you love the show you might lov [...]

    23. Once again, as with the first book I LOVED reading this! It was a quick read and really gave sooo much insight/backstory about Stefan and Damon and their world! I said this about the first book, but I will say it again Highly rec. to all fans of the show!

    24. I'm a huge fan of VAMPIRE DIARIES. This story shows us more of Stefan's friend Lexie and how he met her. Can't wait for the third book in this series!

    25. It was ok. A little boring in places and it's still a little disappointing that it veres off from the original The Vampire Diaries.

    26. Loved itde me miss Damon and Stefan all over again.It made the story of Damon turning to a monster very clear.

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