Seven Nights to Forever

Seven Nights to Forever The author of Her Ladyship s Companion once again pushes the erotic boundaries of Regency romance Destitute after her father s death Rose Marlowe has debts to settle and a younger brother to support

  • Title: Seven Nights to Forever
  • Author: Evangeline Collins
  • ISBN: 9780425236833
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of Her Ladyship s Companion once again pushes the erotic boundaries of Regency romance Destitute after her father s death, Rose Marlowe has debts to settle and a younger brother to support But she also possesses a matchless beauty one that could command quite a price Now, every month, Rose spends one week at a decadent London brothel, where she s become a s The author of Her Ladyship s Companion once again pushes the erotic boundaries of Regency romance Destitute after her father s death, Rose Marlowe has debts to settle and a younger brother to support But she also possesses a matchless beauty one that could command quite a price Now, every month, Rose spends one week at a decadent London brothel, where she s become a sought after prize Then one night she meets a wealthy merchant Handsome, kind and compassionate, with a lonely soul that matches her own, James Archer is not her typical client Falling in love with a client, never mind a married one, is unthinkable Yet Rose can t help but lose herself as one night becomes seven and seven nights leads to a chance at forever.

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    1. When I read Evangeline Collins debut novel, I greatly enjoyed her writing and her writing voice, and looked forward to her next novel. Seven Nights to Forever had me floored from start to finish! I was trapped into the weave Collins weaved with the emotional novel.James Archer is alone, totally and utterly alone. Dealing with the constant abuse from his wife, he drowns himself in work. Until out of the pure need to be with someone goes to a well-known brothel and pays for the best of the best. R [...]

    2. James Archer is so very lonely and miserable. A very wealthy but common merchant, James is married to a cruel viper of a wife who wishes him dead and throws her many lovers in his face while he’s not allowed to have any. James married Amelia, his society wife, to give his younger sister, Rebecca, her London season in the hopes of marrying well. And Amelia makes James’s life miserable because of the power she wields regarding Rebecca’s reputation. At twenty-five James’s only solace in his [...]

    3. This could have been a slam dunk, 5-star book for me. But sadly there were a few things that just didn't work for me and tainted the experience a bit.Basic plot: James is a very wealthy commoner who married into the nobility in order to give his younger sister the entree into society she wants. Rose is the daughter of a lord who died and left her and her younger brother with no money. In order to save their home and to allow her brother to maintain his lifestyle, she becomes a courtesan.One nigh [...]

    4. The premise of this grabbed me instantly: James, a wealthy merchant married to an aristocrat who despises him, miserably seeks out an evening with a kind woman in the only place he can think of to find one -- a brothel. He's matched with Rose, a woman also trapped by ugly circumstances -- her public persona is a quiet life running her family's country estate, but for one week each month, she works as a high paid prostitute to support her feckless younger brother. That one night with Rose happens [...]

    5. De nuevo estrenando autora y llevándome una buena impresión. Esta segunda novela de la serie para mí ha sido de mi agrado y es que aquí no encontraréis la típica novela romántica histórica al uso donde tenemos a la protagonista virgen e inocente y al playboy de turno véase duque, conde, marqués que se enamora locamente de la joven. No. Aquí tenemos una historia mucho más dura por así decirlo donde Rose Marlowe la protagonista se ve avocada a pasar una semana cada mes ofreciendo sus [...]

    6. "Is there a type of woman you prefer?""I prefer a woman with dark hair. Not too thin." Though what he really wanted was someone kind. Someone who would demand nothing in return except for his presence

    7. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI’m not a huge fan of mistress/courtesan heroines and if she’s a very seasoned one, like been-with-hundreds-of-men type, I don't really connect well with her. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman and I don’t condone prostitution. Rose was someone like that. I had troubles connecting with her, too, yet I appreciated her courage and the fact that she wasn’t as jaded and hopeless after such a long time. James wa [...]

    8. I want a better story. Instead of believable conflicts, she makes up reasons to worry. Unfortunately I wanted it to be overORY BRIEF:James’ father forced him to marry Amelia who despised him, insulted him, and flaunted her lovers in his face. James’ younger sister Rebecca will be coming out – her first season. The deal was that Amelia, with her title and connections, would sponsor Rebecca to help her find a titled husband. James has endured loneliness for three years, being married to Amel [...]

