Cat the Cat, Who is That?

Cat the Cat Who is That Cat the Cat sure likes her friends You will too Join this spunky feline as she introduces the very youngest readers to her world where a surprise is waiting in every book

  • Title: Cat the Cat, Who is That?
  • Author: Mo Willems
  • ISBN: 9780061728402
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cat the Cat sure likes her friends You will too Join this spunky feline as she introduces the very youngest readers to her world, where a surprise is waiting in every book

    One thought on “Cat the Cat, Who is That?”

    1. Mo Willems is the antidote to the thought that you could write children’s novels. There is a subtle genius at play here. Usually the set-up is simple (sometimes almost painfully so). In the “Cat the Cat” minis, for example: “Hi Sheep the Sheep! Time to sleep! Okay!” “Hi Pig the Pig! Time to sleep! Sure thing!” and on through giraffe, crab, horse, shark, and finally to the owl. But it always sets up some humorous twist for an adult reader. The cat ends up asking the owl to sleep, an [...]

    2. I started reading this to my almost-one-year-old last night and for the first few pages I thought, "Oh wow, this is exceptionally lame." It's Fish the Fish!It's Duck the Duck!It's Mouse the Mouse!I'm reading this out loud, trying to be enthusiastic but in my head thinking, "Seriously? This is the whole freakin' book? Somebody actually made money off of naming a character Fish the Fish?!" But then, the joke was on me when the book took a very goofy, surprising twist at the end. The last few pages [...]

    3. Do you have a little one learning to read at the earliest level? In our house, we love, love Mo Willems. He's just launching a new series for kids just learning to read: Cat the Cat. This series is geared to the youngest audience of any of the books he's made, but they have the classic Mo Twists. My favorite parts: they make us giggle, and they make my kindergartner want to read them again and again.Cat the Cat is in search of friends. So she wanders down her street, meeting new friends along th [...]

    4. We love Mo Willems and have been picking up all his books as of late, but these are a little past us. We enjoy them, but a little too simple for even my 3 yr old twins. It loses their attention and seems to blend in with the other animal books we have, whereas Willems piggie and elephant books don't. Still, worth the read and a lot of fun for the younger crowd.

    5. Look, I don't know-- I see lots of reviews saying this book is too simple and doesn't have a plot, but my emerging reader 6 year old enjoyed the fact that he could really and truly read a lot of it without help, and my 4 year old laughed and laughed, so this book is a success in my opinion. Cute and funny.

    6. Absolutely enthralling! This book was such a delight. The illustrations were super cute and humorous. I loved turning the page because I knew there would be some hilarious animal on the next page. One thing I love about Mo Willems is how he works in twists - even in his simplistic children's books. I loved this book and I can't wait to read the rest in the series.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2010

    7. Just when I think I about have Mo Willems figured out, he cranks out another work of unexpected genius. Now, meet Cat the Cat and her friends in this delightful new picture book series. I'd love to see these in early reader paperbacks, but that could be awhile, because we need to take the time to appreciate Mo's deft hand at illustration in full picture book glory.

    8. RL 20. Ugh. What a let-down after the elephant and piggie books. Reminds me of the the "Wormy Worm" series Chris Raschka did a few years back. The illustrations are cute-- but they lack a fun storyline.

    9. - Super simple read for younger audiences-Scarce text- Story about friendshipI enjoyed this book because I love Mo Willems stories even when they are simple. Even though it is directed towards younger audiences I till think the message of friendship is conveyed.

    10. Very simple story with a predictable pattern that changes at the end. This series would be good for writing workshop instruction on pattern books. As always, Mo Willem’s pigeon can be found in the story.

    11. Super cute shared reading book. Willem's illustrations are simple and easy to understand yet help children understand what is going on in the story. Very cute.

    12. My 6 year old loved reading this book and learning that you can make new friends who might have normally been different or scary to you

    13. You can never go wrong with Mo Willems. Beautiful pictures, repeating/rhyming easy text, and a super thing book for early readers. Recommending.

    14. A cute book about cat who knows many animals and things of them all as friends.**Talking points - Why does knowing a person's name make it easier to make them a friend?

    15. Categories/Genres for this class fulfilled by this book: Easy Reader Copyright Date: 2010Estimate of age level of interest: Preschool-K Estimate of reading level: KBrief description: Cat the cat introduces readers to some known friends and meets one new friend. Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book: Rhythm: Although "Cat the Cat, Who is That?" is not entirely a rhyming book, the repetitive question, "Cat the cat, who is that?" and [...]

    16. Genre: Modern FantasyGrade Level: PreK-KThis was an average Mo Willems book, with great illustrations and a simple story line. Beginner readers should be able to read this on their own. Cat the cat meets many friends, but also someone he's not sure about. I love the theme of acceptance in this simple story. The book didn't stick out to me as anything special, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

    17. CAT THE CAT WHO IS THAT? by Mo Willems, HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, February 2010, 24p ISBN: 978-0-06-172840-2"Everyday folks are waking up to the need for one anotherWe're on our waymaking the world a better place."-- The Staple Singers, "Touch a Hand, Make a Friend"Last night I was crafting a lecture for my library school students about children's multicultural programming in libraries. Working on trying to articulate the underlying reasons why such programs are so necessary and important, I [...]

    18. Great book for beginner readers. Good simple sentences with repeating words. Fun, too. Although "blarggie" is a tough word!

    19. Summary: The story of Cat the Cat is a very simple yet charming story. Cat the Cat is walking around and while doing so, she runs upon her friends such as Mouse the Mouse, Duck the Duck, and Fish the Fish. After talking with her beloved friends Cat the Cat happens upon an animal that she does not know. This certain animal was much bigger than Cat the Cat, but instead of running away from the animal she does something else. Cat the Cat introduces the unknown creature as a new friend. Theme: The t [...]

    20. Summary: This book is about a cat that is asking around the other animals “Cat the Cat, who is that?” and then the cat answers by saying what they are. He finds a mouse, a duck, and a fish. All those animals greet the cat as friends. Then the cat continues and he finds a creature that he is not able to identify. The cat is very surprised and shocked and has no idea what it is. The creature says his name is “Blarggie, blarggie”. The cat accepts him as a new friend and goes on to play with [...]

    21. Harriet is a transitional reader. That means she can read simple words and is starting to wrap her head around sounding out longer words. Mo Willems has a two series aimed at readers like her: the Elephant and Piggie books and a new series staring Cat the Cat.Since Harriet's such a cat person, we started on the Cat the Cat series first. The one she picked was Cat the Cat, Who is That? by Mo Willems. It introduces Cat the Cat and all her friends. It begins pretty simply with the sorts of animals [...]

    22. Primary 1.Mo Willems always does a nice job of writing an engaging easy to follow plot. The pages are definitely not busy and have simple repeating text to make it easy for beginning readers. I believe that children will be able to get the moral out of this story without my guidance from a teacher/adult. 2. This book could be used in a variety of ways with a variety of different students. I could even use it in 6th grade and we could talk about how Cat is friendly with everyone no matter their d [...]

    23. I was expecting good, if not great, things from this new Mo Willems series, but was really not impressed. The content felt more appropriate to a board board than a picture book with concepts that were really dumbed down. I think the characters in Who is That? also cam eout really bland and don't have the outrageous range of expression that Pigeon, Elephant, and Piggie have. It's certainly not bad, but I think that the pacing of the book and the consistant presentation of the pictures from page t [...]

    24. Good for beginning French readers of all ages. With 12% fluency (per Duolingo) this has a good combination of words I know and words I can learn from context.

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