The Princess and the Lord of Night

The Princess and the Lord of Night Cursed at birth by an evil lord a princess uses intelligence cleverness and generosity to outwit the lord and undo the spell

  • Title: The Princess and the Lord of Night
  • Author: Emma Bull Susan Gaber
  • ISBN: 9780152635435
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cursed at birth by an evil lord, a princess uses intelligence, cleverness, and generosity to outwit the lord and undo the spell.

    One thought on “The Princess and the Lord of Night”

    1. I don't know if the cat is going to feature in the story, but I started to read and immediately want to record: "Once upon a time there was a princess who had and ash-gray cat as swift as a blink and as clever as six professors."-------------Ok done. Charming, effective modern folk tale with a 13 yo princess who is both wise and clever, and also kind. Appealing illustrations, and well-written. Not quite wonderful, but definitely worth a place on the library shelves.

    2. This is slightly longer than I thought when I picked it up from the library. Julia does read books this length and has read one chapter book (on the lookout for another good one for her) but for our "during the day summer reading" we mostly go with the shorter ones. Julia is just under five years old and while she can read a book this length in one sitting she starts getting fidgety after about a half to three quarters. Maybe this is geared towards children a little older? The illustration is la [...]

    3. Once there was a young princess who had everything she ever wanted. She *has* to have everything she wants because if she doesn't, a terrible curse will kick in and kill her parents. Instead of being a silly spoiled brat, the princess is kind and tries not to ask for much. She wakes up one morning and realizes that there is something she wants, but instead of asking the king and queen, she decides to get it herself. This begins a day that changes many lives.What a nice story. The princess is a g [...]

    4. Caroline had found this book among the Bunny Bag books (from the library) at school. Her teacher texted me a pic of the book & told me how C literally stared at the pictures, enraptured with the story, every day for a week! Now, I simply have no willpower against buying a book for my daughter, especially when she absolutely adores one! I immediately scoured the internet for a copy at a decent price. New copies were out of print & being sold at exorbitant prices, but, as luck would have i [...]

    5. DRA:? Grade Level: 2-6 grades. The princess had been cursed by the lord of night when she was born. If she did not always get whatever she wanted, her kingdom would be destroyed. On the day of her thirteen birthday, the princess decided to mount her horse and leave the kingdom so that she could try to do something for herself instead of having people catering to her all the time. In her journey she encountered different people that were suffering and in difficulty. The princess was glad to help [...]

    6. Here is another great story for girls fed up of being married off to the prince.The princess here suffers under a curse that if she is left to want anything her kingdom will be destroyed. Her parents hasten to fulfill her every desire, but instead of being spoiled she is painfully aware of the trial her curse causes them. She sets off therefore to break the curse herself, and does so by helping others with her many wonderful possessions.The climax of the story is the princess' success in her que [...]

    7. What would you do if you were granted your every wish because, if your parents didn't do it, their kingdom would be taken away from them? Most kids have probably imagined at some time in their lives that their parents would be required to give them anything they want. In this story the princess has a good heart, and tries not to make her wishes known so that her parents won't have to try to grant them. One day she sets out on a mysterious quest, with only her cat, dog, horse, crow, and velvet cl [...]

    8. One of my absolute favorite children's books! I love reading this story aloud. It has a lot of characters and a lot of content! It's a little long, but the kids LOVE it! It tends to be better for ages 7+ since it takes a little attention. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is powerful! It's great to find a story about a princess that is about her finding herself and not about her finding 'true love.'

    9. This is a book that has been in our family since my eldest daughter, Shannon, was young. It is a fable like many others, but the heroine is wise and kind and teaches us all an important lesson about the things we want. She also stands up to the dark and evil wizard. Minnesota author Emma Bull is best known for her adult science fiction, but this is one for readers of all ages.

    10. Great story and lovely pictures - I'm sure there are tons of lessons to extract, but I liked the princess heading off to take care of things all on her own. She followed the fairy tale rule nicely too (if you see someone sad or hurt on your journey, stop and help them - even if they are ants or bees) - quite satisfactory.

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