One thought on “Withering Heights”

  1. It is amazing. The love story is different to any other. At first I did not understand why Catherine and Heatchcliff were compared to Romeo and Juliett; Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet because Catherine and Heatchcliff are so selfish. But I then realized that the only thing that they had in common is their love for one another.

  2. I loved the story line of this novel. It really caught your attention; however, I did not like how it was written all over the place the novel was hard to follow, especially because of the main characters first names were the same so you had no idea who the author was talking about half the time.

  3. The writing style was fine. What I couldn't stand was the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff and how toxic their relationship affected the characters around them. I don't like putting a book down and never finish it, but I couldn't take it with this storyline.

  4. I liked it however family tree was complicated at first. all characters are connected.*confused* later *ohhhh* OMG!!!

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