The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares

The Invincible Iron Man Vol The Five Nightmares Tony Stark Iron Man billionaire industrialist and director of S H I E L D faces the most overwhelming challenge of his life Ezekiel Stane the son of Tony s late business rival and archenemy Obadiah

  • Title: The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares
  • Author: Matt Fraction Salvador Larroca
  • ISBN: 9780785134121
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tony Stark Iron Man, billionaire industrialist, and director of S.H.I.E.L.D faces the most overwhelming challenge of his life Ezekiel Stane, the son of Tony s late business rival and archenemy Obadiah, has set his sights, his genius, and his considerable fortune on the task of destroying Tony Stark and Iron Man.

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    1. Bold story arc to start the titleI got this in its single issues but I chose this edition to be able to do a better overall review.I AM IRON MANThis title was a kinda of "reboot" of the ongoing Invincible Iron Man doing it as a smart marketing strategy to take advantage of the huge success of the first live-action film of Iron Man.So, the title gets a treatment of #1 numbered issue "starting" again the title to encourage new readers to get into the comic books of Iron Man, and worked! At least w [...]

    2. This may or may not have been a buddy read with my bestest pal, Anne. I've lost track.Tony Stark painted his original grey armor yellow because the grey one was scary and it made some kid cry. If that happened in his current capacity as director of SHIELD, he’d lock the little crybaby away in the Negative Zone for twenty years.And he makes little kids cryCrazy dads and even crazier kids. Obadiah Stane, bald, Iron Monger, dead because of Tony Stark (sort of). Ezekiel Stane, his son, not bald, g [...]

    3. The 5 nightmares of Tony Stark:1) Running out of WD-40.2) Getting the blue screen of death in mid-flight.3) Having a bad case of food poisoning kick in and not being able to get out of the armor before a very unpleasant incident occurs.4) Paternity lawsuits.5) Robert Downey Jr. decides to quit playing Iron Man in the movies.OK, actually the five nightmares that Tony tells us about in the narration of this mostly revolve around the loss of control of the Iron Man technology. Unfortunately, Ezekie [...]

    4. Buddy read with The Jeff.His review is *sigh* better than mine, so you may want to check it out.*There may be some spoilers in this*Anyway, this is a re-read for me, and I have to admit I wasn't as awe-struck this time around. My original rating was 5 stars, but I'm letting it stand, because this was such an awesome introduction to the character for me at the time.The premise is that Tony has 5 Worst Case Scenarios buzzing around in the back of his mind, when it comes to his Iron Man tech.And al [...]

    5. I’m not going to list exactly what the five nightmares of the title are because they’re kind of the same thing - basically, Tony loses control of the Iron Man tech, they proliferate, and it gets used for evil. And whaddayaknow? It comes true. The son of Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges in the first Iron Man movie) goes nuts like his dad and uses his genius to subvert Stark Tech, incorporate it into his body alongside Extremis and becomes a terrorist out to sink Stark Enterprises and kill Tony. Ma [...]

    6. Loved it! I hadn't read anything from Matt Fraction before. I've heard loads of people praising him and I can see why. Looking forward to reading more from him!

    7. Many fanboys – not to mention one or two Marvel Studios insiders – are placing bets that Fraction’s current run on the recalibrated Invincible Iron Man title will prove to be the inspiration, if not the literal basis, for the Iron Man sequel that’s slated to begin filming in the next year. And if this first volume collecting the initial seven issues are any indication, that would be a sweet thing indeed. Other than selling-out to the Feds in last year’s Civil War event, as well as expe [...]

    8. Meh. 2.5 stars.Reread I enjoyed this one more this time around. I don't necessarily love Tony as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. but still a good volume.

    9. I just wrote reviews of volumes 1 and 2 of Cassanova and am starting to feel my enthusiasm for Matt Fraction become tainted by the fact that everything I read of his is so freaking good. Seriously, the guy can't be that much older than me and manages not only to write the best "small press-anything goes-cause hey, we're making art-style" books on the market but also comes into the Marvel Universe and just completely houses. The man single-handedly pulls me back to a non-Morrison or Whedon-X-men [...]

