Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira

Maddie A Verdade da Mentira This book has a higher purpose That of contributing to the discovery of the material truth and the achievement of justice in the investigation that is known as the Maddie Case These are fundamental va

  • Title: Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira
  • Author: Gonçalo Amaral
  • ISBN: 9789898174123
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book has a higher purpose That of contributing to the discovery of the material truth and the achievement of justice in the investigation that is known as the Maddie Case These are fundamental values that I have committed myself to, by duty of conscience, conviction and discipline towards the institution that I was proud to be a part of These same values w This book has a higher purpose That of contributing to the discovery of the material truth and the achievement of justice in the investigation that is known as the Maddie Case These are fundamental values that I have committed myself to, by duty of conscience, conviction and discipline towards the institution that I was proud to be a part of These same values were not extinguished with my retirement and they will always be present in my life Under no circumstance whatsoever does the book call the work of my colleagues at the Judiciary Police into question, nor does it compromise the ongoing investigation It is my deep understanding that revealing all of the facts in a work of this kind might jeopardize future actions that are decisive for the discovery of the truth Nonetheless, the reader will find data that is previously unknown, interpretations of the facts always under the light of law and, of course, relevant questions A criminal investigation is only committed to searching for the material truth It must not worry about political correctness Thanks to Joanna Morais for translation Este livro tem ainda um prop sito maior O de contribuir para a descoberta da verdade material e a realiza o da justi a, na investiga o conhecida como Caso Maddie Estes s o valores fundamentais aos quais me obriguei por imperativo de consci ncia, por convic o e por disciplina institui o a que tive o orgulho de pertencer Estes mesmos valores n o se extinguiram com a minha aposenta o e continuar o a estar sempre presentes na minha vida Em nenhuma circunst ncia o livro p e em causa o trabalho dos meus colegas da Pol cia Judici ria, nem compromete a investiga o em curso meu entendimento profundo que a revela o, numa obra deste tipo, de todos os factos, poderia comprometer dilig ncias futuras determinantes para a descoberta da verdade Todavia, o leitor encontrar dados que desconhece, interpreta es dos factos sempre luz do direito e, naturalmente, interroga es pertinentes Uma investiga o criminal apenas se compromete com a busca da verdade material N o se deve preocupar com o politicamente correcto Gon alo Amaral

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    1. Just wow.A friend recently put me onto a facebook page that is I won't call it 'anti-McCann' but shall we call it 'McCann curious', perhaps? One that doesn't swallow their story hook line and sinker, anyway. On that page I came across a link for an English Translation of this story, for which I am infinitely grateful for, because I read this in one sitting, in one evening, on my phone. The book itself - it's not a story. It's important to remember that, because for the first few chapters, I foun [...]

    2. O livro de Gonçalo Amaral, cujo lançamento foi na passada sexta-feira, dia 25, promete ser polémico pelas questões que coloca. Já o li, e deixo aqui a minha impressão.Confesso que nada do que está escrito no livro me surpreende, mas talvez isso se deva ao facto de nunca ter sido convencida pelos pais da criança. Desde o início que a tese de rapto não me convence, assim como não me convence uma mãe que num curto período de férias, num país estrangeiro, prefere deixar os seus filhos [...]

    3. Very clear and fluent account of what the author thinks really happened to Maddie McCann. What can I say? He convinced me. But most importantly, the intense sadness of it all really got to me again.

    4. This is a must read for everybody, very interesting to read a book written in the style, like a police report. Very informative, cannot understand why this book would be banned, but then I don't understand anything the McCanns do, the story sadly reminds me of 'Small Sacrifices' by Ann Rule and hopefully this book along with the documentary will bring the truth forward. This book in no way bashes on the family, it is simply a man doing his job no matter how difficult people make it for him.

    5. If I give this book a high rating that's not of course for literary merit which it never pretended to have even though written with admirable conciseness and straightforwardness (originally in a Portuguese idiom which may not always translate quite as it should into English). Rather, its importance lies in it being a readable transcription from the voluminous files of the first and indeed only thorough police investigation into this highly mysterious and perplexing case, perhaps one of the stran [...]

    6. Ja que este livro foi absolvido quis realmente saber pelo inspetor responsavel pela investigacao o que se terá passado: aqui está descrito o que mais que presumivelmente terá acontecido à pequena Maddie Adoraria que esta verdade fosse admitida pelos pais da menina Não somos um país de 3o mundo, temos bons profissionais de investigação.

    7. I don���t believe in banning books, unless they are written from a criminal wanting to profit from his crime, as such I was shocked to find out that Goncalo Amaral���s book, Maddie: The Truth of the Lie, written by an investigator who worked on the case, had been banned following a law suit by the missing child���s parents. As of October 2010, that ban has been lifted (see here) but the book still has not been published in English. As a follower of True Crime accounts, and havi [...]

