X-Men: Colossus Bloodline

X Men Colossus Bloodline Colossus has returned from the dead only to find his relatives are being killed in his homeland Peter must travel to Russia to face a shadowy villain whose origin lies in his past Will the foe lead C

  • Title: X-Men: Colossus Bloodline
  • Author: David Hine Jorge Lucas
  • ISBN: 9780785119005
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Colossus has returned from the dead, only to find his relatives are being killed in his homeland Peter must travel to Russia to face a shadowy villain whose origin lies in his past Will the foe lead Colossus down a path of darkness and will defeating him cost Peter his soul

    One thought on “X-Men: Colossus Bloodline”

    1. Historia demasiado alargada y mal llevada para resultar placentera. La idea de relacionar a "Rasputín el monje loco" con Coloso de los X-Men no es mala pero está poco lograda y no resulta muy convincente. El desarrollo de los acontecimientos es un poco atolondrado y sólo cuando se narran secuencias del pasado la narrativa resulta funcional. En el apartado gráfico, la labor de Jorge Lucas apenas cumple, y está lleno de personajes, escenarios (fotos mínima y pésimamente retocadas) y armados [...]

    2. Continuing the (sometimes) great x-read of 2017Since I am at the very tail end of 2017 and I haven't updated my reading in quite a while so I am "cheating" and just kind of writing one review for all of the volumes that I have read so that I can get them up by the end of the year.The aftermath of M day has been mixed to say the least. There were a few high points (Cable and Deadpool, the 198, the beginning of the new X-factor series and more than a fair share of low points (the new Excalibur, Co [...]

    3. Really interesting, I'd read about this before, but it's so much better actually in the reality. Like you get a real sense for Piotr's PTSD over his resurrection and the insanity of a lot of other characters.

    4. The one thing this could have used more ofwas Colossus. I love Colossus. He's one of the best X-Men characters, but at times, it felt like this story was more about Sinister than Piotr. Even though it was a pretty cool story, nonetheless. And the art was fantastic. Some of it looked like Ditko goodness. I tried adding itI don't get how. Sorry.

    5. David Hine explores the past of Russian X-Man Colossus in this miniseries. Having recently returned from the dead, Peter Rasputin is having trouble sleeping. A phone call from a cousin sends the Russian on a trek to his old stomping grounds, helping solve a murder mystery. Members of the Rasputin bloodline are being systematically killed in a bid to restore the power of the mad monk into being. Forced to confront not only his own demons, but those in the physical form of Sinister and Mikhail, Pe [...]

    6. This follows the format of X-Men solo miniseries like Iceman or Kitty Pryde: Colossus starts feeling that unexplainable ennui, goes back to his home (thus tapping into Chris Claremont's genius multi-cultural X-Men from 30 years ago), and confronts enemies old and new. Colossus has a bigger mutant family than most X-Men--the Rasputin family comes in behind the Summers and Guthrie family. David Hine decides to bring in that other Rasputin because, hey, same last name. The history and family bits a [...]

    7. This graphic novel was an incredible weaving of history into a superhero's past. Colossus find's out that him and his kin are all part of Rasputin's bloodline. Not only is he genetically related but Rasputin used his power to actually hide a part of his soul in each of his descendents. As the family grows larger the soul weakens, as the family gets smaller Rasputin takes more control. He tries to drive family members to commit suicide so that when there is only one member left, he will be able t [...]

    8. Not a bad story but nothing fantastic. But still better than I was expecting. I've never really bit a fan of Piotr Rasputin. Never even considered the importance of his last name. But actually parts of his back-story made some sense. Not actually all that familiar with Sinister - I only ran into Nathaniel Essex recently. I did kind of like Piotr's self-portrait however - which made a lot more sense after this book. Anyway, the story was another opportunity for Kitty to appear at least in passing [...]

    9. Meh, it was OK. Kind of a weird story. Just yesterday I was actually talking to my friend about how hackey it is for people to use Rasputin and the Romanovs as plot poionts. Try something original next time instead of dredging up the same 2 Russian historical figures. Might as well have used Hitler to make it really fresh and unique. Sorry to be a hater, I think this story just caught me at the wrong time. I also have food poisoning and that might explain some of my grumpy review.

    10. Being a huge fan of Colossus since I was a teenager ( I still retain my geeky nature) I found this story just to weird. Peters past is written and made up in a silly manner, I say boo. On the otherhand, it was nice to see a book about Colossus, that took how many years?

    11. Who spilled this BPRD plotline all over my X-Men comic?Fairly enjoyable, if sort of sloppy, as a stand-alone story, but wreaks havoc on chronology and history.

    12. Kinnell picked this out at the library for us to read together, but it was too old for him. And not that interesting either way.

    13. Edición española, miniserie de Colossus recopilada en un solo tomo. No se especifica colección, pero el formato coincide con la que luego sería nombrada "Héroes Marvel".

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