The Homing

The Homing After years of living in Los Angeles pretty young widow Karen Spellman and her two daughters are returning to the lush verdant countryside of Karen s childhood where she plans to marry her high sch

  • Title: The Homing
  • Author: John Saul
  • ISBN: 9780345454072
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After years of living in Los Angeles, pretty young widow Karen Spellman and her two daughters are returning to the lush, verdant countryside of Karen s childhood, where she plans to marry her high school sweetheart But something sinister awaits the Spellmans Something so hideous it seems not earthly, but spawned in Hell Now Karen must protect her daughters from a malignAfter years of living in Los Angeles, pretty young widow Karen Spellman and her two daughters are returning to the lush, verdant countryside of Karen s childhood, where she plans to marry her high school sweetheart But something sinister awaits the Spellmans Something so hideous it seems not earthly, but spawned in Hell Now Karen must protect her daughters from a malign, preternatural force that must satisfy its gruesome thirst for unsuspecting prey

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    1. It was okay. I felt like it left a lot of questions unanswered, though. For example: What happened to the infected coyote? Why did Julie get all distended and disgusting? Was it just because she was the queen, and all queens of insects are bigger than the others? Why was she the queen? Was it b/c she was infected first? Why were the infected chicks always naked, but the dudes weren't? If the other girl (Sarah?) would've gotten to the group, would've she been another queen, or something else b/c [...]

    2. I read this when I was younger well a few chapters of it. I ended up getting scared I threw it across the room vowing to never read it again a vow I have kept. Then I started having nightmares about turning into a bee and being one of the only horror books to scare me so bad it earns the five stars. Though now at my age I doubt it will be as good or frightening but why ruin it?

    3. I wanted desperately to scream, "Oh, God! This book sucks! This book really, really sucks!" but the only words I could find were, "It's fine. It's totally fine." And then I finished it. As I closed in on 10 pages I thought to myself, "How the hell is John Saul going to end this story with 10 pages. He did. Which was a giant relief. I then closed the book on the metro, heading into DC, looked over at the guy sitting next to me and punched him in the face from frustration.Okay, I didn't do that la [...]

    4. This book is very special to me because John Saul was my first experience with a horror novel. The Homing is one of the first John Saul books I read, which I found when the bookmobile would visit my town once a month. I would stay up late reading these books and then be so scared that it was hard to sleep. I have had fond memories of this novel over the years and I'm happy to be able to re-read it. I remembered many of the scenes and I had a lot of fun.The most annoying thing to me in the writin [...]

    5. A change of genre is always ::A:Good:Thing::If bugs bug you then this read is not for you!I have a few other Saul's in my goodie bag, however he does seem to teeter on the high 2, low 3 mark for me.#51 TBR Busting 20133* Perfect Nightmare2* The Homing3* Sleepwalk

    6. The purpose of The Homing is to entertain. This is evident in telling of a fictional story. John Saul presents all the classical components, including setting, plot, and conflict. This book was written as a narration. It is told from a third person omniscient perspective. The theme is not to let personal trauma turn towards others. If the antagonist had sought a way to properly handle their emotional issues and impulses, the biggest conflict in this story would be a love triangle.I appreciate th [...]

    7. I really enjoyed John Saul's book, The Homing. It was a fast pace thriller that could really happen in today's world, if it hasn't happened already. Scientist are always trying to re-create God's creatures, thinking they can do better. I bet it usually ends up in disaster for the world. That's the scary part.Once again, I don't want to give away any part of the book. The blurb on the back about the book is good. John Saul is a good writer and this book is no exception. He makes you think of all [...]

    8. Well. This is a book with a lot of writing in it. I've had a lot of folks recommend John Saul's stuff to me over the years, so when I saw this at a garage sale for 50 cents, I picked it up. Not a great book. And it's not for the squeamish. I will say that the writing style is very fluid, and I was able to finish this in an afternoon. I didn't really care for the characters that much, and I wasn't invested in the story, either. But the author keeps things moving, and the result is what I call a " [...]

    9. This is a chilling read that puts genetic modification at the heart of a horror story set in the idyllic Californian countryside that takes the humble bee and turns it into a killing machine. Add to this a good dash of good old fashioned power and corruption and you have a fast paced horror that keeps you engrossed from start to finish.

    10. Scary and imaginative!! This is the one that I liked most of Saul's.Love all of John Saul's books. He focuses on teenagers, at least all the books of his that I've read were that way. I empathized with his lead characters because I always feel like an outsider, which his characters always wind up being. Saul mixes it all up with some Sci-fi to boot.

    11. This is more a 2.5 -- it isn't that the book is poorly written or badly plotted -- I found myself finishing it even when I discovered the subject was not interesting to me in the least, but I feel sort of mislead by the description (as it appears on the book) and I found the premise rather stupid.

    12. If you do not like bugs or the thought of swarms of bugs, do not read this book. The only reason I finished this book, is because once I am committed to something I see it through. This book was disturbing on so many levels.

    13. I really enjoyed the plotting of the book, the immense detail and characters. I must say however that I was extremely disappointed in the ending, but hey that's just me others may find it the only solution writable.

