Super Human

Super Human Four thousand years ago the world s first super human walked the earth Possessing the strength of one hundred men skin impervious to attack and the ability to read minds this immortal being used hi

  • Title: Super Human
  • Author: Michael Carroll
  • ISBN: 9780399252976
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Four thousand years ago the world s first super human walked the earth Possessing the strength of one hundred men, skin impervious to attack, and the ability to read minds, this immortal being used his power to conquer and enslave nations Now plans are in motion that will transport this super human to the present, where he ll usher in a new age of tyranny unlike anythingFour thousand years ago the world s first super human walked the earth Possessing the strength of one hundred men, skin impervious to attack, and the ability to read minds, this immortal being used his power to conquer and enslave nations Now plans are in motion that will transport this super human to the present, where he ll usher in a new age of tyranny unlike anything the world has ever seen.Determined to stand against them, using powers they ve only just begun to master, is a ragtag group of young heroes For them this first test may be their greatest d last.

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    1. Why did I ever decide to read this book? So at first, I had read up to page 20 of this book, but then I stopped. Then, I picked it up again. I should have never done that. This book seems interesting when you find out what it's about, but when you actually read it, it's not as good as it seems. First off, the authors writing is flat. All of the characters seem like they all have the same personality. None of the characters seemed distinct. There was no dialogue or actions that made the character [...]

    2. Hands down, this is a book that is 100% action-packed!Superhuman is about four teenagers who discovered that they have powers, they are known as Superhumans. When a plague starts to spread that infects all the adults including adult Auperhumans, the teenagers are forced to help and save the world. They find out the the plague has by caused by humans who wanted to bring the Fifth King back, who is the first known Superhuman. Will the teenage Superhumans be able to save the world? One kid might ha [...]

    3. Synopsis: Four thousand years ago the world’s first super human walked the earth. Possessing the strength of one hundred men, skin impervious to attack, and the ability to read minds, this immortal being used his power to conquer and enslave nations. Now plans are in motion that will transport this super human to the present, where he’ll usher in a new age of tyranny unlike anything the world has ever seen.Determined to stand against them, using powers they’ve only just begun to master, is [...]

    4. Superhuman by Michael Carroll is an action novel about four teenagers,three of which who have superpowers and a normal teenager who's quick on his feet. An outbreak of a sickening and deathly plague spreads that infects all the adults including adult Superhumans. As a result the four teenagers must come together and save the world. The teenagers then find out that the plague was started by an organization that wanted to bring back the Fifth King,who was the first Superhuman to ever live. So in t [...]

    5. 1 Not-What-I-Expected-Star ☆I borrowed this book from my local library. So unlike my usual epub reading format, i was met with surprise when the first page and every page at the beginning of each chapter was a grey page with white letters. Sounds pretty cool and creative, but Hell to readr me at least. Black & white, maybe. But grey & white are just to similar and they blur but i may just be being a big baby, so i didn't take off any points for that. -1★: The story was written well ( [...]

    6. UPDATED Below: I saw this on the shelf at B&N and was taken in by the cover and by the concept -- you don't see many superhero stories in book form -- so I downloaded the sample to my Kindle. I gotta say, though, after getting a few pages in, there's something about the writing that strikes me as very flat. I haven't applied my super powers of artistic analysis to it yet, so I don't have a concrete sense of where that feeling comes from, but my instinct is that the writings leans too heavily [...]

    7. super Human by Michael Carroll is an exciting novel that submerges into the world of super heroes and super villains. When a killer virus is exposed to the whole world and makes anyone over the age of 19 ill its up to a new generation of heroes to save everyone including the adult superheroes. On the journey we follow Roz Dolton who has the ability of telekinesis, Abigail De Luyando who is a lot faster and stronger then humans, a boy who goes only by Thunder and has the ability to control sound, [...]

    8. Super Human by Michael Carroll has shot up to my favorites. It is about four teens (later six) working together trying to face an ancient evil, the first superhuman. They also have to band together to defeat the organization trying to revive that ancient evil. This action packed story starts off putting you into the lives of these teens trying to defeat him. Lance the con artist with no abilities, Roz the telepathic soldier, Abigail the super-strong warrior, and Thunder the controller of sound. [...]

    9. Superhuman is an action book by Michael Carroll about a world where all the adults are sick and it is up to teenagers to save everyone. There are humans that want to bring back the first superhuman, known as the fifth king, that have started the plague. The main characters are Abby, Roz, Thunder who are superhuman, and Lance who is not superhuman.I liked the author's style of writing in this novel. For example, he does not have much character development. This allows the reader to feel however h [...]

    10. This is an invigorating story about four kids, who met up and become friends, but there’s a twist, three of these kids have super human powers. There is Abby de Luyando who has enhanced strength and speed, but her powers work mainly on metal objects, Roz Dalton who has telekinesis, James Klause which he controls sound, and last but not least Lance McKendrick, he is the one that doesn't have super human powers, but he is able to get out of sticky situations. There are a bunch of other super hum [...]

    11. I was going to give this book a fourth star, right up until the last two chapters. Those were so disappointing that I subtracted one. It's not that the writing was bad, but the actually story twisted in a way that I found appalling, if this is a stand-alone novel. If it's got a sequel, the ending might be redeemable.The novel is set in a world where superheroes and supervillains are real, and society has come to terms with this. All of the trappings are there, including secret identities, costum [...]

