The Losing Role

The Losing Role A German actor tries to escape a doomed secret mission In the last winter of WWII a failed German actor Max Kaspar is forced to join an absurdly desperate secret mission in which he must impersonate

  • Title: The Losing Role
  • Author: SteveAnderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A German actor tries to escape a doomed secret mission.In the last winter of WWII a failed German actor, Max Kaspar, is forced to join an absurdly desperate secret mission in which he must impersonate an enemy American officer So Max cooks up his own fanatical plan he ll use his false identity to escape tyranny and war and flee to the America he d once abandoned The LoA German actor tries to escape a doomed secret mission.In the last winter of WWII a failed German actor, Max Kaspar, is forced to join an absurdly desperate secret mission in which he must impersonate an enemy American officer So Max cooks up his own fanatical plan he ll use his false identity to escape tyranny and war and flee to the America he d once abandoned The Losing Role is based on an actual false flag operation during 1944 s Battle of the Bulge that s been made infamous in legend but in reality was a doomed farce In all the tragic details and with some dark humor, this is the story of an aspiring talent who got in over his head and tried to break free The Losing Role is the prequel to Liberated A Novel of Germany, 1945 Max Kaspar is the older brother of German American US Army captain Harry Kaspar in Liberated The third novel in the series, Lost Kin, reunites the estranged Kaspar brothers in 1946 Munich The book s pacing and dialogue are sharply turned Anderson skillfully portrays transformation in all of his characters Historical Novel Society A touching yet painful story Max is human in the face of hardship and choses to continue living, but on his own terms Awesome Indies A terrific book that deserves a wide audience It is exciting and funny and keeps you thinking long after the action is over Rose City Reader Excellent dialogue, well crafted characters, and enough dramatic tension to saw a Panzer in half The New Podler Review of Books The book does a marvelous job of showing the fog of war wherein no one truly understands what is going on once the attack has begun Historical Novel Review A perfect combination of plot driven action and character study Red Adept ReviewsAwesome Indies ApprovedB.R.A.G Medallion HonoreeIndependent Novel Best of 2010, The New Podler Review of Books

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    1. World War II and the German false flag operation are historical facts, but Anderson takes poetic license with the details, introducing us to an imaginary German soldier known as Max Kaspar. His geniality and optimism seem out of place in the middle of a battlefield, and yet the author depicts him with just enough hardness to make his persona believable. When an impossible mission is set before him, it is easy to wish for his personal success and to cheer him on anxiously, even with an ever-prese [...]

    2. Late in 1944, the German Army pressed westward along the western front in a desperate attempt to break the Allied advance. The offensive would later come to be known as the Battle of the Bulge. While plenty of novels and movies have portrayed the American side of the struggle in Belgium's Ardennes forest that winter, Steve Anderson's The Losing Role examines the story of a German soldier caught up in a cause he knows is lost.Max Kaspar is an out-of-work actor drafted into the German Army to figh [...]

    3. This was a good historical fiction novel set in WW2 told from a German perspective about a real blackflag (i.e counter-intelligence) operation. I liked how the author takes you into the mind of Max Kaspar, who is an anti-hero. He struggles with his feelings for Germany and for America, since we find out he lived in both countries. There is some foul language as the German soldiers attempt to impersonate the cussing that was common to American soldiers. There was also a non-graphic reference to h [...]

    4. Full of vibrant, engaging characters and with an original plot that sidesteps the overplayed tropes of many World War II novels, "The Losing Role" is highly readable and very enjoyable as a light espionage novel where theatrical performance can almost always fool someone. Anderson's is a book that elevates the promise of self-published novels, and is certainly of high enough quality to stand on its own, surpassing many titles that have found larger audiences and even a few film adaptations. Reco [...]

    5. “The Losing Role” by Steve Anderson is a historical fiction book which takes place during World War II. The story follows a failed German actor who is drafted to infiltrate American lines posing as an American officer.Max Kaspar, a.k.a. failed German-American actor Maximilian von Kaspar, is fighting on the Eastern front when he is drafted by the SS for an unknown mission. Soon Max discovers that he has been recruited to impersonate American officers and cause havoc behind enemy lines.Realizi [...]

    6. It's winter 1944 and Max Kaspar is pulled from the Eastern Front for a role in a secret mission. Before the war Max was an actor and having lived and worked in New York, and as an English speaker, he is considered ideal for the task at hand. The role - masquerading as an enemy US officer, his aim - to use the opportunity to escape the war and return to the States. Having been trained and put into a team Max finds himself caught up in the Battle of the Bulge, and his plan goes far from smoothly. [...]

    7. I enjoyed this very much. I've found myself drawn more and more to history and historical fiction and Steve Anderson did a great job with both in The Losing Role. His attention to detail in the locations and events surrounding the storyline are much appreciated, yet those details are used to bring life to the story rather than merely rehashed trivia.It is also refreshing to see a portrayal of a German soldier as something other a buffoon or a soldier mindlessly following in Hitler's quest for wo [...]

    8. Max was born in Germany; his family emigrated leaving him in German to finish a baker's apprenticeship. Which, to say the least and the most, didn't work for Max in any way. His father was totally intolerant of that, so he went on from a New England town to NYC where he could pursue his theatrical abilities which were rather obvious. He decided to go back to Germany, not really a good decision. Any how he and few others are set up to do their thing for the government, a spying of sorts and turn [...]

    9. This is the first First Reads book I won, and I'm glad I did! I would start reading and would look up hours later and realize I had read half the book. I already have a several people I will be recommending this book to.I've always been interested in the civilian side of WWII, but the soldier side never seemed to interest me. This book has changed that. It was very captivating and interesting read. There wasn't any war scenes that I had expected, which was a plus.The main character, Max, is a cu [...]

