Full Moon Soup: A Wordless Book That's Brimful of Stories!

Full Moon Soup A Wordless Book That s Brimful of Stories Flip the pages to follow any number of simultaneous stories Hugely entertaining and hilarious Amazingly detailed illustrations

  • Title: Full Moon Soup: A Wordless Book That's Brimful of Stories!
  • Author: Alastair Graham
  • ISBN: 9781856020718
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flip the pages to follow any number of simultaneous stories Hugely entertaining and hilarious Amazingly detailed illustrations.

    One thought on “Full Moon Soup: A Wordless Book That's Brimful of Stories!”

    1. Wow what an incredible book! The illustrations are unbelievable. It took my daughter and I 30 minutes to go through this book and we still didn't finish it. It is a seek and find picture book that tells a story from one page to the next. You are able to see inside the entire hotel at once, from the basement to the attic. In each room someone is doing something, In the kitchen, the chefs are cooking, in the lobby the maids are cleaning, in the attic the handyman is painting, on the roof the coupl [...]

    2. What a lucky bastard I am, growing up my twin sister and I would be brought to the library every week and from the ages ofoh 4 to 7, it seems like one of us always checked this book out. The book is a delight, enjoyable if you view it as one great spectacle or follow each of the individual characters throughout. When one became a 'pro' at the book, like my sister and I, you could track the little details, the subtle changes in the paintings in the dining room, the toys in the attic, or the other [...]

    3. This is such a fun book for kids -- not the updated version though, the old version. I want a copy! It's really cool to see the way the book progresses, which each character having their own story on each page. Neat concept, cool execution.

    4. This is probably my favorite children's book discovery since my son's birth. When I bought it I really didn't expect him to like it (he was about 18months old.) Not only did he love it then for all the bright pictures and funny monsters he still loves it and he's almost three. There was a period where this was the only book he would readI know that a lot of kids do that but mine doesn't. Typically he wants an array of books to repetitively read.Day after day we would follow different storylines [...]

    5. One of my all-time favourite books for children of all ages (4-99). Though it has no words (you can ignore those few before and after the story), I have "read" it many times. It's most enjoyable to read Full Moon Soup together with another person (preferably a child) when you can point out your most recent discovery and then go back and forth to check out how something came about and what happens next.There is a very hard to find, unfortunately very expensive sequel called Full Moon Afloat: All [...]

    6. Not quite what I was thinking for a chili/soup/gumbo Book Time theme. In fact, this book would be terrible for a story time! Absolutely no words. But what an imagination and talent on the part of the creators. A good book for reluctant readers or those more interested in comic-book style. So much happening from one page to the next that it started to make my head spin. A bit of bathroom humor here and there (literally and figuratively). Overall, though, this book is in a realm all its own. Not a [...]

    7. This book is a one of my student's favorite wordless picture books. On each page the reader encounters a cut-way of a hotel and its surroundings. As the story progresses stranger and stranger events occur in each room, leading to the "Fall of the Hotel Splendide". The fun of the book is in the details--this is a book to pore over!

    8. There are no words in this book, each page is just a drawing of the Hotel as time passes on. There is so much to look at, and many different stories are told within each page. It is certainly quite amusing and inventive - some really bonkers things start coming into play. You could read it over several times and still not see everything.

    9. This book started my love for the library. I must have checked this book out 10 times as a kid. Don't simply read (look through) this book, go and buy a copy for a friend's kid, your own kid, anyone's kid, or simply yourself!

    10. My seven year old boy just loves this book. There are only pictures, no words, but the pictures tell tons of stories. Every time we look at this book together, we find new bits of the story we didn't notice before. Very fun to look at and good practice for pre readers.

    11. This is one of my favorite no word books. Each page there is even more to find. The details are amazing. Every time I look at Full Moon Soup I find something new.

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