Vuosi nolla

Vuosi nolla L hi it Tuhoisa maanj ristys paljastaa maan syvyyksist muinaisen Golgatan Asiaa kiiruhtaa tutkimaan nuori ja innokas arkeologi Nathan Lee Swift sek demoninen professori Ochs Korfu Upporikas antiikinke

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  • Title: Vuosi nolla
  • Author: Jeff Long Tarmo Haarala
  • ISBN: 9524710250
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • L hi it Tuhoisa maanj ristys paljastaa maan syvyyksist muinaisen Golgatan Asiaa kiiruhtaa tutkimaan nuori ja innokas arkeologi Nathan Lee Swift sek demoninen professori Ochs.Korfu Upporikas antiikinker ilij Nikos ja h nen yst v ns kokeilevat, milt tuntuu avata vanha lipas ja hengitt menneisyyden ilmaa Tuhon siemen on kylvettyLos Alamos Miranda Abbot purkaaL hi it Tuhoisa maanj ristys paljastaa maan syvyyksist muinaisen Golgatan Asiaa kiiruhtaa tutkimaan nuori ja innokas arkeologi Nathan Lee Swift sek demoninen professori Ochs.Korfu Upporikas antiikinker ilij Nikos ja h nen yst v ns kokeilevat, milt tuntuu avata vanha lipas ja hengitt menneisyyden ilmaa Tuhon siemen on kylvettyLos Alamos Miranda Abbot purkaa geenien arvoituksia H n kloonaa ihmisen.Kun maapallolla alkaa riehua pari tuhatta vuotta vanha ruttovirus, kukaan ei ole turvassa Nathan Lee Swift haluaa pelastaa pienen tytt rens ja Miranda Abbot koko maailman.Vuosi nolla on hypernopeasti etenev apokalyptinen trilleri, yhdistelm seikkailua, j nnityst ja romantiikkaa Kirjassa liikutaan hurjaa vaihtia ymp ri maailmaa ja arkelogian sek teknologian kautta jopa menneisiin vuosituhansiin Teos saa pohtimaan my s suuria kysymyksi Onko tieteen sokaisema ihminen asettumassa Jumalan paikalle

    One thought on “Vuosi nolla”

    1. Reading this was like waiting for a mystery package from UPS. I sat waiting for it to deliver on some fairly interesting ideas but we kept missing each other and I kept getting those damned yellow stickers and then when it all finally came together it turned out to be one of those nasty nut-covered cheese ball things dropped off by a guy wearing brown socks.

    2. I think I read a different book to the one that was advertised on the back cover blurb. The book sounded really interesting and a bit different to most other 'end of the world' scenarios I've read but mostly it's just not that gripping once you get into it. It's a steady story which kept me turning pages - but only to try and get to the tale that was promised. I don't usually quote a synopsis in my reviews but I'm going to break with tradition here so that you know what the story wasn't about."A [...]

    3. Okay, don't go by the nonsense on the front or back cover. Some idiot at the Publishing House tossed that on to sell more books. This is a decent enough novel, although boring in a few spots, but terribly misleading based upon first glance. Fortunately, I had already read "The Descent" (excellent!) and "Deeper" (meh) by Jeff Long, so I gave it a shot.Forget the whole "cloned Jesus" garbage. This is an apocalyptic thriller about a plague that drives people crazy, then blissful, before finally kil [...]

    4. Hmmm, this book was kind of like a banana- it needs the outsides to hold it together but the part worth consuming is in the middle. Pardon the bad simile but you get the idea, right? :-PIt took me 50 or so pages to get into the book, and then I was pretty intrigued, but the last 100 pages or so (the climax and wrap-up) weren't as sharp and punchy as I'd hoped for. In a few years when I think of this book I'll probably remember glassy people, clones, and a cranky jesus.Memorability Factor 7/10

    5. The marketing for this book blaringly declares it a thriller—which frankly (with no disrespect intended to thrillers) does it a terrific disservice. This is not a thriller. This is an elegiac, literary, almost floatingly dreamy examination of humanity in a time of world-ending crisis (it reminded me, in a not-so-stark way, of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road). The writing is poetic and beautiful, the characters accurate without misstep, and storytelling as a whole a tremendous example in restraint [...]

    6. I LOVED this book. It features a series of characters with entertwining lives. One is an archaeologist who is in disfavor after a dig goes very wrong in Jerusalem. However when an antique collector opens a speciman from Biblical Time (the year zero, the time of Christ), he unleashes a plague. Soon most of the Earth is dead or dying and scientists are racing to save it with the help of some clones from the Golgotha mound in Jerusalem. It's fascinating and engrossing. Highly recommended because my [...]

