The First Love Cookie Club

The First Love Cookie Club Lori Wilde has created a rich and wonderful story about the charm of small town life combined with the power and passion of first love Delicious New York Times Bestselling author Robyn CarrCome back t

  • Title: The First Love Cookie Club
  • Author: Lori Wilde
  • ISBN: 9780061988424
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lori Wilde has created a rich and wonderful story about the charm of small town life combined with the power and passion of first love Delicious New York Times Bestselling author Robyn CarrCome back to Twilight, Texas with award winning author Lori Wilde The First Love Cookie Club is heartwarming contemporary romance fiction, the story of a famous writer s return to t Lori Wilde has created a rich and wonderful story about the charm of small town life combined with the power and passion of first love Delicious New York Times Bestselling author Robyn CarrCome back to Twilight, Texas with award winning author Lori Wilde The First Love Cookie Club is heartwarming contemporary romance fiction, the story of a famous writer s return to the hometown she once fled in humiliation only to discover that the boy she foolishly gave her heart to those many years ago might just be her Christmas miracle Fans of Debbie Macomber, Susan Wiggs, Susan Mallery, and Sherryl Woods will delight over The First Love Cookie Club, a wonderfully poignant tale of small town second chances.

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    1. I'm enjoying the books from this series. They all contain a Christmas theme snuck in it. Twilight is a small quaint town so everybody knows each other. The Sweetheart Tree brings first loves together. A little mystery is always involved as well as romance, humor, and a little sex.

    2. This is my first book of Lori Wilde and must say she writes so well the book kept me hooked from first page to last,its such a cute emotional christmas story ,excellent read though the sexual words(Cock,clit) used made the whole making love scene between Travis-Sarah spoilt it,and I also don't like references to body parts being discoloured or the hero saying `whoops' in the middle of it all. It made for some very awkward reading! as you start from first page you will realise Sarah loves Travis [...]

    3. Quite possibly the worst book ever. I hesitate to give it that title because I might read a book that I liked less than this someday but I'm not sure that is possible. I'm always keen to try something new because I'm pretty sure that there is a reader out there somewhere for every book (didn't someone say that once) but I that seems unlikely with this book. Lori Wilde promises us a 'first love cookie club' right on the title but that is a tiny part of the book. Disappointing. Cookies are baked a [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. I felt like the problems and emotions were ones that were realistic. While both Travis and Sarah have issues, none of them seem to overwhelm the story. It starts with Sarah as an awkward teenager discovering that the guy she's been dreaming of is about to marry someone else. After humiliating herself by trying to stop the wedding she swears she will never risk her heart again. Fast forward nine years, and Sarah has become a successful children's author. When she recei [...]

    5. I didn't realize this was the third of a series, so I guess I'd have to say that you can read this book without reading the series and you won't feel confused or that you don't have the whole story.I understood Sarah, the heroine, of this one and her decision to keep her emotions firmly tamped down. With her upbringing and then her experience with dating, it made sense. Yes, I did think she was a bit too much at times, but still, it made sense and she is a well-drawn character.The attraction Tra [...]

    6. Review for The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde Even though I am starting to dread contemporary romances, I thought I would give this one a try. Lots of folks are recommending it.What I likede story is very sweet, very sentimental, and chock full of Christmas-y themes. The hero is fabulousI love himarming, sexy, an incredible, loving father, and.did I mention sexy? Unfortunately, I wasn't digging the heroinee was sort of irritating, and frankly, I couldn't figure out why the hero thought she [...]

    7. There are times when I wonder why I read romances at all and this is one of them. Every time the kismet cookie comes up, I cringe. Every time the cookie club members scheme to bring Sarah and Travis together, I cringe. Basically, all the other residents of the small town, aside from Travis, Jazzy, and perhaps a few more, make me cringe. I think I like Sarah too much to want her to put up with all that nonsense. Other than those parts, I quite enjoyed this book.

    8. I’ve read a recent contemporary that’s perfect for the holidays. This book is adorable in its telling, and just steamy enough where you won’t need to sit in front of a roaring fire to keep warm.I adore Lori Wilde’s romances, and The First Love Cookie Club has a very emotional story behind it. Read the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book and you’ll understand why. Lori excels at writing small town romances, and with this latest, the heroine, Sarah Collier returns back to Twilig [...]

    9. An emotional read that will pull on the heart strings and bring readers a lot of holiday cheers.It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! After reading this book, I’m in holiday mode. The book starts off with fifteen year old Sarah Collier who is spending the Christmas time with her grandmother, Mina in the small town of Twilight, Texas. Following in the tradition of her grandmother, Sarah bakes kismet cookies and places them under her pillow to dream of her one true love. Year after year [...]

    10. In Twilight, Texas there is a tradition that states if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow on Christmas Eve you will dream of your soulmate. Sarah Collier once believed in that tradition, until as a teenager she ended up running down the church aisle on Christmas Day wearing a jingle bell sweater and reindeer antlers to try to stop Travis Walker from marrying someone else. Sarah was completely humiliated and hasn't been back to Twilight since. Now Sarah is all grown up and a successf [...]

    11. Cute Christmas romance--Sarah Collier's 15-year-old self completely bought into her grandmother's charming story about Kismet Cookies. They bake them on Christmas Eve, and when you sleep with one under your pillow, you'll dream of your one true love. Well, Sarah's dreamt of Travis Walker, her grandmother's next door neighbor's son, for years. Although he's five years older than she, he's always been kind and friendly, and she's cherished that hope that he'll love her too, for quite some time. Ov [...]