    10. This was my 2nd time reading this, the beginning of the Invincible Iron Man series written by Matt Fraction. I think I underestimated it beforeis is the beginning of what turns out to be quite a series. Here Ezekiel Stane, yes, son of that Stane, uses old Stark tech to set off suicide bombers all over the world, and the only way Tony can stop him ends up starting his own downward spiral. Also featuring Spider Man in an appearance when he's actually a wanted criminal (Registration Act)A great set [...]

    11. This book was a blast! Superb writing and absolutely brilliant art! Highly recommended to those not averse to the ol' superhero genre! This was an exciting read, takes off nicely from roughly where the first "Iron Man" film ends. I am tempted to give this 5 stars as I enjoyed it so much, but I am trying to reserve 5 stars for more "life changing" books.

    12. Las cinco pesadillas es el primer arco de una nueva colección protagonizada por Iron Man que supuso como un nuevo comienzo del personaje. Después de un renovado interés gracias a Civil War, el inminente estreno de su adaptación cinematográfica llevó a Marvel a pensar, con acierto, que mucho lector casual querría zambullirse en las aventuras de Tony Stark y qué mejor que hacerlo con una historia muy accesible que pudiera disfrutar cualquiera que hubiera visto la primera entrega de la tril [...]

    13. This was such an amazing run for Iron Man. Fraction's take on Tony Stark is honestly one of the best I've read. Pepper Potts is given amazing depth and characterization and she's definitely not what you'd consider a background character. I'd recommend anyone to give this a shot.

    14. A Fraction y Larroca les dieron la tarea de hacer un título de Marvel que tuviera más o menos el mismo "ambiente" de las películas, y este es el resultado. Si bien hay algunas cosas un poco distintas a las pelis, como que Stark es bastante más serio, Fraction cumple con el objetivo y, además, nos entrega una historia con muy buen ritmo y un villano que realmente parece una amenaza para Iron Man. Larroca es un excelente dibujante, a pesar de algunos momentos en donde el dibujo es un poco flo [...]

    15. Matt Fraction's Eisner Award-winning Iron Man series takes a page from the wonderful film adaptation in that the story is more about Tony Stark and less about the Iron Man. Fraction crafts wonderfully complete characters and writes with a contemporary wit that thankfully does not rely upon pop-culture references. 'Invincible Iron Man' is a solid bit of work with just enough polemics and geopolitics to make it relevant. In particular I enjoyed an exchange of dialogue where Stark conducts a buyout [...]

    16. This second Iron Man title is the closest thing to the movie Marvel's publishing, and it's great. Tony Stark takes on Ezekiel Stane, the son of the movie villain, who's outfitting terrorists with Iron Man-like suicide bombs. The science doesn't make that much sense (our bodies are giant batteries that can be exploded, I guess), but it's lots of fun. The only things holding this back from all five stars are the occasionally annoying art--the coloring on Salvador Larroca's faces sometimes looks we [...]

    17. Tony's duties as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. have to take a backseat when Ezekiel Stane, son of Obadiah, starts to use Stark tech with the goal of bringing Stark Industries down and killing Tony, who he blames for his father's death. He systematically destroys Stark's buildings, including critically injuring Pepper Potts. Tony saves her by giving her a revised arc reactor, which is designed to be a battery, not a weapon. Maria Hill and Tony don't work well together because she's angry that as SHIEL [...]

    18. When deciding to read some Iron Man books after Robert Downey, Jr. knocked the character out of the park in the Avengers-related films, I went to one of my favorite authors first (with Warren Ellis's "Extremis"), and then on to Matt Fraction's run, which, as of my writing of this review, still continues.I've got to agree with what many folks have said in reading this first volume of Fraction's run: It takes all the best elements of the Iron Man films and adds a little more to make this one a fin [...]