    7. NO SPOILERS!! Another winner from Jeff Long. Having read The Descent and Deeper, I was very much looking forward to this book…and I was not disappointed. Again, as with other books I've thoroughly enjoyed, I loved the premise of the story and the writing was excellent. The characters were well thought out and the story itself involved religion, politics, globalism, tragedy, hope, family and many more themes that were all interwoven extremely well by Mr. Long. The premise itself was pretty inve [...]

    8. A science fiction piece reminiscent of Michael Crichton, though less intense as a thriller, but with the same kind of smart, heroic but flawed characters who confront the destructive power of science. It's billed as a story about the conflict between science & faith, & the incident that initiates the devastating plague at the center of the story is a byproduct of a search for the historical (physical) Jesus, but that's pretty incidental; the heart of the story is less about a conflict be [...]

    9. I read the back cover of this book at a newsstand in the Atlanta airport and had to have it. Seconds later I had it on my Kindle. Here's what caught my eye (from back cover) - "In Jerusalem, an American archaeologist working on Project Year Zero -- the search for the historical Jesus -- crosses the line between science and theft when he helps plunder an old Roman landfill beneath the crucifixion grounds known as Golgotha. Nathan Lee Swift's crime will have devastating consequences. When an anci [...]

    10. Ever since Jurassic Park I thought a book about the cloning of Jesus Christ coule be quite interesting. I was wrong sort of.My major problem with this book was its misleading premise. The book makes you think you are getting a story about the cloning of Christ, but that is far from the truth. The overall book is a fine historical science fiction about an ancient plague re-released on an unsuspecting earth, but under the circumstances for which I picked it up I was extremely disappointed. I mean [...]

    11. OK, I finished it. Rather a slog - not worth the bother, really. Not a *bad* book, just not any good. Not suspensful enough to warrant the disorganized plotlines, shifting focus, complete unbelievability, shallow charactizations, etc.Why are biothrillers so reliant on stereotypes? The female scientists are always beautiful, the males amazing athletes. You can tell who one of the villains will be immediately, because he's obese and gay (at least he's not mincing). The other one, of course, is in [...]

    12. Actually, I really enjoyed this book, although it was a little slow getting started. A plague is killing off the earth's population, and a group of scientists barricade themselves inside Los Alamos, NM to try to find a cure. They begin cloning human test subjects from DNA recovered from digs in Jerusalem, including some retrieved from blood drops on a splinter of wood. Low & behold, this particular clone claims to be Jesus! Makes for an interesting story, and a great ending!

    13. Archaeological black market, Golgotha, plague, pestilence, human cloning, and desperation to save the human race will keep your eyes glued to this fast moving story. This is the first book I've read by Jeff Long, but now I want to rush out and buy everything he's written. His writing style is tight and fast paced and never seems to flag anywhere along the way. I can absolutely give this book my very highest recommendation!

    14. This book started out okay. Every hundred pages of so it got a little worse. The last fifty pages were a chore. I found myself reading just for the sake of finishing. Don't bother with this one. Jeff Long has no ability to end a story. He's basically a Crichton wannabe. I won't be reading anything of his again. PU!

    15. Though I had a hard time getting through the first few chapters to the meat of the story, this book definitely ranks as one of my favorite apocalypse stories. It has some religious undertones and a lot of genetic experimentation combined with a heartfelt story of love, loss and redemption.

    16. Thriller with religious themes. A clone is grown from material found in an old bone, dated two thousand years, and the resukting human claims to be Jesus.

    17. It’s time for another book review! How excited are you? Yeah, me too. Today I’ll be reviewing Year Zero, by Jeff Long. You may also recognize Jeff as the author of The Descent, one of the most influential books on my budding writing career. Someday I will meet Mr. Long and we will talk…after I gush some. Right. I’m supposed to be reviewing a book. Here goes.From the publisher:An archaeological manhunt is raging in the holy land — a hunt for the historical Jesus. For Nathan Lee Swift, a [...]

    18. This is one of those books that truly make a person think. The whole concept was quite original. The story bogs down here and there, but all in all I thought it was great to juxtapose the arrogant smugness of modern day scientists against the world views of a bunch of revived first century men who had died in one of history's truly horrible human inventions, crucifiction.

    19. A Greek millionaire is obsessed with finding any relic or artifact that proves the existence of Jesus Christ. On his quest he discovers a 2000 year old artifact containing a small vial of blood. A sample of this blood is send to 3 labs in 3 different countries for analysis. And all Hell breaks lose. The blood in the vial was contaminated with a very deadly virus which killed millions of people during its time. Now it has been released into the 21th century. Year Zero centers on Nathan Lee Scoot, [...]

