Pleasure The bold new blockbuster from the New York Times bestselling author Born in Trinidad and living in Atlanta after a relationship gone bad Nia Simone Bijou is an ambitious writer who has it all Except

  • Title: Pleasure
  • Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
  • ISBN: 9781101212080
  • Page: 464
  • Format: ebook
  • The bold new blockbuster from the New York Times bestselling author Born in Trinidad and living in Atlanta after a relationship gone bad, Nia Simone Bijou is an ambitious writer who has it all Except for the one thing that ll give her the control she craves and the power she deserves absolute, uninhibited sexual satisfaction Now, in the sweltering days and nights ofThe bold new blockbuster from the New York Times bestselling author Born in Trinidad and living in Atlanta after a relationship gone bad, Nia Simone Bijou is an ambitious writer who has it all Except for the one thing that ll give her the control she craves and the power she deserves absolute, uninhibited sexual satisfaction Now, in the sweltering days and nights of summer, the heat is on Nia s fantasies will become a reality with man after man after man She will shatter the limits of erotic love She will open herself up to experiences she never dared before And as her fantasies begin to spin out of control, she ll discover the unexpected price of the extreme.

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    1. OMG! I'm about halfway through and this is amazing!!!O-M-F-G!!!!! This book DEFINITELY put me on another level when looking at sexual freedoms and sexuality!

    2. Every blue moon a book comes along that makes you want to bang your head against the steering wheel. Now is that time, not the best by E.J.D.Girl whines about sexual freedom and not being a slut. Girl sleeps with twins at the same time. Girl whines about sexual freedom and not being a slutGirl sleeps with the same twins individually.Girl whines about sexual freedom and not being a slut. Girl sleeps with random girlGirl whines about sexual freedom and not being a slut.on and on .In the end despit [...]

    3. “You can’t put toothpaste back inside the tube.” pg. 101 PleasureThis quote struck me because it defines how I feel when I read an Eric Jerome Dickey novel. Although I swore off his work after reading Sleeping With Strangers (not because it was bad but because he annoyed me with page after page of in-depth descriptions and then expected me to go out and buy a part II); I found myself searching bookstores, calling up “reading” friends, and traveling to three libraries in search of Pleas [...]

    4. Pleasure“I would like to drink your bath water” exclaimed says the guy from the W. “I piss in my bath water” Nia whispered. Pleasure is a book about a girl who has a problem and she likes to give herself away. She is looking for love and finding it in all the wrong places, so she has sex to fill where the love isn’t. The book so far that I am currently reading right now is Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey. This book is an adult book. I would recommend this book to Valerie Oyibo because s [...]

    5. I Need Twins!This sexually charged novel is appropriately titled - "Pleasure." Honestly, I almost put this book down for good several times. The beginning was rather slow. Only at the urging of others did I keep reading. After the introduction of the twin brothers did the story actually start moving and became interesting. Overall, the story was good. However, I was disappointed in the ending. With a slow beginning and disappointing ending, this is a book I’d recommend but more so as a library [...]

    6. 2 1/2 stars. I SO wanted to love this book. Erotica, from a male author? Thought it would be an interesting POV, but then he goes and writes it from the POV of a female character.Okay, fine. Still on board. Surprisingly, he gets most (if not all) of the sensations right. A set of identical twins, or as the character dubs them, identical sins. Hot menage sex, hot F/F sex, more hot menage sex. There was also the interesting look at black life in Atlanta among the people who've emigrated from the C [...]

    7. Okay, I've read several reviews on this book that were on either side of the spectrum either people really loved it, or they really hated it. To be honest, there were points on both sides that I could agree with. However, when I really sat down and thought about this book, I found the genius in Eric Jerome Dickey's writing, and grew to appreciate him more because of it.Any fan of EJD knows that he writes about everything love, crime, deception the list goes on. So you really have to take each bo [...]

