Hurricane Mia, a Caribbean Adventure

Hurricane Mia a Caribbean Adventure None

  • Title: Hurricane Mia, a Caribbean Adventure
  • Author: Donna Marie Seim
  • ISBN: 9780982691106
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. In Hurricane Mia, a middle reader, Mia’s entire summer is ruined. First she learns that her mom is sick. Then she and her younger brother are whisked away to their grandparents’ home in the Caribbean for the summer. Mia is furious until she meets Neisha, an island girl, who tells her about “the tea that cures everything.” Will Mia find the tea? Will it cure her mom? An incredible adventure follows, taking Mia and friends on the high seas where they meet barracudas, explore uninhabited is [...]

    2. For any child between the age of 8 and 12 who loves the sea, this middle reader is a must. A modern-day adventure story of a girl and her kid brother, who are packed off to their Gram and Gramps, who live on a remote island in the Caribbean, is both heartwarming and inspirational.The multicultural and empathic nature of the text should appeal to anyone who is exposed to a multiplicity of different cultures. How the heroine, who is almost an anti-heroine at the start of the story (many a tween, e [...]

    3. A child's adventure can be found anywhere. A backyard can be host to pirate adventures, birthday parties and summer fun with a water hose and sprinkler. But for Mia the adventure is real. A summer in the Caribbean becomes a life and death adventure that inspires courage.Mia has plans for the summer, like most kids do. She and her best friend Sam have planned a horse back riding adventure in Maine. Together they would learn about taking care of horses and how to ride them. It was going to be grea [...]

    4. Quickie: Cute story, perfect for the age range it's aimed at.Full: Mia has big plans for her summer- a trip to Maine with her bestie Sam, going camping, horseback riding, wakeboarding- but all her hopes and plans are shattered when her parents tell her she is being flown down to stay with her grandparents. Her little brother Jack is going too perfect. Mia is bitter about the dramatic change in plans, and it's made worse by her grandmother's rules and rigid personality. Mia becomes envious of Jac [...]

    5. This middle-grade book is a fun read. The simple plot is easy to follow for students who may be struggling readers, yet it also has a richness of description about it that makes reading interesting at the same time. Students will appreciate Mia's approach to everything - the typical tween attitude, and her adventures in the Caribbean may cause them to want to experience and/or learn more about Caribbean culture.The text of the book has great potential for use by teachers. The descriptions are pe [...]

    6. The last thing Mia wants to do is spend the summer with her grandparents in their home on the Caribbean island of Bambarra. She was supposed to be at a camp with her best friend, but instead she’s stuck with her little brother, no cell phone, no TV and a grandma who is strict. Mia is also worried about being away from her mom, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.When Mia discovers that a traditional healer may have a special tea to help her mom get better, she’ll break any rule to get s [...]

    7. A truly lovely and charming book! The adventure of Hurricane Mia is a children’s book but it kept this big kid’s interest as well. I found the book to be told in a very believable way and that it did not talk down to the young reader but talked to the reader. It had the right mix of story and background to make this Caribbean tale fun and exciting while keeping the emotions center stage. I look forward to more of Ms. Seim’s books!

    8. Pretty typical kids adventure story: kid does something incredibly stupid that becomes an adventure, but everything works out in the end.

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