    10. An interesting story, well written, with some surprises. The author has very obviously done his research, not just about the operation that Max Kasper (the main character) is involved in, but about everything the book touches on.I started by reading the sample, not knowing what to expect. I soon found that I was hooked, and bought the full copy. Max is a character that it is easy to empathise with, and he's put into an interesting situation.This was the first self-published book I read, and I st [...]

    11. Very thought provoking novel of the effects of war on the dreams and hopes of those who fight. These are not soldiers who search to be heroes or famous. They want to live through this hell and move on, perhaps better than before. Max Kaspar takes an undercover assignment, hoping to be able to defect to the Allies and return to New York. Based on a hurried and half-baked Nazi plan. Max, a struggling actor on both sides of the Atlantic, ends up playing many roles to survive.

    12. I enjoyed this book alot. I find myself being drawn to history and historical fiction. The Losing Role is a terrific book that is exciting and funny, and it keeps you thinking long after the action is over. I look forward to the next installment of this series. Also, I thought this book was very good in describing a different aspect of WW2. A good read.

    13. The Losing Role by Steve Anderson is a touching yet painful story set in late 1944 that explores the evolution of an individual throughout a life fraught with inequity.As the novel opens, the reader is immediately dropped into the middle of a firefight on the Eastern front of World War II. The protagonist, Max Kaspar, runs to take cover in an abandoned building with other German soldiers and local Axis aligned civilians. Here we learn that Max has a performance background as his compatriots requ [...]

    14. WWII Through a Different LensI am not usually a reader of wartime stories, but Steve Anderson's tale of a disillusioned actor slogging through the hellish final gasp of the Nazi Army in Europe is not your average wartime story. It describes a desperate attempt by the losing side to infiltrate US military units in hopes of causing confusion during what would become The Battle of the Bulge. A ragtag group of artists, writers, academics, and just regular guys are assembled for the task simply becau [...]

    15. I was looking for a historical novel on Smashwords and took a chance on The Losing Role. I didn't expect much. Many of the self-published novels on Smashwords are barely readable. But after reading the sample of The Losing Role, I was hooked. I found that I really cared what happened to Max, the main character.Max is German, spent some time in the U.S returned to Germany just before WWII. He's an actor, not terribly political. He just wants to act. When the war starts, his roles dry up. He's dra [...]

    16. This novel is written from an interesting point of view, that of a German soldier who had lived in the U.S. for many years before returning to Germany on the brink of World War II. This could have been a terrific novel, but just misses. This held my interest and was a good "summer read", if a war novel can be a good read. I do however, expect to see a film made from this novel and will be first in line to buy a ticket.

    17. A great historical novel covering events during the "Battle of the Bulge" that many of us have some idea about, but don't know well. I found the characters very believable; neither heroes nor villains for the most part. I found myself wanting them to survive a messy situation that so many on both sides did not.

    18. This is a book that was given to me to review on BookRooster and it wasn't something I would normally have chosen to read, but very glad I did. It was well written and I learned alot about The Battle of the Bulge and WWII without realizing I was learning.

    19. Written by Sönke's good friend who lives down the street - Steve! Interesting perspective on a NAZI attempt to infultrate the American army during WWII using Germans who had lived in America. Steve also incorporates the cultural differences between Germans and Americans in a fun way.

    20. I'm currently taking AP World History, so reading this book would help me immensely! I'm looking forward to reading this

    21. I'm big into WW2 and this book is great historical fiction. The author definitely did his research to take a historical event and blend it with fictional characters.

    22. I won this through a Giveaway!! I wasn't impressed with the writing at first. It seemed that the author was struggling to introduce the characters/history/time period. I'm glad I stuck with it! The author found his rhythm! And, in doing so, I was treated to an odd, intriguing, suspenseful story.The story follows a fictional German actor who is recruited to impersonate an American army officer with the purpose of undermining the Allies' progress during WWII. His fellow recruits are English-speak [...]

    23. This was an interesting take on the Battle of the Bulge from a German perspective. I appreciate the thorough research Mr. Anderson did in creating this work of fiction. As the victors WWII, it's easy to vilify all things and persons Nazi and forget that many of those who fought were forced to do so, especially toward the end of the war. This story attempts to humanize one such soldier, an actor named Max who had spent some time America before the war and returned to Germany when his American sta [...]

    24. Wow, what a great story. This is definitely a hard book to put down once you get started. Steve Anderson really knows how to write a historical thriller that is both entertaining and captivating. The standout in this Authors books are his characters, and the background and attention to detail he puts into each one of them. You can understand that Max Kasper would rather be an Actor than go to war (who wouldn’t). It’s probably only his acting skills which get him through some of the situation [...]

    25. The book is set just prior to and during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. The main character is an actor of indeterminate age (I'm guessing around 40) who has tried living in New York and, unable to get many roles, returns to Germany just before the war. The story is interesting and the main character is likeable.

    26. win. Will read and review once received. This book is interesting and written from an interesting point of view. The book did a good job of holding my interest. It was an easy and quick read. I will admit this was one of those books I probably wouldn't have picked up on my own. A good read.

    27. This is the story of a failed actor who is plucked from the Eastern Front, to take part in an elaborate but poorly thought-out plan to infiltrate behind American lines in the last days of WWII, disguised as American soldiers.Max is an appealing character who gradually reveals how he comes to be in this situation.

    28. A good book. I was surprised to find it historically accurate. But I found it hard to connect with Max, the main character.

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