    9. Una escritora que me ha sorprendido gratamente.Esta es una historia diferente. Rose no es como las protagonistas comunes de las novelas de romántica histórica. Rose ha tenido que pasar momentos difíciles y ha terminado siendo prostituta, y lo ha sido durante cinco años. Es una mujer acostumbrada a ser tratada como un objeto, una mujer que se sacrifica por darle todo a su hermano menor. Y entonces conoce a James.James no es un noble ni nada parecido. James es un burgués, es un hombre rico pe [...]

    10. Orjinal adı Seven Nights to Forever Puanı 5/3,81 Benim puanım 5/4 Oldukça beğendim.Kitaba başlarken ön yargılarımdan arınarak okumaya çalıştımBenim kendi şahsi fikrim herkesin ikinci bir şansı hak ettiği yönündedirÖzellikle bu tip düşmüş kadınlar hak eder bunuBenceRomanı okumaya başladığımda erkek karakter James Archer'in kağıt üzerinde kalmış bir evliliğini görüyoruzBu genç adam tüccar çok zengin ama soylu değilFakat fedakar duygulu bir yapıya sahip. [...]

    11. My Review:The Plot:As a woman fully reconciled with her choices in life, Rose Marlowe has managed through sheer desperation to become the most beautiful and the most expensive courtesan at Rubicon's upscale brothel in London. Born a gentle country miss, obviously this direction she's taken with her life is not her fairytale dream coming true but rather a nasty turn of fate that's made selling her body for a man's pleasure an absolute necessity. Now, for one week each month Rose makes the trip fr [...]

    12. Favorite Quote: “You’re the first man I have ever wanted to be with.”After Rose’s parents died a few years ago, her 13 year old brother was left without a great outlook in life when most of their money went to cover the family debt. Without many options, Rose decides to take control of her life, and sell her body. A profession where she comes to realize leaves her with little control at all. After two unsuccessful protectors (one married, one abusive) she finds Madame Rubicon’s brothel [...]

    13. So, I've been meaning to read this for a long time, but it keeps slipping my mind or something. Finally after nearly 2 years, I finished it. Before I start, the (nearly virginal) hero is already unhappily married when he meets our practicing prostitute (for 5 years, including her stint as a mistress) heroine. In fact, the hero hires her for companionship. Their relationship starts as one with a large financial transaction, but their time together develops in a mutual understanding, need, and lov [...]

    14. Kitabın konusu ilk başta çok bilindik görünüyor ama aslında büyük bir fark var Esas oğlanımız evli maalesef Hem de dünyanın en şirret, acımasız ve soğuk kadınıyla Babaların ayarladığı anlaşmalı evliliğin içinde tıkılıp kalmış zavallı ve üç yıl boyunca karısının her türlü aşağılamalarına katlanmış Tabi bunu okuyunca öylece durdum sanmayın, suspus kalıp her şeyi kabullenişine ağzıma geleni saydım adama ama sonra baktım kız kardeşi için ka [...]

    15. There are books that capture your attention and keep you interested the whole way through. "Seven Nights to Forever" by Evangeline Collins is definitely a character driven novel. If you are looking for an action, humor or fluff, this book isn't for you, but, if you are like me and sympathize with beta heroes and welcome books that are slightly darker and emotionally intense, this is the book for you. I truly enjoyed this book; it was heart-wrenching, sensual, mildly erotic with goodhearted chara [...]

    16. James Archer is an honorable man trapped in a loveless marriage. A marriage of convenience (that has turned more into an inadvertent quest for sainthood) that was selflessly agreed upon to further the social status of his younger sister in his family's attempt to climb the social ranks. Despite a wife that despises everything about him, he remains steadfast and true to his vows even though his wife flaunts her adulterous affairs. After years of rejection, humility, and tireless selflessness, the [...]

    17. A lush, sensual, passionate story with a devastating pair of lovers who come together in the most unlikely of ways to find true love in romance author, Evangeline Collins’s SEVEN NIGHT TO HEAVEN released by Berkley Sensations on November 2010.Wealthy gentleman merchant, James arch was forced into a love les marriage to a woman who cannot stand the sight of him.“He let out another heavy sigh. He’d been reduced to knocking on the back door of a brothel.But the loneliness had become too much [...]

    18. James is stuck in an arranged marriage, void of love, compassion or even amiability. His hard working attitude hides a very lonely man and the only thing that makes this marriage worthwhile is his wife’s promise to introduce his sister to the bon ton of London during the season. Still, after three long years of being honorable it turns a man starved for a bit of affection and kindness. James promises himself one night with a woman who does not loathe the sight of him and that choice brings him [...]