    19. So I wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t for two things:1. Fraction’s run on Hawkeye & Sex Criminals2. RDJ's representation of Iron Man in the Marvel cinematic universe. & on the basis of that criteria, I was pleased enough with this (mainly b/c this is clearly influenced by MCU). Stark is still not as interesting a character to me as others in the Marvel Universe, but enough is done with him here to make you want to keep reading – difficulties in converting Stark Industries i [...]

    20. The writing is on par with the rest of Fraction's early Marvel stuff, which means its solid and a little bit more thoughtful than a lot of mainstream comics writing, but not yet up to the levels he'd later reach with Hawkeye, The FF, or Sex Criminals. My biggest problem with this book is Salvador Larroca's art, which is aggressively, offensively ugly. Characters' faces look like they're made out of silly putty, and their clothes hang suspended over them like a paper doll's clothing. Plus, everyb [...]

    21. Tony Stark is the director of the most dangerous and highly efficient espionage organization in the world. He now pilots an Iron Man armor that has been rendered to the next level of bleeding edge technology - Extremis. He has a lunatic genius who is proficient in utilising human body and Stark's own technology as a fatal mean in his attempt to destroy him.Thrilled already? If so, do not resist reading this masterpiece. Showcasing the nightmares that the Iron Avenger struggles against each day a [...]

    22. Good comics.** Yeah, I should say more.This does what a comic book about a guy flying around in a suit of armour should do. Fraction's scripts are lean with just enough characterization and action to make both vital and a glimpse into the mind of one of the world's smartest men that's exciting and a bit scary. Larocca's found, with this series, a mix of his big-booby cartoonyness of his X-Men and FF work and his too-photo-referenced work of newuniversal. Great stuff and I'm jonesing for the next [...]

    23. Really dug all aspects of this book. Even though Iron Man is basically the big jerk of the Marvel Universe after all the Civil War stuff, this title made me really appreciate the complexity of the character -- what he stands for, why he supports the things he does (like the Registration Act), and how trying valiantly to balance the good with the necessary torments him. Character-wise, this is great stuff. Combine this with a tense storyline featuring super-suicide bombers and you've got a real w [...]

    24. Very enjoyable. Probably the first Iron Man volume I'd hand someone who wanted to read Iron Man after seeing the movie. Fraction does a great job looking at the immediacy of terrorism and its evolution when technology like Stark's hits the market. If this is indicative of the rest of Fraction's run, I'll have to pick up future volumes.Larroca's art, as always, stuns. He definitely ups the ante when it comes to technological drafting and the like, a hallmark of Iron Man stories. The question real [...]

    25. Matt Fraction continues to impress; his understanding of Tony Stark's complex psyche is astounding, multifaceted and sobering. Larroca's art is likewise gorgeous, whether he's rendering humans or any of the ubiquitous and varied Stark tech around. I had drifted away from Iron Man because I wasn't sure if the character was all that interesting anymore; I'm happy to say that Fraction and Larroca have changed my mind. Enormously.

    26. This is a nice intro to the comics world of Iron Man off of the movie. It subtlely reworks some of comics canon, or at least selectively chooses it in order not to confuse movie Iron Man fans. I liked the story, especially the Tony/Pepper moments. It works as a sequel to the movie, for fans who need more.

    27. This was fricking amazing. I didn't expect the plot of this to be so climatic and well written. The villain in this is so evil and I loved him. Marvel should consider putting him in the next standalone Iron Man film. This absolutely gets 5 stars for having a really great story.

    28. The story is really good, and I liked the pre-movieverse characterization. And holy god is the art gorgeous. The text could be gobbledygook and it wouldn't matter--I'd just stare at the pictures all day long. Wonderful!

    29. This compendium was stunning in terms of both writing and art. The tone definitely takes its cues from the insanely successful "Iron Man" film series, so as long as you're among the 98.7% of people who enjoy those you should enjoy Matt Fraction's take on Tony S. as well.

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