    12. Another feel-good romance novel, this one was interesting. I'd never heard of kismet cookies before so that was a first for me. The idea behind the magic kismet cookies was really cute and then bring in Sarah and Travis' love story, made it even sweeter. Travis' daughter was the icing on top of the mountain of sugar that made up this novel. There's a lot of nervousness, anxiousness and uncertainty on Sarah's side coupled with Travis's never-ending love and determination for his daughter fighting [...]

    13. This book was a lot of fun, like reading a Hallmark Christmas movie. It was a fun read, and the characters were engaging enough for this read. I think the main negative for me with this book was that I read a Christmas novel in the middle of April, while it was 80 degrees here in San Diego. I probably won't follow through with the series, but I will definitely be reading this cozy romance again-when the season is right. I would recommend this to any looking for a Christmas-y romance. It's exactl [...]

    14. Hmmm just finished this book. Fairly predictable. The love scene near the end is too explicit, using crude and vulgar words that didn't really fit with the rest of the feelings expressed. Poorly edited - many typos that were distracting. Has been described as a great Christmas read, however I can't really recommend it to anyone, for any season.

    15. I just finished a terrific Christmas romance: Lori Wilde's The First Love Cookie Club. Back when the heroine was a pudgy teen, she humiliated herself by interrupting Travis Walker's wedding--but now she's a famous author & back in TexasI loved it! It's a little sad, makes you laugh, perfect to curl up with & enjoy the weekend.

    16. Really cute little story! I'm glad I read it now as it is still close enough to Christmas to feel relevant. The sick little kid theme is one that I generally don't like, but here it wasn't overplayed and fit the story nicely.My first Lori Wilde book and it was just kinda sweet!

    17. Cute little Christmas story, with some depth added about his daughter, and in the end Sarah's parents. Just didn't think the very graphic sex scene at all matched the cutesy Christmas novel format. Bordered on pornographic. Could have done without it. Good story, though. Quite a bit of humor.

    18. This and the series are delightful. I love getting to know the people of this town and watching love happen.

    19. This is an absolutely delicious read! Starting from the first page you get the sense that the author really loves and enjoys food (desserts in particularly) and she writes about it poetically. You can almost smell the cookies and cakes when she's describing them. Not only that, but she describes Twilight, Texas beautifully as well. It's a made up town (as far as I know), but this books makes you want to go and have a visit any time of the year, and it's not just because the people seem friendly [...]

    20. The First Love Cooke Club at least to this reader felt darker than the first two books. Maybe it was because one of the main character’s Jazzy was a little girl with a life threatening illness? Maybe it was because our heroine Sarah was emotionally shutoff? Maybe it was the revelation of Jazzy’s mother’s dark secret or her Great Aunt Raylene’s? Most likely it was the cumulative effect of all of these factors.When the book opens Sarah our heroine is a 15-year-old girl. She’s a little ch [...]

    21. Trigger warnings (I DNF'd at 28% because I hated it that much, but here are the triggers I saw): (view spoiler)[Recurrent internal monologue about weight, weight loss, and shame related to eating. I thought I'd be free of this in a lighthearted romance that is about a COOKIE CLUB, but apparently no. The MC's relatives also shame her about her weight.If you didn't catch it from the summary, the child in here is very sick, often in hospitals, and close to dying.The book has a weird idea that your [...]

    22. Really enjoyed book 3 — the first Christmas story for me this season! I thought it was well written and even the “Murphy’s Law” scenes were fun! I enjoy small town romance — can so relate to everyone knowing all your business! Unless you’ve lived it yourself, you might not get the significance - but this author does a great job of capturing the good and bad of small town life! On to book 4 another Christmas story for the season!

    23. This book reminded me of a Hallmark movie. You knew how it would end but there would be bumps in the road first. I debated whether to finish reading and decided to continue since it was a quick read. Not the type of book I would typically read but for those that like Hallmark you might enjoy.

    24. Wonderful book!This was a wonderful story of the power of love and how two disparate personalities can perfectly balance each other. I loved the ending and, as I so often do with a good book, I had to re-read the final chapters.

    25. Is your 1st love also your true love? Do you believe in destiny??Read this book & you'll feel like you're right in Texas with Sarah & Travis

    26. I love romance novels, and this one was well-written enough that I wondered why I didn't like it more. Granted, I'm a much greater fan of historical novels, but I read enough contemporary fiction that this wouldn't interfere with my enjoyment, right? But, in my final analysis, I think the 'chick-lit' conflicts are where this novel goes off the rails: All of the conflicts the main characters must overcome are of the self-inflicted, first-world variety that feel contrived and lack authenticity.Sar [...]

    27. Sarah, who now goes by the pen name of Sadie Cool had a traumatic childhood experience when it came to love. She was taught, by her grandmother, that if you put a Kismet cookie under your pillow on Christmas Eve, you would dream about your soul mate and true love. For years, Sarah dreamed about Travis. She confessed her love, at the age of 15, while Travis was a little preoccupied, at his wedding.Now years later, Sarah has one of the most famous children’s Christmas books ever and has been ask [...]

    28. There is a legend among the town of Twilight, Texas, that if you sleep with kismet cookies and dream of your true love, then he will be your future. Sarah Collier, as a teenager, had known that Travis was her one true love. But when she hears that he is to married, she tries to stop the wedding, only to be rejected, now all grown up, an adult, a scrooge, but yet a author for children's books, and is well known among children everywhere. She then receives a letter, from a sick girl, who begs to m [...]

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