Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms

Town of Evening Calm Country of Cherry Blossoms Kouno examines the impact that WWII and the dropping of the atomic bomb had on the people of Japan through the eyes of an average woman living in

  • Title: Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms
  • Author: Fumiyo Kouno
  • ISBN: 9780867196658
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kouno examines the impact that WWII and the dropping of the atomic bomb had on the people of Japan through the eyes of an average woman living in 1955.

    One thought on “Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms”

    1. It’s not often that I’ll be stunned—actually stunned—by a book or story. Despite its unwieldy title (one that prevents me from being able to recommend it in verbal conversation), Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms stunned me well and good. In under a hundred pages, Fumiyo Kouno may have authored the best book I’ll read this year. (I’m torn in four ways between this, Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, and two works by Bolaño, 2666 and The Savage Detectives; not unpleasant co [...]

    2. This book is made up of two connected stories, both exploring the consequences of the atom bomb for those living in Hiroshima during and after the bombing. In the first story, a young woman feels guilty for surviving when so many died such horrible deaths. Does she deserve to love in the aftermath of so much suffering? And with so many people still getting sick (ten years later), will she even survive long enough to tend to this blossoming love?The second story I will need to read again. I enjoy [...]

    3. Baca ulang. Baca pertama 19 Desember 2012. Baru dapat hardcopy-nya dari sahabat tersayang. Makasih mamang~~ Kesannya masih sama seperti dulu, kecuali sekarang banyak kanji yang udah lupa. Huhuhuuuu TT Sayang ya, gutrits nggak ada opsi buat masukin data baca ulang. Dan inilah review saya hampir 3 tahun yang lalu Suatu Sore yang Tenang, di Sebuah Negeri Tempat Sakura BermekaranPagi itu, 6 Agustus 1945, sebuah peristiwa memilukan dalam sejarah peperangan antar manusia terjadi. Sebuah kota besar di [...]

    4. Beautiful and heart-wrenching. Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms is a masterpiece of tragedy, despair, hope, and life.Nothing happens in a vacuum. Even insignificant events can have ripple effects that reach impossibly far from their center. The bombing of Hiroshima in World War II was an extremely significant, and tragic, event. The immediate effects were obvious, and frightening. But it's the less obvious ripples that Fumiyo Kouno relates to us in these incredible stories.This c [...]

    5. I finally got around to reading this because it is a Monthly Read for the Josei and Seinen Readers club. The art has a classic feel to it that I rather enjoyed. There are lovely, detailed backgrounds. The story is moving, sad and fills me with all sorts of American guilt.

    6. Two interconnected short stories about the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing. A powerful, but challenging read. It took me several hours to complete this 100 page manga, because it was quite confusing, and I had to reread some parts. Wonderful, detailed illustrations. 7/10

    7. Sono trascorsi 10 anni da quando la città di Hiroshima è stata devastata dalla bomba atomica, ma per i sopravvissuti è ancora impossibile dimenticare. D'altra parte ogni giorno qualcuno si ammala per le radiazioni subite. È difficile in questo contesto riuscire a pensare al futuro.In questo breve manga si intrecciano le storie drammatiche di vari personaggi che, in diversi modi, hanno a che vedere con la città di Hiroshima.Non l'ho trovato chiarissimo. A volte ho faticato a seguire la narra [...]

    8. المانجا مكتوبة بتعبير جريء ومباشر عن أثر الحرب، لم أعتقد أنها قد تكون بهذا الجمال وتعلق بالذاكرة لهذا الحد.

    9. This manga reflects on post-war, post-bomb Hiroshima. It is about everyday life, relationships, and personal history in the shadow of the war and the bomb. It's disturbing but not in a graphic way. It's disturbing with daily pain, stumbling blocks and people who die 10 from radiation-related problems years after they survived the bomb. There are two separate stories in this book, all together less than 100 pages. The author manages to fit a lot of sadness into such a small volume The first half [...]

    10. "May you grow as strong and as gentle as the sakura tree."In this simple author's note at the end of the manga, she was able to portray the lives of the people years after the World War. In this simplistic pastel colors and 1980's style of art, she was able to convey the message of hope and its absence to people, as well as how the Japanese were recovering from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. I may not understand other references like the baseball, the pop song and the radio show, but in one panel [...]

    11. القصه الأولى محزنة جداً، المانجا تتكلم عن قنبلة هيروشيما و اثرها على الناس الي عاشوا وقتها و على أبناءهم و أحفادهم

    12. Dos sencillas (que no simples) historias sobre las consecuencias de Hiroshima. Bonitas, tranquilas y con un dibujo que acompaña a la perfección. Buscaré más obras de la autora.3,5/5

    13. I thought this was excellent- interweaving storylines and time periods, very poignant. Kind of like the more refined, softer sister of Barefoot Gen.

    14. War doesn't just kill and spread fear in the hearts of people, it takes away something we hold the dearest, the innocence of our children. Yunagi no machi, sakura no kuni is an impeccable manga by Fumiyo Kouno. If you read the final pages she tells why she decided to write a manga on war WWII precisely. How a family gets torn apart and then finding happiness becomes a huge quest in a atomic-explosion are of Hiroshima. Read this manga as its short, heart touching and it explains the horrors of wa [...]