    19. I reviewed this book for Romance Reader At Heart. RRAH's THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS: How do you take prostitution and infidelity and turn it into a compassionate love story? Ms. Collins answered that question by writing SEVEN NIGHTS TO FOREVER, a heartwarming story of two extremely complex characters who are trying to fit a lifetime of loneliness and love in seven days. The chemistry, not just sexual, between the two main characters was so good that you could feel the passion and the heartbreak tha [...]

    20. Seven Nights to Forever is an unfortunate case of a novel that starts well, rockets up for a while, and then crashes down in a puff of smoke. It is really a pity when that happens. The beginning is so good that I decided to buy the novel despite the outrageously expensive cost (€8.56 – thrice the price of a normal romance ebook). Up to the 30-40%, I was ready to give this book five stars. A prostitute falls in love with his client? Both are good people suffering from other people’s deeds? [...]

    21. I devoured this book! I definitely feel like I need to re-read it to see if it's a favorite but it's definitely a 4 star book.I spent 2 hours reading it last night and I was 2/3s done with it, because it was just really well paced and Evangeline Collins's prose flowed well and was never awkward or overwrought (flowery prose is unavoidable with HRs though). James and Rose were very likable leads who both didn't have the highest opinions of themselves. James is a workaholic, driven to do so by his [...]

    22. illekitap/2014Veee bir historical daha bitirmiş olmanın verdiği hazla bu yorumu yazıyorum. Sizlere bir şey itiraf edeyim mi uzun zamandır bu kadar iyi bir historical okumamıştım. Konusu farklı, karakterleri farklı ve kurgu farklı! Baştan aşağı değişikti.Alışıla gelmişin dışında erkek karakter bir dük, kont, vikont falan filen değil sadece varlıklı bir "bay"dı. Ve kadın karakter de yine alışılagelmişin dışında saf, masum, bir erkeğin tutkusunun ve dokunuşun [...]

    23. This is the story of two sweet, gentle, rather young and not very exciting people falling in love. That one is married to another and one is a prostitute suggests that it may be full of drama, scandal and mayhem - but it isn't. Both have lead bleak lives before finding solace in each other. The hero working hard in a job he is not really passionate about to avoid his clichéd shrew of a wife, the well bred heroine selling her body to stupidly enable her younger brother's excessive lifestyle. Bot [...]

    24. Something about good women turned to desperate means works for me, so I picked up the book. It occurs to me that I just like it when someone gets emotionally or physically saved in romances. The reason the book only got two stars is because I found both the hero and the heroine to be ridiculously maudlin. There was so much emoting from both of them I just couldn't take it. I wanted to tell the hero to sack up, seriously. He dithers around for most of the book, mooning about his conflicted feelin [...]

    25. Written by Rita Jett for Romance Novel NewsFor one week a month, Rose Marlowe heads to London to work at Madame Rubicon’s – an exclusive brothel.Being the most popular and expensive “employee” affords Rose the financial security to support her 18-year-old brother while keeping him in the dark about their family’s financial straits.James Archer arrives seeking a companionship denied to him by his wife Amelia. A successful tradesman, James entered into a marriage of convenience with an a [...]

    26. Kitap hakkında en önce gözüme batan şey, akıcı olduğu. Ceviride yada anlatımda sorun yoktu, kendini okutuyor. Ama önemli olan konu ve karakterler her zaman. Kadın karakterimiz bir fahişe evet, kitapta özel ve fiyatı yüksek diye betimleniyor. Bayağı da güzel. Adı Rose. James ise erkek karakterimiz. Mutsuz bir evliliğe zincirlenmiş daha 25 gibi genç bir yaşta çökmüş, başını işten kaldırmayan, sevgiye, ilgiye muhtaç bir adam. Amelia ise James'in uyuz karısı. Böyl [...]

    27. I liked the risks Evangeline Collins took with her two main characters, a married man and a prostitute. She didn't push the envelope too far (neither has sex with anyone else during the course of the book), but I found her treatment of the subject matter satisfying. The character development was good enough that I wanted to cheer, but the resolution seemed abrupt (I wanted more time to savor the HEA, maybe?).I heard enough about this book to break my "no eBook over $8" rule, and I enjoyed it. My [...]

    28. I did something silly. I stacked all the books in my to be read pile up and it was taller than me, A LOT taller than me. Most things are taller than me cause I'm only 5' 1 1/2" (yes I add the half inch). Anyway, I then picked one out of it to read. I picked a good one. I fell in love with James and Rose. Their story was so sad on the way to their HEA. I hope she's almost done with Timothy's story and maybe getting ready to start on Dash's.Now which one can I pick next and not cause the stack to [...]

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