    20. This is the first book that I've read written by Jeff Long. I enjoyed it, but the description on the back of the book was really misleading. The premise is that a plague from the days of Jesus is unwittingly unleashed on today's population. Scientists, using bones from a site believed to be the spot of Jesus' execution, are cloning people in order to find a cure. One of the clones claims he's Jesus Christ. Now, the last part doesn't even happen until 3/4 of the way through the book and it isn't [...]

    21. 3.5 stars, really, but not enough to push it up to 4 stars. Jeff Long has produced a surprisingly good story, with this book, its only problem is that he doesn't tell it as tightly as he could. I admit, it's not as drawn out as Justin Cronin shoebox-sized volumes, but it's heading in that direction. Basically, if you're going to take 500 pages getting to the point, you better be worth listening to. Alex Garland, for instance, is just one example of a writer who's told a story like this, in an ef [...]

    22. a few years ago I read his book The Descent. a ripping yarn, as they say. needless to say, it set the stage for round 2: Year Zero. i was a little worried about the premise - a lot of threads to weave together - but felt reasonably sure he could pull it off.good thing i didn't bet on it. this had its moments, sure. some interesting descriptive sequences. inner dialogue occasionally good. but it was trying too hard. there were too many threads to weave together, and in my opinion, yielded a muddl [...]

    23. An original and smart thriller that takes on the likes of Dan Brown and Robin Cook along with scores of apocalyptic novels and comes away mostly successful. Most of the world has been wiped out by a ferocious plague unleashed with the unearthing of an artifact from the time of early Christian history. In order to battle the pandemic, people from two thousand years ago are cloned into existence from their ancient bones in order to find one with immunity against the disease. Though Long manages to [...]

    24. I thought the resolution didn't quite follow suit with the rest of the otherwise very enjoyable story. To me it didn't make sense why Nathan Long would spend the entire book traveling across multiple continents, doing and seeing unspeakable things all for the sake of being with his daughter again all to abandon his girlfriend at the end shortly after finding out she is pregnant. And for what? His plan was to cross the bridge to be with the "pilgrims", but it appears it was all an improv act. Eit [...]

    25. In his follow-up to The Descent, Long once again combines adventure, horror, religion, and philosophy in a tale that can be, at times, absorbing reading. Nathan Lee Swift is a young anthropologist who falls prey to Professor Ochs, a grave-robber in the worst sense of the word. Miranda Abbott is a scientific wunderkind who has managed to create a way to clone humans. When a virulent plague dating from 00 C.E. (the titular year zero) is released and sweeps across most of the world, leaving billion [...]

    26. Quelle est la vérité historique sur Jésus? C'est ce que Nathan Swift cherche à découvrir lors de fouilles archéologiques à Jérusalem. Mais la frontière entre le noble scientifique et le pilleur de tombes est parfois mince Une frontière que l'archéologue est contraint de franchir. A des milliers de kilomètres de là, sur l'île grecque de Corfou, un collectionneur achète un flacon de sang remontant au premier siècle de notre ère. En l'espace de quelques jours, un effroyable virus s [...]

    27. i love this book! which is great since most of the books i've read lately have been meh to decent. but i couldn't put this one down! stayed up til 4am on the weekends and 2am on the "school nights" reading it wasn't so much "post apocalyptic" as "apocalyptic" meaning the book took place as the collapse of society was happening. you got to see things fall apart, as well as the increasing desperation of the peoplee back cover says something about jesus, but that doesn't come in until the last quar [...]

    28. I don't know what bookshelf to put this onI'm not even sure I liked Year Zero. My 14 year old asked me to describe the latest book I'd read and while was able to give him a sketchy outline of Year Zero I found it impossible to truly convey the power of Jeff Long's writing.I've seen comparisons to Michael Chricton, but IMO Jeff Long is the writer Michael Chricton wished he could've been.I love Michael Chricton and he told a great story, but Jeff Long involves you on so many levels I almost found [...]

    29. Interesting combination of elements - science vs. faith; the ugly underside of scientific competition; the variety of responses in different cultures to impending, unavoidable death In a nutshell - a deadly infectious agent is unleashed when an ancient artifact is opened and, with 100% mortality, humanity is doomed to extinction unless the best and brightest scientific minds, cloistered the labs at Los Alamos, can come up with a cure. Not a good choice for the "happily ever after" fan - this is [...]

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