    12. BUT NO! Thank Tony Stark, Michael Carroll has followed the Gerund Trilogy with a prequel, and this time the book has a supercharged title and an extremely YA-looking cover to match the fast and funny and heartfelt action within. Finally! THIS book I can hand to a nine-year-old, whose face will light up with interest even as his ma begins to squint dubiously at it. That's a combination I can work with - moms are a lot easier to convince than boys. (Hey and guess what? That's a GIRL under that vag [...]

    13. This book was pretty good I felt it could done better. One of the things that I like about it that it was all new heroes and people and didn't exist in an already existing universe like marvel or DC. But the plot was very drawn out and kind of confusing. Since it was switching between different characters, characters were constantly switching sides or jumping in and out the story (one chararatert would runaway and then like a paragraph later he or she would randomly appear again). But I would de [...]

    14. This is a very good book. I would recommend this for many people. It is funny sometimes and serious other times. It is intense and exciting.

    15. I've been reading quite a bit of middle school fiction lately, and this book is one of my favorites so far. It is exactly what it claims to be - an action-packed, comic inspired, sci-fi/fantasy adventure. The characters are likeable, the plot is uncomplicated, and the writing is solid. I think the thing that I like the most is that this book can be enjoyed by both genders at an age where boys and girls feel so very different from each other.

    16. "Super Human" by Michael Carroll is an action packed science fiction book that follows a the views of many characters. It is a fantastic book and should definitely be read by people who enjoy a good story, characters, and plenty of action. This book takes placae in a world that holds many super humans among the regular ones. There are a total of five points of views from the characters and you can easily become attached to all of them. Of these five characters, four of them are the protagonists. [...]

    17. Once there was a man who was more than a man, a warrior who single-handedly conquered the known world and whose death is still a mystery. In the present, though, superhumans are a bit more common, and when a virus starts taking out all of the adults, it's up to a group of teenage heroes-to-be (and one teenage con artist) to figure out what's going on and to stop the Fifth King from coming again.Maybe I should've read The Quantum Prophecy first (I felt like I have, but I don't see it marked), but [...]

    18. Superhuman Micheal Carrol’s Superhuman was a well rounded book that kept me interested from start to finish. Although it seemed a bit childish to me thats what made me truly enjoy the book because it made me reminisce on a time when I imagined being a superhero and beating the evil villain. I feel that the theme is something like some people may have more abilities or gifts than other people. But having these gifts does not necessarily make you a better person. Krodins powers include Super str [...]

    19. This book was really interesting. It gives a different view on superheros. Not all heroes have to be super and not all "superheroes" have to be that amazing. I like how the author included so many different characters without overwhelming you with content. The story was easy to follow, and the book was a very quick read.Lance was extremely interesting because he's not super. He's just like Paragon; a hero without powers, or rather he becomes a hero. Without Lance, I highly doubt that these kids [...]

    20. Fans of superhero stories will definitely love the Quantum Prophecy series that has been coming out the last few years, and this newest volume is actually a prequel series that introduces a series of teen superhumans that are just coming into their own. A number of the adult superheroes that populate the background will be familiar to those who have read the other books, but you could get by without reading them and start with this newest one.The world is being hit with a global epidemic. People [...]

    21. I recently read Super Human after a friend gave the book to me for my birthday, and I have now bought the other books of the series to read on my Kindle because of how amazing it is.Super Human is a book about teenagers who have powers (superhumans) that have to stop a group of terrorists from transporting the very first human who had powers from 4000 years ago to enslave the world. I really love how unique and creative the whole idea is. I've read plenty of books that have superhumans and power [...]

    22. I haven't read the New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy YET, but as far as I can tell this is a great book with characters you can relate to and care about and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories like The Justice league and other Super Heroes.

    23. Super Human is an action book, about four teens who are just meeting and are trying to save the world from the return of The Fifth King. There is an evil organization called The Helotry, who has infected people across the globe with an artificial plague so that all the grown ups would be dead upon revival of The Fifth King. As all other super heroes, and super villains, not affiliated with The Helotry, are effected by the plague, three super heroes and their, very cunning and intelligent, non-su [...]

    24. “The time has come for a new generation of heroes.” is the tag line for this YA superhero fiction book which will not fail to entertain, impress and hook young and old fans of anything heroic and superhuman. In Super Human we are thrust into a world of superheroes during the outbreak of a super-virus that is lying low most of humanity except the children. Bit by bit we are introduced to a number of young people (most with super powers, some without) who are fully realized characters and are [...]

    25. The nitty-gritty: It's not as original as I would have wanted. The story has the typical formula of young superheroes saving the world, reminding me a lot of young X-Men & the Avengers teen version. Include Disney's The Incredibles and other superhero epics as the basics for this story. The usual maniacal super villains who want to rule the world causes all the trouble and mayhem that the overworked superheroes try desperately to control and defeat. But for all it's archetypal tale of good a [...]

    26. My 11-year-old son says I have to give this book five stars, though he thinks it deserves 50. We read it aloud together. He loved it. He squealed with delight at some of the action, laughed out loud at Lance's wisecracks, and never wanted to put it down. It's quite long and was our nighttime reading book for the past few weeks. One day when I was falling asleep on it, he grabbed it out of my hands and read it aloud to me (I still fell asleep), which was a first in the 11 years that we've been re [...]

    27. Super Human is the fourth book in The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy series. The book is set in a world where super-heroes are real but all the adult heroes have become sick with a plague. The book follows an unlikely group of teenager, some with powers and some without. It follows Lance a boy who doesn't have super powers and instead of doing good he starts out as a thief stealing money who then turns into a better person after he gets pulled into the group of super-humans which consists of Roz ,w [...]

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