Undeleted Scenes

Undeleted Scenes Undeleted Scenes presents a decade s worth of shorter works from indie comics legend Jeffrey Brown This huge compendium contains stories from the previous collections Minisulk Every Girl Is the End o

  • Title: Undeleted Scenes
  • Author: Jeffrey Brown
  • ISBN: 9781603090582
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Undeleted Scenes presents a decade s worth of shorter works from indie comics legend Jeffrey Brown This huge compendium contains stories from the previous collections Minisulk, Every Girl Is the End of the World for Me, and Feeble Attempts, as well as Jeffrey s work from anthologies such as Kramers Ergot and McSweeney s, plus rare material from minicomics and elsewhere, iUndeleted Scenes presents a decade s worth of shorter works from indie comics legend Jeffrey Brown This huge compendium contains stories from the previous collections Minisulk, Every Girl Is the End of the World for Me, and Feeble Attempts, as well as Jeffrey s work from anthologies such as Kramers Ergot and McSweeney s, plus rare material from minicomics and elsewhere, including dozens of pages of never before seen material Spanning humor, autobiography, and beyond, some of Jeffrey s most beloved comics are in here including the fan favorite self parody collection Be A Man

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    1. Why is it I never read this book when I have devoured almost anything I can get my hands on my Jeffery Brown? I think it's my misreading of his title, as if it were sort of like just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that most people wouldn't care about not YET deleted I dunno. Well, I STILL would have maybe considered a different title, but I'll get over it. And the point is these are NOT deleted scenes, they are here, and worth reading, autobiographical sketches arranged in a kind of chronologica [...]

    2. I read this, in quick sequence withLittle Things: A Memoir in Slices andKids Are Weird: And Other Observations from Parenthood as my way of getting to know Jeffrey Brown.As inferred by the title, this is a bit of a grab bag, much less cohesive in vision or style than either of the other two. There's a lot of Brown's iconic messy boxes, but also sections with smudgy shadow, some less autobiographical pieces, and the story of his first child's birth. Enjoyable, quick, but not particularly memorabl [...]

    3. Jeff Brown's Clumsy was a book I was so excited to check out this month (finally) and Undeleted Scenes was one I was even more eager to read. I've just finished it. It's 3am. It was awesome. I want to read it again. I shall.

    4. jeffrey brown makes me smile although he makes his pregnant girlfriend look insane. good reason to never have a baby

    5. I was very unimpressed with the first few strips in this eclectic collection--they seemed to be textbook examples of the studied pointlessness prevalent among some alt cartoonists. Boy gets tickled until he farts a few times, leaves the room crying, end of story. Boy pulls car out of garage, damages mirror, end of story. Etc. The point of such strips seems to be their very banality, but a little banality goes a long way. Some of the longer stories are more interesting (especially the pregnancy d [...]

    6. I've been really enjoying memoir/autobiographical graphic novels lately, and this one is pretty great. I always wonder the ancillary characters included in memoir and autobiography feel about their portrayals, and my curiosity is even stronger in the graphic novel realm. How do these family members, friends, and random characters feel about their appearance and remembered dialogue and actions? Do they feel cheated, betrayed, or honored? Maybe I'll meet some and can ask them someday. So, with all [...]

    7. A lot of my favorite songs are b-sides, so it makes sense that Jeffrey Brown's collection of odds and ends is one of my favorite things he's done. I'd read some of these stories before ("Just Don't Stop" from Blood Orange, "Don't Look Them in the Eye" from Kramer's Ergot, and the mini-book "Every Girl is the End of the World to Me," which I always thought was a real gem), but it was great to re-read these and to have them all in one place. Most of the stories that were new to me were also great, [...]

    8. After going through a period of mild fascination with Jeffrey Brown, where I would check for him first in every anthology and read whatever he had to offer (and he is in just about every anthology), I went through another period where I was mentally disparaging of him and didn't want to see any of his comics ever again. I don't know why this occurs. But this collection brought me back around (and it contains alot of those early pieces I liked, and some later ones I, then, didn't. Again: I don't [...]

    9. Is this a collection of Jeffrey Brown's mini-comics? There wasn't an introduction. Anyway, it's hard to stop me from reading straight through his books once I have them, no matter how sad? they make me feel? I don't know if that's the right word. Jeffrey Brown's striving within his infatuations always brings back a visceral feeling of being a teenager in a small town, lonely and wondering what it feels like to find someone who will love you. It's strange, I know, because he's writing from the pe [...]

