Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

Beat Sugar Addiction Now Beating Sugar Addiction With one third of our calories coming from sugar and white flour added to processed foods sugar addiction is a rapidly growing epidemic However unlike other addictions going

  • Title: Beat Sugar Addiction Now!
  • Author: Jacob Teitelbaum Chrystle Fiedler
  • ISBN: 9781592334155
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beating Sugar Addiction With one third of our calories coming from sugar and white flour added to processed foods, sugar addiction is a rapidly growing epidemic However, unlike other addictions, going cold turkey won t fix it In this groundbreaking book, nationally recognized physician Dr Jacob Teitelbaum uncovers four types of sugar addiction and gives a step by stepBeating Sugar Addiction With one third of our calories coming from sugar and white flour added to processed foods, sugar addiction is a rapidly growing epidemic However, unlike other addictions, going cold turkey won t fix it In this groundbreaking book, nationally recognized physician Dr Jacob Teitelbaum uncovers four types of sugar addiction and gives a step by step plan for resolving their underlying causes, breaking sugar cravings forever, and achieving dramatically improved health and energy levels while also making it easier to lose weight

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    1. This is not the book you are looking for.This is not a weight loss book.It's not about dieting.It wont make you feel badly about your body.It does not contribute to the massive amounts of imagery and false values that being "healthy" means loosing weight/dieting that has plagued the younger generation with anorexia and bulemia.You wont find any promises that the solution to all your problems are "just that easy".Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum takes a respectable look at an addiction that plagues the world [...]

    2. The ideas seem plausible. But I thought I had a major sugar addiction, took some of the tests and it seemed like I fit in one of the categories of addiction a little better than others. Lo and behold I got all the way gluten free and the sugar addiction is gone, really gone, like I was able to use brown sugar in a recipe and was never tempted to hunt for lumps in the bag to eat. So my .02, if your sugar addiction is serious try getting off the gluten, if that doesn't fix it this would be the nex [...]

    3. I mostly skimmed this book yesterday and today. And there were a few gems that I want to retain:- don't eat foods that list sugar in the first 3 ingredients- consider using a sugar-alternative for my tea at work (Truvia, Purevia, Stevita, Body Ecology, sucralose, saccharin)- look into the natural sweetener: ribose- quick fix for a sugar craving: a small candy under the tongue, which goes straight to your bloodstream

    4. I liked some of the concepts, but I didn't like the product promotion. The author REALLY wants you to buy certain products to help you beat your sugar addiction, which only makes it sound like a marketing scam

    5. This was actually better than I thought it would be. It offered more insight to hypoglycemia which can cause the awful sugar cravings I experience.

    6. This kind of fun book I can summarize in one sentence - use bad sugars and whites less and vitamin and nutrient rich food more to be healthy.

    7. This book read like an article in a glossy magazine. The authors did not make a convincing case for people being physiologically addicted to sugar, but identified four types of persons have strong cravings for it. Their prescriptions for overcoming a sugar dependency include: sleep, exercise, eat low carb, take zinc and manage stress.

    8. My mom is battling diabetes and my friend recommended this book. Some of it is hard to fit in with the diabetes information, but mostly this is going to be good for our whole family. Dr. Teitelbaum and Ms. Fiedler do a very good job at explaining how to make better choices. Too bad a lot of it is just willpower.The part I liked best is when they give quizzes at the beginning so you can see what your problems are, and the quizzes were easy to take and I learned a lot. Also, there was god ideas ab [...]

    9. Urgh, I feel this book offers dangerous advice. So the idea is that the book quizzes you to get to your addiction type - I apparently wasn't seriously addicted because my sugar consumption doesn't leave me with any additional health problems. Never mind the fact that almost every time I reach for food I want something sweet So I went with the type I identified closest with despite the quiz results and it suggested I have a yeast imbalance, and that I should take fluconazole daily for 6-12 weeks [...]

    10. Good information. What I like about this book is you don't have to read the entire book, just what pertains to you. Me, A. Teez? I'm a Type 3 Ho-Ho Hunter. In earlier years, I have eaten an entire box of Ho-Ho's at one sitting, open up, palm the end and shove it in. Oh my Lord, what short lived elation I feel, pseudo-orgasm, but that is just the sugar craving candida within my gut, fooling me, using me. The sugar cravings can be defeated. It is difficult to implement all of his recommended chang [...]