    8. The McCanns had this book banned, but the decision was appealed. They've threatened legal action on anyone who sells it in the U.K - so naturally I wanted to read it. Translated copies have been made freely available online, I read it here: frommybigdesk/Gonçalo Amaral is the ex-police officer who led the hunt for Madeleine in Portugal in 2007. He wrote this book in 2008 after taking early retirement due to the case. Reading this, it's easy to see why the McCanns want it banned. They don't come [...]

    9. "A história da pequena Maddie não se ficou por Portugal. A história da pequena Maddie, cujo paradeiro se desconhece até hoje (e já lá vão mais de sete anos), mexeu com vários países, a diferentes níveis.Este livro deu muito que falar quando foi publicado. Valeu um valente processo em tribunal ao seu autor. A vida dele mudou completamente após ter sido um dos responsáveis pela investigação do desaparecimento desta menina enquanto inspector da Polícia Judiciária. E este livro tamb [...]

    10. The reason I am giving this book 5 stars is due to the strength and perseverance of Gonçalo Amaral to get his story and point of view out there on the Madeline McCann case, despite the repercussions to him and his family. I have believed it was the fault of the parents from the start and this just proves it for me! Shame it is now a banned book.

    11. Uma escrita bastante objectiva cujo resultado final é deixar o relato de acontecimentos e respectivo desfecho para a posteridade.

    12. Explicação clara e simples do que supostamente aconteceu e quais foram as conclusões sobre o rapto/crime.

    13. Read the English translation online. Definitely an interesting read about the McCann disappearance which is accompanied with photos from the investigation. It definitely left me thinking that the parents had some involvement in Madeline's death. Lots of unanswered questions at the end of the book but that's down to the investigation not the book.

    14. A great read with some interesting facts provided and the crime scene pictures helped provide a visual image of the crime scene that unfortunate day. However, there are several holes in this story and some things do not line up. (I can provide greater detail but then this would highlight spoilers) The story keeps repeating the parents whereabouts that day that everyone already knows about through reading news articles and through television, and although it claims it has a theory regarding the m [...]

    15. I read the English translation of the book here:"Maddie: The Truth of the Lie"goncaloamaraltruthofthelie.blChapters 16 and 18 are particularly interesting. No wonder the McCann's libel case was recently overturned. The facts and extensive evidence cannot be ignored. It's a shame this book has not been published in the UK. Hopefully the whole truth will come out one day.

    16. The problems of reading what seems to be a hurried translation online aside, this is a fascinating account from the policeman who was at the forefront of the Madeline McCann investigation.It is very matter of fact with the information it presents, with only little emotive outbursts. It is damning in it's conclusion, but only in the face of presenting facts and statement discrepancies from the people involved.I can't say it changed my mind on whether I believe the McCanns had anything to do with [...]

    17. São teorias para que o terá acontecido, e parte da investigação que Gonçalo Amaral conduziu até ser suspenso, porque segundo os pais de Maddie, o que ele dizia era totalmente mentira. Como já tinha referido anteriormente, acredito que a miúda terá acordado a meio da noite, tendo ido até ao sofá, caiu e bateu com a cabeça na parede e terá morrido dessa forma. Que um dos pais, terá ido vê-los e deparou-se com o corpo inanimado de Maddie. Para que não lhes fosse retirado as outras d [...]

    18. Escrito de um modo bastante directo e objectivo este livro revela um lado desconhecido do público em geral que assistiu às investigações ocorridas na Praia da Luz. Como cidadã portuguesa, acompanhei o caso pelos meios de comunicação e como tal tinha muitas dúvidas à cerca do que se passou naquela noite, o livro de Gonçalo Amaral respondeu a muitas delas. Não tirando conclusões pelo leitor o autor apresenta factos que nos permitem chegar à nossa própria conclusão. Recomendo aos lei [...]

    19. Awsome!A book that brings new lights about the "Maddie's Case", that is a very complex one and that bring some new light to everyone who want to see it, and have it own oppinion.Thank you Gonçalo Amaral, for this book, and all the best for you. You fought for what you thinked that was the truth, but infortunately, the will of very powerfull powers prevailed.

    20. I enjoyed this book because we finally get to learn about the bigger picture. It is unfortunate Mr Amaral's own personal and professional life suffered because of the neglect caused by this family and their friends. I am more aware of the facts now and this book has helped me conclude my initial suspicions.

    21. De leitura simples numa investigação tão complexa, pena não se ter descoberto ainda a verdade. Mas presumo que poucas dúvidas existirão quanto à culpabilidade dos pais da Maddie.Como se diz algures no livro: a criança foi a única vítima.

    22. O Gonçalo Amaral, não sendo claramente um homem com um talento nato para as "letras", descreve os factos muito satisfatóriamente.Pena que este livro / esta história não tenha tido um ponto final.

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