The Doll

The Doll Bo eslaw Prus is often compared to Chekhov and Prus s masterpiece might be described as an intimate epic a beautifully detailed utterly absorbing exploration of life in late nineteenth century Wars

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  • Title: The Doll
  • Author: Bolesław Prus David Welsh Stanisław Barańczak
  • ISBN: 9781590173831
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bo eslaw Prus is often compared to Chekhov, and Prus s masterpiece might be described as an intimate epic, a beautifully detailed, utterly absorbing exploration of life in late nineteenth century Warsaw, which is also a prophetic reckoning with some of the social forces imperialism, nationalism, anti Semitism among them that would soon convulse Europe as never before ButBo eslaw Prus is often compared to Chekhov, and Prus s masterpiece might be described as an intimate epic, a beautifully detailed, utterly absorbing exploration of life in late nineteenth century Warsaw, which is also a prophetic reckoning with some of the social forces imperialism, nationalism, anti Semitism among them that would soon convulse Europe as never before But The Doll is above all a brilliant novel of character, dramatizing conflicting ideas through the various convictions, ambitions, confusions, and frustrations of an extensive and varied cast At the center of the book are three men from three different generations Prus s fatally flawed hero is Wokulski, a successful businessman who yearns for recognition from Poland s decadent aristocracy and falls desperately in love with the highborn, glacially beautiful Izabela Wokulski s story is intertwined with those of the incorrigibly romantic old clerk Rzecki, nostalgic for the revolutions of 1848, and of the bright young scientist Ochocki, who dreams of a future full of flying machines and other marvels, making for a book of great scope and richness that is, as Stanis aw Bara czak writes in his introduction, at once an old fashioned yet still fascinating love story , a still topical diagnosis of society s ills, and a forceful yet subtle portrayal of a tragically doomed man.

    One thought on “The Doll”

    1. The Dollby Bolesław Prus is undeniably a great masterpiece of Polish realism in literature. This is an epic and detailed tale exploring XIX century Warsaw , tale in which Prus created a vivid picture of the city and people on the background of the economic , ideological and social transformations . I’ve always loved reading about this nonexistent any more world.I mean that one, recorded only on sepia-toned photographs. Men in the tailcoats , women in white gowns , multicultural society , Pole [...]

    2. You've probably never heard of this book, but it comes damn close to meeting War and Peace on its own terms.History rolls forward. The aristocratic scumbags are replaced by capitalist scumbags. The solutions to yesterday's problems become new problems and we don't get anywhere. A great man becomes a great man in pursuit of a vain and hopeless goal that eventually destroys him. A world of fops, fools, scoundrels, and nihilists loses something it desperately needs.We can be 99% certain that societ [...]

    3. "The Doll" is as a landmark work of Polish literature that will be of tremendous interest to anyone of Polish descent or having friends who received their education in Poland. It examines all of the major political, cultural and social issues that were debated in Poland in the second half of the nineteenth century. Because The Doll" is taught in Polish secondary schools, the Anglophone reader is assured the pleasure of being able to discuss the work with any of his or her friends in the expatria [...]

    4. In writing this majestic novel about fin de siècle 19th century Warsaw, Prus illustrated all the social currents that would make Poland such a cauldron of differing identities in the following century. Ostensibly a story about the excruciating infatuation of a successful merchant, Wokulski, for a noble's daughter, the book is also about three generations of men coming to terms with Poland's past and present and trying to break away from the Nobles' Republic in order to create a modern future fo [...]

    5. Po przeczytaniu strony 118 napisałam:To, że Prus tak przepięknie pisał, wbrew pozorom, wcale nie pomaga. Powinnam czytać to szybko, a ja się bawię w czytanie fragmentów po kilka razy i oznaczanie cytatów karteczkami. Damn you Weronika, damn you Prus.Z mojego egzemplarza wystaje grubo ponad 100 kolorowych karteczek, więc mogę tę opinię podtrzymać. Prus pisał niesamowicie. Urzekł mnie też jego humor, a także urocze wykpiwanie różnych zachowań i celne, ironiczne uwagi. Choć fa [...]