    8. I had never hear of this author and downloaded from my library without knowing anything about it. What a surprise- initially you think this is a story simply about the heroine giving and receiving sexual pleasure and boy is there a lot of pleasuring going on-with brothers.It is her journey and theirs to a degree understanding what they want and need out of their lives. Very hot and smexy read, with a realistic ending.There is only one scene which I thought would not/could not possibly happen tow [...]

    9. I am very iffy about Eric Jerome Dickey. I loved "Genevieve" and "Sleeping With Strangers" but everything else always feel blah to me. Such was the case with "Pleasure". It was VERY longwinded, filled with a lot of unnecessary detail (thanks to this novel, I now know which route to take from Atlanta to Greensboro, North Carolina lol). I'm pretty sure they could have cut out 200 pages easy. I didnt quite understand the main character, but I'm going to chalk that up to EJD being a man and trying t [...]

    10. I was torn between two and three star on this one. I am an advid EDJ fan, but I almost gave up on this book several times. The book did not pick up and really grab my attention until around page 200at's about half way through the book. Some parts of the book bored me. Everything about the main had to do with sex and her arousal and sexual thoughts, feelings and desires. EVERYTHING in the book had to deal with sex. After a while, I just started to skim the 10 page sex narratives.I think that the [...]

    11. This book was sensual, seductive, mouth watering, tantalizing, orgasmic, and erotically poetic. The best novel about seduction I've ever read. Want to embark on a sensory overload into literary erotica then this is your novel! Absolutely brilliant!

    12. This was a group read, or I probably would not have chosen to read it. That said, I had a lot of trouble getting into it. For more than half the book, I had no investment in any of the characters. I didn't care about the sights and geography of Atlanta. I didn't care about the route it takes to get from Atlanta to North Carolina, or all the specific places they saw once in North Carolina. The whole thing with Mark and Karl was messed up, and I don't mean because they were having a threesome. One [...]

    13. This was the first book I read from this author. It had many good reviews, so I was really looking forward to reading and enjoying it. The storyline itself was okay, but I found the writing style disjointed and hard to follow, and there was so much unnecessary information included that it got rather tedious at times. I found the main character hard to connect with, and there really wasn't much depth to her. I wanted to like her and feel for her in her struggle for sexual independence, but I most [...]

    14. I am an EJD fan from way back and I have always loved his books, but this one hurt me deep. Unless you are into living in a freaky fantasy world where nothing outside the bedroom existsis isn't the book for you. We all have deep inner thoughts about sex and the exploration of sex, but the main character was just a lost soul if you ask me. She was a shallow freak. And the other characters, they were all twisted which is why they participated in such horrible behavior. Sex in this context was noth [...]

    15. Minireview: Perhaps the writing is a bit too similar to what goes on inside my brain when I am thinking WAY TOO MUCH. I like it, but I don't have the patients (currently) to read it. I think that I could really enjoy this book in the future, but right now it is neither fast enough nor bloody enough for me.Visit Sweet Vernal Zephyr for my long winded reviews.

    16. I've read this book before and decided to read it again, and i still feel the same way i felt before. I love it. This book introduced me to Anais Nin, and it's style was poetic like her words. I keep me interested and made me consider what love is, what lust is. It made me consider hurt, had me thinking of my experiences in life. And like most of Eric's books made me want to visit a different country and experience different cultures.

    17. Ummm wow! I have read just about all of EJD books. This book had me aroused the whole entire time. Very well written. It's amazing that when women are exploring their sexual side we are labeled everything but the child of GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK PLEASE DO! Do you know the difference of being in love and being in lust??? Being fucked and being made love too????

    18. I recently just finshied this book and it was hot! All about pleasure and some pain, but it was good. I loved it and I know anyone who loves pleasure will love it to! :)

    19. Honestly I really didn't like this novel. I don't think I like the writer either. It seems like every book of his that I get my hands on has threesomes m/f/f. In every single one of them which I thought was kind of selfish since this book was about the woman finding herself and letting her other self come out for a while. At one point she does end up with the brothers but then she has a foursome with another girl. And then she watches the wife of one brother get screwed on her bed by the other b [...]

