Meeow and the Big Box

Meeow and the Big Box Meeow loves to draw paint and make things

  • Title: Meeow and the Big Box
  • Author: Sebastien Braun
  • ISBN: 9781906250850
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meeow loves to draw, paint and make things.

    One thought on “Meeow and the Big Box”

    1. It's not the best book written. It's not even that clever. But I had plenty of ideas for a toddler storytime come to me as I read it, so I thought "Perfect!" We'll see how it goes.6/22/10 & 6/24/10 It did work perfectly! I made a color wheel and cut out black and white pictures of a cat, box, paint, block, chair, and mug. Asked them which were the correct colors for the items and pasted them next to the right ones on the color wheel. The Tue. group was full of kids much older than toddler. ( [...]

    2. Simple story that reminded me a lot of Maisy books. We can definitely use it some day in toddler story time!

    3. Cute illustrations but I felt like I was watching a kids show on Nick Jr. while reading it. so no thanks.

    4. I used in a preschool storytime and it was well-received, if a bit simple. The kids liked guessing what Meeow was making with the box.

    5. Meeow has found a big box and spends his day turning it into differn't stuff. very creative. toddler and up

    6. Synopsis: "Meet MEEOW. He’s one cool, creative cat—and an irresistible new character from best-selling author-illustrator Sebastien Braun. Like every child, Meeow loves to draw, paint, and make things. His adventures in imaginative play will inspire young readers to see what marvelous things they can do, too. With Braun’s appealing characters, brightly colored pictures, and simple text, this is a series that all toddlers will adore."My Review: This is a very cute little book about Meeow th [...]

    7. A rather quirky book that features a chorus of adoration sure to disturb/annoy any parent who has given praise for seemingly menial tasks (you pooped in the potty! Good job!). Here, Meeow uses his craft supplies to create a prop for his imagination. Whenever he does something as narrated by the third person (say, lifts a large box), he is praised for it by said unseen narrator (Clever Meeow!). It's rather creepy not knowing where this mocking (ok, as I parent I just found it mocking) voice comes [...]

    8. I think this is a perfect book to segue into an imagination art activity with, but you need a creative and open-minded audience to share it with. The art activity I tried involved cardboard pieces (I'd saved a bunch of cardboard backing they pack pamphlets with)and I told them that this was their "box" and gave them some collage supplies and asked them to use their imagination like Meeow and make something out of their box. Didn't work. They just wanted to color and stick foam pieces all over it [...]

    9. You know what my opinion is about baby books? I didn't like them at first because they're little and they're made of cardboard and I bet babies chew on them and get them all messy (even though they don't ever smell like throwup like that ONE book we got did). But now that I started reading them I can see that even though they're for babies, the words are easy and I can read most of them. So maybe they're good after all. They're just heavy that's all, and all that other stuff.This one had lots of [...]

    10. Meeow paints his cardboard box red, adds accessories (chair, mug) and sounds to create a fire engine.Great for toddler storytime (on boxes, building, or fire trucks) -- very bold print, big bold illustrations.First American Edition, 2009 (First published in Great Britain, 2009)Medium: hand painted line shapes were digitized and assembled, then colored.Author lives in England, studied fine arts in Strasbourg, France.

    11. Rasyad suka banget buku ini *sampe hr ini. Karena, ada si kucing (binatang yg familiar), gunting , gelas biru (mirip punya rasyad) dan mobil pemadam kebakaran. semua benda2 yg ada disitu diulang2.tu kali dibacaindia lsg hafal semua benda2 itu ^^. Ceritanya sederhana tapi menarik. ga banyak plot satu plot dan simple idea. SayangnyaBuku pinjeman perpus ini hrs segera dikembalikan krn sudah diperpanjang terus

    12. French children's book authors come up with some weird stuff This one's no exception. But it's really cute. Meeow (yes, with two E's) has a box. What's he going to do with it? Paint it red and make it a firetruck. I think this would be a great read for babies and 2 year olds because of the simple language and the funny sounds. It's a good color book for that age group too, because it only covers four colors (and mostly red, of course).

    13. I used the bilingual (Spanish/English) version of Meeow and the Big Box, Miau y la Caja Grande, for a transportation themed program for both Spanish and bilingual story times. I just love the Meeow books. This is one is just as brightly colored as the others, and the simple text is just great for a story time setting. In this one, Meeow turns a cardboard box into a firetruck!

    14. Just what is Meeow going to do with that big brown box? You'll have to read the book to find out! This book is yet another wonderful addition to the series in which Meeow uses imagination and ingenuity to create amazing things out of ordinary objects (like big brown boxes)! Meeow is a storytime favorite!!

    15. This is a simple little book that I'm not sure completely works. I read it in my toddler story time and while the kids seemed to like it okay, I feel like it's a bit confusing. What is the green box for, really? I like the overall idea (have a box, turn it in to whatever you like), and the blocky, big pictures make it a good story time read, but I wasn't enthralled.

    16. This was an enjoyable book and put me in mind of Not a Box. As I was reading it I thought the two books would go well together for a storytime. and then it just seemed to stop short. I wanted Meeow to DO something in the box instead of just showing the reader what the box could be turned into (and it was only one thing.)

    17. A book about a cat named Meeow. A good predictive book for young children. They intoduce him and his big box. In each page he is doing something to a box such as painting it red. We figure out at the end of the story he made a fire engine.

    18. Great book and nice surprise at the end. A couple kids started to break out the toys before the book was over, but I think it was more due to the fact that it was a second book. High contrast images worked well for the babies and younger tots in the group!

    19. a book from our first library visit (17 months). He loves this book. He has even imitated Meeow. The only thing is that the sound that the "fire engine" makes is not like how fire engines sound in the US

    20. The illustrations are really nice but the story was bland. Needs rhyming words or something so younger children will enjoy listening to it. But it's really cute

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