    6. A book well known and loved in Poland but less well known abroad. This is a shame as I’d have no hesitation in putting it in the same league as Tolstoy - and like Tolstoy this is a huge book, almost 700 pages long. It is helped by a very good translation. At one level a love story and the power of love to distort someone life, but it is also a story of the relationships between classes - especially between the aristocracy and the self-made man, and it can be read as an existential exploration [...]

    7. Nie wiem, co tu napisać. Przez trzy lata polonistyki nie spotkałam chyba drugiego polskiego powieściopisarza tak odstającego od reszty. Istnieje całe mnóstwo książek, które kazano nam czytać głównie z pobudek historycznoliterackich; istnieje całe mnóstwo faktów, których znajomość była niezbędna, aby uruchomić chociażby ślad podziwu dla pionierskiego utworu. "Bogurodzica" ze swoim monotonnym rytmem rymów a-a-a-a? Tak, tak, ale "Malwina", która powala tkliwością? Och, pi [...]

    8. De pop van Bolesław Prus, negentiende-eeuws realisme op zijn best- Laurent De MaertelaerHet Schwob-programma, een onderdeel van het Nederlands Letterenfonds, rakelt verdwenen klassiekers uit de vergetelheid en geeft ‘onzichtbare literatuur’ gestalte. Lezers van divers pluimage stellen op schwob lijsten samen met cruciale maar teloorgegane literatuur. Stuk voor stuk must-reads, cultboeken uit ‘alle windstreken en daarbuiten’, geheimtips die nooit eerder in het Nederlands verschenen of si [...]

    9. things they didn't teach us in school:1) wokulski was heavily depressed throughout the whole story not just the last few chapters2) basically everyone was Gay™3) every dude was a misogynist

    10. "Hij bleef staan en keek om zich heen. Het was een paar dagen voor de feestdagen en het mooie weer had een massa mensen op de been gebracht. Het snoer rijtuigen en de bonte golvende menigte tussen het standbeeld van Copernicus en de zuil van koning Sigismund zagen eruit als een zwerm vogels die zich net op dat moment boven de stad verhief, op weg naar het noorden.'Opmerkelijk,' zei hij hardop. 'Elke vogel daarboven en ieder mens hier op aarde heeft het idee dat hij de richting op gaat die hij wi [...]

    11. This is ‘the’ acclaimed Polish classic written by Prus serialised in 1897 and full novel form in 1890. It is set in Warshaw in Poland then split between Russian, Austrian and Prussia; the local history preceding the events of the novel appear quite complicated but are detailed to some extent in the book’s notes but uprisings, unification and the elites, politics, modernity etc are the backdrop.The story is a Dickensian length of 679 pages small font text and a weighty tome – I in fact re [...]

    12. Het bij ons volkomen onbekende "De pop" (1890) van Boleslaw Prus schijnt in Polen zo ongeveer als de evenknie te worden gezien van meesterwerken als "Madame Bovary" of "Anna Karenina". Nou, daar zit wat in: het is een totaal ander en vooral veel maffer boek dan die twee overbekende klassiekers, maar het zit naar mijn smaak wel ongeveer in dezelfde torenhoge kwaliteitscategorie.Hoofdpersoon is de winkelier Wokulski, ooit een ongeneeslijk romanticus in dromen die meevocht in de Poolse opstand en n [...]

    13. I will say this, I was lucky with this book. I was in love and unhappy and the heroe in the book was reflecting my mood and emotions, so I read this book in one breath. nevertheless this is one of the best polish classic books.Someone in this reviews told that Prus is boring. I don't know about his other works but this book is nothing like boring. And although the book had been written about century ago it's still actual.I can't describe whole book, it's soo much more then one could describe in [...]

