One thought on “Evolution”

  1. I read the 1964 edition. The content of the first two chapters, Darwin's Voyage into the Past and A Theory That Shook the World, is the best short narrative I've read of Darwin's motivation, his life in science, and his importance in the history of science. The remaining six chapters are very dated and interesting only as an example of how far knowledge of the Earth's deep timeline has unfolded since both the publishing of this lovely book and of Darwin's Origin book(s).Moore beautifully sets th [...]

  2. The edition is "Young Readers Edition: Evolution" by Ruth Moore. It was published in 1968. I enjoyed reading the unique choice of words and phrases and looking at the illustrations in this book. It brought me back to my "school days" even though the book was published before I was born. 8-)

  3. Outdated now, but still an interesting introduction to the subject and well illustrated. And I was tickled when I noticed the typesetter's name of C.E. Dawkins Ltd.

  4. Given its publication date, the information and language appear a bit dated, but overall, this book is clearly written and has some nice illustrations.

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