    10. Cartoonists rarely lead interesting lives and Jeffrey Brown is no exception. He spends his time drawing in cafes and chatting with friends. He's an aimless, amiable person. But when put to paper his life is strangely charming. As he states in the introduction, Brown has managed to find meanings in his anecdotal existence. Brown's draftsmanship is unironed to match his appearance. It suits the stories. Add Undeleted Scenes to the same, small pile as American Elf of good autobiographical comics.

    11. Dear Jeffrey Brown, it's been a couple years since I've read any of your books about cripplingly awkward relationship comics. I missed you, and especially loved re-reading "Be A Man," which is the perfect antidote to otherwise acceptable emotional responses to girls.The long story about five girls over the holidays didn't have as much of a payoff as I was expecting, but this jumble of short stories is pretty great.

    12. Undeleted Scenes is a montage of Jeffrey Brown's comics collected from other volumes, or comics that were never published. I'd never read Brown before, and I'd say that this was a good introduction, because I immediately went to The Strand bookstore to pick up Unlikely, and plan on adding his first book, Clumsy, to my shelves soon.My favorite from this collection is "Be a Man," but I loved every piece, really.

    13. I am a fan of Jeffrey Brown. I love his Star Wars books and his observations of life books but this autobiography.well the thing with the Star Wars books is that they had context. This has context but I don't know it, so I was rather lost a lot of the time and it was rather crowded so gave me a headache.I think I'll just stick to his Star Wars books.

    14. I almost didn't buy this book since I own almost every piece in it (it contains comics from various anthologies and publications), but I'm really really glad that I did. There are several previously unpublished pieces that definitely made it worthwhile, "Pregnant Pause" in particular. Plus, it was fun to revisit comics I hadn't read in a while in a larger context. Jeffrey Brown does it again!

    15. I love everything that Jeffrey Brown makes. This book is no exception. The only problem I have is that he includes the entirety of EGITEOTWFM, as well as excerpts from a few of his other books. He could have left those out and still had a very good, if somewhat shorter, book. I would definitely suggest reading this if you have enjoyed any of his work.

    16. Toward the end of Undeleted Scenes a character in one of the strips says of Jeffrey Brown's work: "It's dripping with self-pity! And the art is strictly amateur!" That's as good a description as I would have given it, though I'd add that almost none of the stories in the book felt as if they were remotely interesting enough to bother telling.

    17. At first I wasn't so sure about this compilation--the stories weren't very engaging and both the drawing and the writing were sloppy enough I had a hard time deciphering it all. However, it picked up momentum, and I came to really appreciate the honest take on his own thoughts and behavior as well as those around him. "Pregnant Pause" and "Be a Man" were my particular faves.

    18. Ugh. I am a huge fan of this artist, but maybe I'm just into his Clumsy-esque relationship-y stuff and not the things that were in this one? I liked his out-of-sync style in other books, but I guess when the timeline AND the subject matter were disjointed, it didn't quite work for me. Wah.

    19. I'd pretty much reach almost all of this book already, as it simply collects some of Brown's smaller books of short stories. But for anyone who hasn't, there's plenty to enjoy, and even those who have read it all already might still find some new pieces.

    20. Jeffrey Brown's work is always a pleasure to read. His drawings may be simpler stylistically than some artists, but in a way that brings out humor, warmth, and sad moments in the text. Recommended to anyone looking for comics about sex and relationships.

    21. Cute. I know that's a naughty word, but it's what I think of when I read his work. There were segments in this one which made me feel as if I were reading my own life.I feel like this collection was a little disjointed, but good nonetheless.

    22. Other than the somewhat unpleasant to read section about being a jerk to girls, I laughed so hard I cried. Ramen! Oh man, kills me.

    23. This is full of extra stories I loved reading about. His little brother makes an appearance and other friends do too. A must-read for J. Brown fans. :)

    24. I love Jeffrey Brown, but this was just reallyok. He gives us snippets from his life, but not enough to satisfy. Reading this was like watching a bunch of movie trailers.

    25. Man my window for enjoying Jeffrey brown comics sure has passed. I so don't get the appeal anymore. Anyone want to buy a bunch of them?

    26. Collection of Brown's shorter pieces from over the years with a real wide range in quality. His voice still comes through so if you're a fan (like me), you'll enjoy the familiar territory.

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