Girl Singer: An Autobiography

Girl Singer An Autobiography In Girl Singer Rosemary Clooney with the warmth and humor that distinguishes her singing describes her transformation from a schoolgirl in kneesocks to one of the most beloved singers of the twenti

  • Title: Girl Singer: An Autobiography
  • Author: Rosemary Clooney Joan Barthel
  • ISBN: 9780767905558
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Girl Singer, Rosemary Clooney, with the warmth and humor that distinguishes her singing, describes her transformation from a schoolgirl in kneesocks to one of the most beloved singers of the twentieth century Rosemary Clooney made her first public appearance at the age of three, on the stage of the Russell Theater in her tiny hometown of Maysville, Kentucky She has beIn Girl Singer, Rosemary Clooney, with the warmth and humor that distinguishes her singing, describes her transformation from a schoolgirl in kneesocks to one of the most beloved singers of the twentieth century Rosemary Clooney made her first public appearance at the age of three, on the stage of the Russell Theater in her tiny hometown of Maysville, Kentucky She has been singing ever since on the local radio with Tony Pastor s orchestra in big box office Hollywood films at the London Palladium, Carnegie Hall on her own television series and at venues large and small around the world The list of her friends and intimates reads like a Who s Who of show business royalty Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Tony Bennett, and Billie Holiday, to name just a few.At twenty five, she married the erudite and respected actor Jos Ferrer, sixteen years her senior and light years sophisticated Trouble started almost immediately when, on her honeymoon, she discovered that he had already been unfaithful Finally, after having five children while she virtually single handedly supported the entire family and his numerous, unrepentant infidelities, she filed for divorce From there her life spiraled downward into depression, addiction to various prescription drugs, and then, in 1968, a breakdown and hospitalization After years spent fighting her way back to the top with two albums at the top of the Billboard charts in six years Clooney is married to her long lost love a fairy tale with a happy ending.

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    1. Rosemary Clooney is one of my dad's all-time favorite singers, right up there with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. I love her voice and classic style, as well, so reading this book was a lot of fun. (Thanks goes to my son for finding this book at a used bookstore and giving it to me.) I learned so much about Clooney's career and personal life, including stuff I'd only heard about vaguely when I was younger. She had a lot of trials and tragedies in her life--some brought on by herself and some bec [...]

    2. This a fun bittersweet ride. She did go around the block ay least twice and in the meantime she was having children! That's why she did not make a lot of movies she was pregnant all the time. Meanwhile there are lots of anecdotes with celebrities and her friend Marlena Dietrich keeps popping in and out. "Dietrich came to the hospital to see me and the baby, carrying a big jar of caviar. She buttonholed the nurse in my room . "Where do you keep your penicillin?" Dietrich demanded. She smiled at m [...]

    3. Insightful and unsparing, this showbiz memoir is surpassed by Mary Tyler Moore for compelling candor. Although a bit discursive and meandering towards the end, it's well worth consuming.

    4. Of course, Rosemary Clooney's book was written well before the James Frey-inspired "autobiography" vs. "memoirs" debate, so I'll cut some slack on the semantics. That being said, I would probably classify this book in the memoirs category. The content is broken up into short accounts of the author's fascinating memories--each ranging from a few paragraphs to a few pages. These brief reminiscences are grouped in a semi-chronological fashion into simple, numbered chapters.In favor of "autobiograph [...]

    5. I have loved Rosemary Clooney since I saw White Christmas on a black and white television when I was a child. Later when I looked up famous people born the same day as myself, I was delighted to see her name. I started this book on our house hunting-trip to Moscow. After I got back to California, I only read bits and pieces for a month and then I finished it on the plane ride to Colorado. The parents that she had were totally undependable - in and out of her life. She learned at an early age sh [...]

    6. I have this strange fascination with reading autobiographies/memoirs/biographies about famous people that I'm interested in. Most of the time I don't particularly enjoy them, so I don't know why I feel the need to continue reading them. :) Anyway, a few bits of this one were good. In some cases I liked hearing behind-the-scenes stories of famous people she knew, but in others I would rather not have known. I couldn't quite understand the morals, either. Towards the beginning of her career, Rosem [...]

    7. I bought the large print edition a few months ago because it was the only one stocked in the local bookstore, perhaps thinking only seniors would be interested in Rosemary Clooney's life, but I've loved her voice from the first time I saw her sing 'Love You Didn't Do Right By Me' in 'White Christmas'. I was knocked off my pins that just after I started reading this came the news she had died of lung cancer. Though another writer helped with this book, the phrasing seems all Rosie, like an intima [...]

