One thought on “ทายาทสุลต่าน [The Sultan's Heir]”

  1. Sultans, exotic lands, romance, and lots of weirdness. :PWhy did I read this? Well I needed an author with an x in their name. I wanted a manga to read, but for some reason a lot of people with an x in their name write porn, mmm. *grins* But eventually I bumped into this one and though I was a bit hesitant (due to the Harlequin books banner), I still went to try it out.But I guess I should have known what I was going to read. I think I once tried a Harlequin book, and instead of swooning like so [...]

  2. The ending did not make much sense to me. The ring portion seemed disjointed with how the conclusion was wrapping up. What happened with the kid issue as well? Did the ring make it back? Has the in-fighting stopped? Too many loose ends for a harlequin!

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