    15. Ada 2 versi yang kupunya semuanya masih dari Tika :)Pas ditagih untuk buat review tentang komik inihhhmmharus cerita dari mana ya?? Yang punya komik ini, awalnya sudah buat dengan lengkap dan jelas detail jalan ceritanya, jadi sampai dibuat bingung nihaku harus se-sentimentil apa? dan bagaimana menceritakan kisah yang memharu biru ini coba?? Liat saja review lengkapnya disini, bagus banget kan??!!Intinya.rangtidak ada pihak yang diuntungkan.i adalah kisah kesedihan akibat kehancuran yang ditimbu [...]

    16. By dropping an atomic bomb on the towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US put an end to World War 2 and “got even” for the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. But was it fair for the US to harm thousands of innocent civilians? Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms by Fumiyo Kouno is considered a manga. Manga is a style of writing in Japan used in comics and graphic novels that are typically read by adults but can be read by children as well. This manga contains three chapters which div [...]

    17. Rating: 5/5This is a collection of three manga short stories that depict life in Hiroshima and other such areas after the Atomic Bomb was dropped by the USA in WW2. The story telling method was so simple, with clean lines and realistic depictions of fortitude after tragedy. I really appreciated the order in which the stories were printed. It added an extra layer of impact by the end and definitely must be read in one sitting.Check out more from me here:nerdificationreviews/

    18. crynceritakan kehidupan seorang gadis yang ditinggal keluarganya karena perang lalu ia semacam memiliki ketakutan berhubungan dengan orang lain-karena takut suatu hari ditinggal. hal lain yang membuat ia takut berhubungan dengan orang lain adalah-karena ia merasa bersalah. ia merasa ia tidak berhak bahagia sementara ibu dan saudara-saudaranya mati karena perangyli, gambarnya bagus, teknik menggambarnya ok, tapi ya ini ceritanya terlalu hh banget. pada beberapa halaman jadi inget komik Sunset on [...]

    19. It was written in the simplest way that I bet, even an elementary kid would understand this.What made me read this was the title. It was interesting town of evening calm I wondered what it was all about.It was about the Hiroshima bombing. It's a very short story but that's why I find it great. Just through a few pages, Kouno was able to relay how much she loved Hiroshima. But indeed, imagining having your whole city wiped out that's a sad thought right? And thenagine losing several people you lo [...]

    20. A beautiful albeit sad story about Hiroshima and the lasting impact it had on Japan. The book is split into three sections, Town of Evening Calm and Country of Cherry Blossoms, Parts 1 and 2. The three sections take place over a period of 50 years and look at the ways in which the bombing of Hiroshima affected not only the victims but their families and children. I wasn't enamored by the art, it was simple and had more of a Sunday funnies style to it that I thought distracted from the sadness of [...]

    21. A touching tale of a family affected by the bombing in Hiroshima. It goes through multiple generations, allowing you to see the long-term as well as the short-term.

    22. The plot that intertwines between the books was a little confusing and I hated the type face they picked for the translation but the art was wonderful and full of feeling.

    23. I especially appreciated this manga after reading the afterword by the author, Fumiyo Kouno. It's so difficult to process horrific events from history, and for me as an American, engaging with the story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki conjures up so much guilt on behalf of my country. Tragedies like this are messy and awful but they can't be ignored, try as we might. That's why manga and other texts like this are so important for all audiences-- education and healing in order to honor those who lost t [...]

    24. I let my copy of this book go some years ago and just recently got another copy. I paid quite a bit for it since it has been out of print but since I got the dvd for Fumiyo Kouno's "In this Corner of the World," which is about events leading up to bombings, I figured it was time to get "Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms" back on my shelves.I don't regret spending the extra money at all because re-reading it again, it is still as good as I remember. The first story is admittedly th [...]

    25. What long-term consequences does an atomic bomb have on a community?This is a quieter story than you might expect with that concept. It's a story of specific people, in a specific place, and the effects of the bomb are almost more an aspect of the setting than part of the Aboutness. It's subtle. In a good way.People thought they survived, then became ill much later.Not knowing when the guillotine will drop exacerbates the tragedy.I would love to see an edition of this in color - the beauty of th [...]

    26. A post-war look at the impact of WWII and the dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Each chapter is a slice of an interconnecting story that spans generations. Crafted with subtle art and armed with obvious research, this story will show a side of Hiroshima’s history that is both quiet and powerful. If you’re interested in learning more about the day-to-day life of the citizens of Hiroshima pre- & post-atomic bomb, I suggest “In This Corner of the World” (by the same author, also ha [...]

    27. টেক্সট বই ঘাটতে গেলেই চোখে পড়ে দ্বিতীয় বিশ্বযুদ্ধের শেষের দিকে আমেরিকা হিরোশিমা আর নাগাসাকিতে নিক্লীয়ার বোম ফেলেছিল। ব্যাস শুধু এতটুকুই কি? একটা নিউক্লিয়ার বোমা কি শুধু এটুকু জায়গায় করে [...]

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