    8. I must say that I would never have chosen this book if one of my friends in book club had not chosen it, but I am certainly glad that I did. The book shared a journey that many of us take when we think others are better than us. Rosemary, herself, was far more than she gave herself credit and she spent far too much time trying to be someone she thought was better. She married who she thought was her prince charming rather than her match hmmm, Katie Holmes, perhaps you could have avoided some unh [...]

    9. Like, I suppose, most celebrity autobiographies, Girl Singer is anecdotal, name-dropping, and without much depth. However, I like Rosemary Clooney and found her story interesting, with the final chapter, that is, her life in the present, poignant and quite satisfying. A friend of mine just did a cabaret show based on Clooney and Girl Singer. I was unable to attend, but my son told me it was outstanding. I wish Clooney could have known about it, but she's been dead quite a few years.I also know t [...]

    10. A great read as far as it goes, with the casual feel of a memoir. Rosemary's voice is true to my memories of interviews and tv specials unsullied by Barthel's hand. There's a fair amount of name-dropping, but little in the way of details and while at least one tantalizing oddity is mentioned (apparently Bing Crosby always had pools filled in at his homes?), the laundry is kept very well under wraps for someone as well connected in entertainment as the lady was. The only disappointment is in that [...]

    11. I always liked Rosemary Clooney and was inspired to pick this up after listening to her commentary on a DVD of White Christmas. Let me recommend that too. Her observations are charming and enlightening, when she breaks into song your heart soars. She's also very upfront about some of the bumps in the road of her life.That led me to the book and I enjoyed it for the same reasons. She's candid about her early life, her marriages and her mental health issues. Anyone who has ever struggled with thei [...]

    12. Would highly recommend this memoir; that I started ages ago and finally finished. Clooney's candid revelations about her disjointed childhood, doomed from the start love affair and marriage to Jose Ferrer; motherhood to five; drug dependancy; career highlights and downfalls; all combine for a compelling backstory to one of the great "girl singers". The insider look at Hollywood of the 40s, 50s and later are an added bonus.

    13. I'm a huge fan of music & celebrity from the 40's & 50'sRosemary Clooney totally brings you back in this one. She had a lot of problems, but comes accross as completely down to earth. Her descriptions of performing with classic big bands and socializing with celebrities gave me goosebumps. I loved it and it was written in a way that made me feel like she was talking directly to me.

    14. Entertaining read. Author reveals good insight into her psychological makeup: alcoholic father, absentee mother, raised by various relatives, learns to be a "pleaser" & marries philandering, narcisstic actor José Ferrer BUT thinks have 5 children will save her marriage, then she repeats her mother's mistakes.

    15. I love Rosemary Clooney -- you hear that rich, smooth voice, and you know she's in control of the song, and will give it to you like a lovely story. She got the pacing and phrasing together. And in her memoir, she offers little bits and pieces like a flair in the song. She had such a complicated life -- this book is fascinating, and gives you a whole new respect for her.

    16. Such a fascinating woman. I actually mourned a little bit when this book was finished. Her contemporaries were amazing, and I had no idea she was there when Robert Kennedy was shot. What a lovely read

    17. I really enjoyed this one. Miss Clooney didn't seem to hold back - and told it like it is. Booze, pill addictions, lots of Frank Sinatra, yes please. She gave us the dirt, on herself much more than others, but still came off to me as a class act.

    18. I enjoyed this book. Knowing she was from Kentucky, i was intrigued. I was not let down, as her life was something else. Now when i hear her songs, i am proud to have gotten to know her through her book.

    19. Rosemary Clooney - what a life! I began this book admiring a singer and ended it admiring the person. This candid autobiography made me glad she found happiness later in life. Rereading this one and still hating on José Ferrer.

    20. hmm, I wanted to like rosemary but oh my goodness. she had no self control, no self discipline, no confidence. book was enjoyable, easy read, but I was disappointed in her self. Bing was her mentor. obviously I like the old days so fun to hear some of the old stories.

    21. Carrie, Central patron, July 2016, 5 stars:Easy to read, beautiful memoir-like fictional account of a blues artist. I couldn't put it down.

    22. A delightful read about a fascinating lady. Frank discussion about her mental health issues and recovery. So crazy about Rosemary!

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