    14. Think of Tolstoy set in Warsaw with a dash of Trollope and a pinch of Dickens thrown in for good measure.

    15. Długo czekałam na „Lalkę”. W klasie humanistycznej różnie to bywa, materiału jest więcej niż na innych profilach i mnie akurat trafiło się tak, że zaczęliśmy omawiać ją w klasie maturalnej, gdy wszyscy inni mieli ją już za sobą. Choć o lekturach szkolnych słyszy się głównie opinie niepochlebne, to „Lalka” wszystkich bardzo dotknęła. W dyskusje o potworności Łęckiej i wspaniałości Stasia Wokulskiego wciągnęli się nawet najwięksi szkolni nihiliści. Z tego [...]

    16. It took me some time to get into the story but it was worth the effort. I liked the author's writing style, the atmosphere of the 19th century Warsaw and the way he described - so precisely! - people's thoughts and feelings.What I didn't like was that each character was stupid in his/her own way and sometimes I simply wanted to shout at them. Wokulski did not see anything beside his Izabela, Rzecki went on and on about "politics" and "Napoleon heir", Izabela was into her high society status argh [...]

    17. One of the best novels written by Polish writers ever. Really, if you are considering which book by Polish writers to read you should choose this one. It isn't a pleasant story. It is one of those that helps one to better understand people and changes in society. One of those that it is really hard to forget.Many levels, many points of views.An amazing study of society and a deep study of human nature.This book made me think why (during reading it) I was constantly expecting that Izabela would h [...]

    18. Mam mieszane uczucia jak ocenić tę książkę. Z jednej strony doceniam to, o czym książka mówiła, że była odważna i przedstawiła świat w miarę takim, jakim był. Jednak bardzo denerwowały mnie postawy wielu bohaterów książki. Każdy z nich był przesadzony w którąś stronę. Jako że ostatnio na każdym kroku uderza mnie temat równości kobiet i ich roli w życiu ludzi, to opisy ówczesnego ich postrzegania skutecznie odbierały mi przyjemność z lektury.

    19. My reviewThe Doll takes place over an eighteen-month period during 1878-9 and looks at Polish society, with most of the focus on the growing conflict between the upper classes and the emerging tradesmen. Two ideologies are contrasted in the novel—the older Romantic ideal and the newer Positivist outlook. From the New York Review Books’ page:Prus’s work centers around the stories of three men from three different generations: Wokulski, the fatally flawed and hopelessly love-struck hero; Rze [...]

    20. После прочтения романа «Фараон» Болеслава Пруса трудно было поверить что «Куклу» написал один и тот же человек. Стили очень разные, хотя благодаря идеализму и романтизму между ними всё-таки находится общая нить. Роман мне очень понравился. У героев весьма сложный жизненны [...]

    21. Na początku nie mogłam się do niej przekonać. Męczyłam się, wyszło, ze czytałam Lalkę miesiąc, ale przeczytałam, bo przeczytać trzeba. Gdy minęło pierwsze złe wrażenie, zaczęłam się wciągać, chociaż gdzieś w głowie miałam taką myśl co może być w tym ciekawego - już na 100 strnie wiem jak się ma sytuacja, on ją kocha, ona go nie - więc co będzie się dziać przez następne 500 stron. A jednak działo się. Niby nie mój gatunek, ale warto było przeczytać. Jest [...]

    22. I have been reading this book for a year. 1) It's long and hard to carry around. 2) I don't want it to end. 3) Polish society from a hundred years ago takes a very long time to immerse oneself into so I have to block out an hour at a time to read it and I rarely have a spare hour. Picked it up on Kundera's rec'.

    23. "The Doll" is a Warsaw-classic, i.e. it not only shows the "lovestory" of a wealthy salesman to a decadent impoverished noble young lady, but also the capital's development at the end of the 19th century.

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