    20. Very interesting book, there's a lot to digestVery interesting book, there's a lot to digest. The poetic manner in which this journey was described was intriguing. Nia Simone is an interesting character in search of fulfillment and satisfaction. Interesting spin on an affair. I'm still thinking but this review will have to do for now.

    21. SUMMARY:One woman's quest to finding pleasure and complete (mostly just sexual) satisfaction in life Nia meets twins, Karl and Mark, and her journey seems to be on the right path - or is it? WHY I HATED IT:- The book starts off extremely slow (and it is a long book as it is!) but the pace does not really pick up at any point Just generally boring- There is too much "smartassing" - most characters are clever, sassy, witty, and unbelievably well-read! They are all full of smartass comebacks and in [...]

    22. I have loved Eric Jerome Dickey from the first time I picked up his first novel over a decade ago. I fell in love with EJD because he really allows the reader to get to know and understand his characters. When writing about relationships, he doesn't necessarily go for a happy ending, but a realistic one. At this point, I say to myself, "Yeah, I can see that happening." His characters are relatable. EJD always amazes me when he writes from the female point-of-view because the feelings, emotions, [...]

    23. Erotica! Titillating and engaging. May be considered as a prelude to "50 shades of Grey" as an aside, I had a 51 year old female patient who confided in me that she was on the 2nd volume of "50 shades of Grey". The expression in her eyes was one of learned coyness (like am not supposed to be reading such books)which is one of the reasons I loved Eric Jerome Dickey (his last name gets me every time) "Pleasure" Which showcases a woman's total independence and self discovery, able to express her se [...]

    24. Couldn't believe how pathetic this book was. Had to stop reading it and move on. This book was useless and had no true plot. Boring. The main character was a lame slut playing around with twins. This book also kept over describing unimportant surroundings, and put too much detail on unnecessary things. It sucks that this was my first book to read from this author because it makes me not want to read another. It will take a lot for me to read another one of his books.

    25. I think this was pretty good. It wasn't a romance, which I'm more used to. I think it was more about a woman trying to find herself, and what kind of mate she wanted, for her life. In the end she figures out, she's not really good at relationships. But the process to get there, is really what this book is about. Nia meets twin brothers Karl & Mark. Identical twins, except the personalities (we all know that), and Karl has a tattoo, Mark is clean. Later she discovers Karl is single, and Mark [...]

    26. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I already want to read it again from the beginning. It's about a woman who battles with herself a lot and her sexuality. This is the reason why I loved this book so much, because this is me! Nia Symone is me. I am Nia Symone. lol No seriously though, I battle with my sexuality a lot and wonder if the things I feel are normal. I was highly aroused throughout the entire book. I even touched my yoni a few times lol. (Ok TMI I Guess -rolls eyes-) I battle with myself a lot too, my [...]

    27. Once the Dicky steps up his game. Reversing the roles of men and women, to euphoria to seek what they crave. From the first sentence, either hate it or love it. Be open with sexuality, or be prude. There were so many areas in this book that had me staying up all hours of the night, waiting to get through the vivid erotic scenes. Glad to see the fantasies of women to this extent, as people some believe to go on urges is wrong. What I have learned in life and this novel, live in the moment. Expect [...]

    28. I don't normally read erotica. But for Eric Jerome Dickey I would. His books often have a hint of erotica but this is his most overt erotic book that I have read thus far.Pleasure follows Nia Simone Bijou on her quest to fulfill her artistic and sensual self as she meets twins, Mark and Karl, and must come to terms with a past love, her fear of relationships and her need for erotic fulfillment.I was intrigued by Nia Simone and her creative vibe and the hunger for intense erotic pleasure. It was [...]

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