    14. Very good,fast paced,the more i read the more nerve racking it got.I'm a huge bug lover and even i wanted to scream GAH! KILL IT! KILL IT!

    15. This is one of the few novels where I said, "Nope," and then I walked away from it for about thirty minutes and then came back to it. That happened twice. Some of the scenes were *that* disgusting. Before reading this, you should know that it is body horror. I had no idea that this was something that could disturb me, but hey - there's a first time for everything. That being said, it's a decent story. The climax is suspenseful. The characters are engaging. Overall, I don't regret reading it but [...]

    16. Summary: Karen, Julie and Molly Spellman move to Pleasant Valley after Karen's husband dies in LA. She marries Russell Owen and lives with him and his son, Kevin. His Father Otto Owens lives in a little house right beside theirs.Carl Henderson was abused as a child and has mental problems. He loves insects, particularly bees. He has done many experimentations with the bees in Pleasant Valley and once Joley catches him doing something with them, she gets stung and is taken to the hospital where h [...]

    17. I picked up my first John Saul book when I was probably thirteen or fourteenokay, so I stole it from my doctor's office. That was 'Suffer The Children' and the cover and side jacket summary looked so interesting that I couldn't help myself. I became a big fan of his work because, up until that time, besides Stephen King, I hadn't read anything very dark or disturbing. (Now I look back and laugh, because ten or so years have passed since then, and I've read some MESSED UP stuff.)Anyway, I liked t [...]

    18. Karen Spellman, a young widow, along with her two daughters, move out of Los Angeles to the town where she grew up. She is there to marry her high school sweetheart whom she was reunited with at a high school reunion. After the wedding Karen and her daughters move into her husband’s big farmhouse. For a while all seems ideal. Then her oldest daughter, Julie, is stung by a bee and has an allergic reaction. At the local clinic she is treated for the sting, but she continues to get worse. As a la [...]

    19. Meh. This was cornball stuff. It had its creepy moments, particularly if insects give you the willies, but there was just too much about this book that was subpar, so one star is all I can muster. Having just read John Wyndham's Day of the Triffids, I was underwhelmed by Saul's writing. Yes, his words moved the plot along, but there were no sentences worth reading twice, no passages to really savour. But what sank this book for me was Chapter 26. I actually felt like dropping the book in the str [...]

    20. Goede personageschets, maar een ietwat slordig plot waardoor het wat afgehaspeld overkomt naar het einde toe. Het stoort me dat er heel wat mensen het boek maar één ster geven omdat het 'griezelig' is, maar dat weet je op voorhand: Saul schrijft nu eenmaal, zoals Herbert, horrorboeken. En dat is het, niets meer, maar zeker ook niets minder. Goed binnen zijn genre, maar in tegenstelling tot het betere King-werk, ook enkel goed binnen dat genre. Perfect leesvoer als je de griep hebt in de zetel [...]

    21. This was the first Saul book that I read and I thought that it was pretty creepy. The main thing that stuck with me after all these years was the girl unable to vaccumm so she swept the entire room as the bugs in her head couldn't handle the noise. (Note to others: This excuse doesn't go far with your mom in real life and actually gets your fussed at and told to stay out of your brother's books.)Other than that "scene", there is not much that I recall about the novel except that I like it quite [...]

    22. This book was disappointing for a John Saul story. I'm really stretching it by giving it a three star. It took me so long to read it because it was so boring and didn't hold my interest that much. I don't like to start a book and then not finish it. If I did this would have been one of them. There were some good parts so it's not a total disaster but I was expecting more coming from John Saul. Maybe if I would have payed more attention in science class and understood more about insects the story [...]

    23. I used to be a HUGE fan of John Saul back in middle and high school. So I am slightly disappointed to find that I'm not nearly as enthused by his writing today, as I go back and reread a few of my old faves. The Homing was just so-so. It was too long and repetitive for my taste, but not terrible. I still want to reread a few of Saul's others, just for old time's sake especially The Unloved, as I remember it being dark and creepy and was my favorite book at the time!

    24. John Saul has a formula, and he very seldom ever strays from that formula. I've read almost all of his books and the theme always follows the same pattern, except for two or three. I read Nathanial, and theme-wise it was almost the same book as The Homing. Somehow, despite the fairly predictable nature of the books, I always come away liking them. I didn't think I would like The Homing, but it caught my attention and pulled me in, even though it was kinda predictable. I also liked the fact that [...]

    25. I read this 3 years ago because my neighbor gave this book to me. I got interested because it's a horror. So at first everything was okay until what what the hell is happening and the old man died and I was so frustrated because I need justice there. I never hated or liked the old man but yeah. And then when I was in the middle of the book it's getting interesting and the climax was actually good. I finished it feeling empty because the book was good, to be honest.

    26. I don't usually get to narrate horror titles, so this was a delightful change of pace for me. It's creepy and crawly and so much fun (the way that scary clowns and creepy dolls are fun). It's filled with bugs, bees, mayhem, and possessed teenagers and other twists and turns. What a fun little piece to get your adrenaline going. I hate bugs so I was trying very hard not to scratch and wiggle while narrating this. I (mostly) succeeded. Had a blast reading this.

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