    11. I didn't find this book especially helpful. I took the tests to determine the "type" of sugar addict I am (or types) but I didn't fall into any of the categories. As I read the rest of the book I realized it is primarily for those who really rely upon gross amounts of sugar (after reading the book I apparently don't take in as much sugar as I thought) and treating the ailments that are associated with, or caused by, to much sugar. I don't have any of these ailments (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS [...]

    12. Книга произвела неоднозначное впечатление. С одной стороны - структурированно, логично и последовательно описываются 4 типа сахарозависимости, даются советы, как людям с определенным типом от нее избавиться, плюс рассматриваються болезни, которые могут вызвать сахарозав [...]

    13. I’ve been trying to cut back on the sugar and white flour I consume and this nonfiction was a great motivator. It identifies the four types of sugar addiction and gives advice on how to break cravings. I recommend it if you’re contemplating healthier eating habits and want more information about sugar addiction in particular.

    14. This book had many helpful hints in it. I am working on offering my family a healthy lifestyle, so the hints from this book will be put into action. The information in this book was layman friendly and well organized.

    15. This book was interesting in the fact that it broke sugar addiction down into four main types. Beyond that not much newn't eat sugar, exercise, blah blah. Too many recommended vitamins and supplements for me.

    16. Great book! This book gives suggestions on what to do to beat sugar addiction and also suggests vitamins and their doses to make you feel well again. It also has suggestions on what to do if you have a chronic illness.

    17. It says I have a severe addiction to sugar. Not sure if I want to follow the advice they give to get rid of it. For now I will try cutting back a lot.

    18. "Read" summary on Blinkist. Don't think I'm signing up for Blinkist, but their summaries are handy to decide if you want to read the full book or not.Blah blah, sugar is evil (but even cutting it out completely doesn't cure me), mainly targeted at 'typical US unhealthy diet'?Eat a lot of vegetables, protein, eat whole grains and limit carbs in general healthy fats etc.

    19. The author's theory is that there are four types of sugar addiction and includes questionnaires to determine which one you are. He also has descriptive names for the four, and I knew immediately that I was a Happy Ho-Ho Hunter, as that was my lunch every day for four years. Not surprisingly, the questionnaire validated my instinct. From there, the book provides ideas for addressing the addiction. There are big picture items, like sleep, and recommended actions for addressing the big picture item [...]

    20. The author presents some ideas about different reasons we might be inclined to indulge in sugar more frequently than is healthy. There were SO many different ideas for addressing excess sugar that it ended up feeling a little overwhelming. I learned a few things and it was a quick read but it didn't feel as empowering as I'd hoped (that's also partly because I'm wary of taking the 10+ supplements a day that he recommends). If you love supplements and aren't afraid to do some experimenting, his a [...]

    21. 3.25. I didn't actually read it front to back though. I liked the inventories. They were informative. The remedies were about treating the underlying issue which predisposes you to sugar addiction. Natural, herbal, and prescription options given. I liked that the author seemed non-judgmental and hopeful. It seems that if you remedy the underlying issue you might be able to eat sugar now and again and not go into out of control mode. I'm going to be trying some of the natural and herbal remedies. [...]

    22. Probably more information than I wanted to have, too much info on supplements for me. Most of the science seems to make sense although I was skeptical one or two times in the book. Overall, what I got out of it, is to cut back on sugars and eat more of the good stuff all good reminders. Interesting info included about the sugar substitutes, next time I go to the store I'll be looking to see if there are any diet sodas made with Truvia!

    23. Absolutely useless in terms of "how can I finally give up eating too much sugar", but explains a lot about different diseases which can be caused by sugar abuse.According to this book there are 4 different types of sugar abuse. However for me it seems that you can treat each of them the same way.Basic advices:1) Get enough deep sleep2) Take vitamins and food supplements3) Get 30 minute walk every day.

    24. Надеялся в книге будут некие методики работы с психикой, а там весь метод избавления от сахарной зависимости сводится к «просто перестаньте есть сахар, это плохо». И плюс треть книги всякие кулинарные рецептики.

    25. Не очень было похоже, что теория научно обоснованная - нет примеров исследований, ссылок на литературу или исследователей. Рекомендации - не пейте много газировки, не ешьте бургеров и тд.

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