The Sound of White

The Sound of White Finally healed after a beating that almost took his life the last thing Richard Johnson needs is to be attracted to Chad Neal He s got a bar to open and a heart to mend Despite his smaller stature T

  • Title: The Sound of White
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • ISBN: 9781906811488
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook
  • Finally healed after a beating that almost took his life, the last thing Richard Johnson needs is to be attracted to Chad Neal He s got a bar to open and a heart to mend.Despite his smaller stature, Tall Pines Lodge Manager, Chad Neal, needs to be in charge, both in the bedroom and out So why is he attracted to a six foot three man who looks like he could rip the limbs fFinally healed after a beating that almost took his life, the last thing Richard Johnson needs is to be attracted to Chad Neal He s got a bar to open and a heart to mend.Despite his smaller stature, Tall Pines Lodge Manager, Chad Neal, needs to be in charge, both in the bedroom and out So why is he attracted to a six foot three man who looks like he could rip the limbs from Chad s body Electrician, Collin Zeffer, longs for the kind of relationship he sees his friends have, but who would want someone as boring as him When he meets the reclusive Abe Cross, Collin decides maybe there is someone made especially for him.Hiding his face from the world, Abe Cross is content to live out his life alone His cabin in the woods above Cattle Valley seems like the place to do it The last thing he needs is a sexy as sin electrician showing up to remind him of what he can never have, but when an unexpected blizzard blankets Cattle Valley and the mountains above it, his life, and the lives of the three other men, will change forever.Reader Advisory This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

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    1. I just loved Collin and Abe, adored them their story was five stars I could not stand Chad every time it switched back to him and Richard I was hoping it would get back to Collin and Abe Quickly. Chad pretty much ruined the book for me

    2. I love the Cattle Valley series. For some reason it is one of my favorite M/M series. This book however will be forgettable. I didn't feel a connection between the couples. I hated that Chad and Richard were reduced to "We're alone so let's f*ck" Way to sweep me off my feet baby! Moving on to the next one.

    3. I'm torn with my rating for 'The Sound of White' by Carol Lynne. It's stories about two couples one of which I loved and the other I didn't. I enjoyed the story of how Abe and Collin. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and wanting to cheer out loud for them. It was great to see Abe come out of his shell and love again. I was proud of Collin for persisting. However, Chad and Richard's story didn't appeal to me. I couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to imagine them as a couple. I didn't li [...]

    4. Hmmm, what to say Collin and Abe were just so adorable. I really loved this couple and wished this book was only about their relationship. I would have rated the book higher.On the other hand we have Chad and Richard. I couldn't care about them. Each time, the book switched to their relationship I just wanted it to be over asap and turn to Collin and Abe. I never really warmed up to Chad. Up to the next one.

    5. It was nice to get two couples in one story because with just Richard and Chad's plotline, this book wouldn't have been that great. I really liked Collin and Abe a lot. I want to be snowed in with a lover now LOL. I really felt the connection between Collin and Abe. I didn't like how Richard was so needy. So what if he's submissive? Be a man! I've never read a series where the insta love was so prevalent. Can heterosexuals live in Cattle Valley??????

    6. Not my fave in the series - the "falling in love" moved a little fast for me and I never really warmed up to Chad at all. On to the next.

    7. Today I want to claim a merit to me, the fact to have called for the first time the two on going series by Carol Lynne, Campus Cravings and Cattle Valley, "gay soap opera". After two or three books per each series, they started to remind me a soap opera, with all the characters mixed together, with all the unbelievable events a mind could possible imagine, happening in small town barely able to have a diner, a theatre and a school. But despite the territorial limitation, in Cattle Valley, and it [...]

    8. This was not my favorite in the series, by farThere were 2 love stories going on simultaneously. That made for a somewhat disjointed read. Also, because each couple's story only comprised 1/2 the length of an already brief book, I feel like I read 2 weaker stories where I would have preferred one strong one.Abe and Collin were cute. Their background stories were adequate for the brief time I got to know them. Abe was definitely the more captivating of the two, harboring a seriously dark secret. [...]

    9. I kind of think its funny that I am a straight female and yet I am reading gay romance I have never read gay romance before the reason I read this book originally is because I have a friend who is gay that is simply in love with this book series because he has told me all about this series (a lot) I figured I would give it a go well all I can is is my friend has fabulous taste (not that he would ever let me forget that for even a second)I may be a straight female but I simply love the guys in th [...]

    10. I love this series I really loved Richard from Ezra and Wyn's story; I really wanted him to have his own HEA even though I didn't care much for his and Chad's beginning, I loved it after Chad let his guard down. They were both stubborn and acting like jerks for a little bit but, for some reason I held Chad a little bit more accountable, I feel like Richard had reason to be guarded. not fair, I know but still, we knew more about what Richard had been through and Chad not so much. Although I reall [...]

    11. I think this is one of the better Cattle Valley books I've read so farwe get 2 stories for the price of one.Lot's of work is going on at the new resort up on the mountain. Colin has been doing some electrical work there but then he gets sent to deliver a cheque to Abe for some wood purchased by the hotel. Abe is a reclusive mountain man and when Colin gets snowed in with him, he doesn't know what to expect.Back at the resort, Chad is freaking out and trying to remain on schedule for the big open [...]

    12. Not great, not bad, just meh. We had some pretty good smexing and a touch of BDSM but nothing hardcore. This was also a book about two completely separate couples so we don't get to know either one really well. I'll admit I've not read this series in order so we probably knew everyone from previous book. First Chad and RichardChad's a smaller man, a bossy asshole and a Dom and Richard's a large man but a submissive. They started out hating each other but that didn't last long then things got lov [...]

    13. Carol Lynne writes short stories about the inhabitants of this small Wyoming town featuring a romance in each installment. This time we meet two couples and that was the problem for me. Each couple had an interesting challenge, low self-esteem and Hurt/Comfort neither one was honestly confronted with a satisfactory solution. both couples deserved more attention. I was a bit frustrated by this visit to Cattle Valley. Richard's recovery was miraculous. What was all that "daddy" stuff? Chad, we nee [...]

    14. Начало было настолько потрясающим, что я была уверена, что это 5 звезд. Две пары заключены в уединенных кабинках во время снежной бури. Плюс немного мистики. Чудесное начало, но потом меня немного отторгали отношения Ричарда и Чада. Точнее БДСМ составляющая. Мне она показала [...]

    15. This was a good book but I was waiting for Richard's story after Wyn's and I felt like his book should have been it's own story. I really liked Abe and Collin's story and Richard and Chad's but honestly I don't see why they were combined instead of each couple getting their own story! Other than that, I really liked the book and most of the reviews I saw didn't like the book that much! It was good :)

    16. This is an interesting story as it actually brings together two different stories/set's of characters. They are linked but two totally different stories. I feel in love with Collin and Abe recognising more of them within myself than most stories. (god I just re-read that and realise I sound very arrogant!)Just read the book OK. This entire series is MORE than worth it just for the emotions it's dragged out of me.

    17. I enjoyed both stories. Chad and Richard's story had a"different" type of relationship. That is probably what turned some people off. Chad had a dominating personality and it fit for him and Richard. I think Carol Lynne did a good job with the stories.

    18. So the Abe & Collin story was a lot sweeter than the Chad & Richard story. But, I had a real excited moment during the C&R part; a hairy arse! Seriously, it's about gods damn time that I read about a guy getting rimmed that isn't unnaturally bald. Guys with fuzz like tongue too! So pleased!

    19. Wow what a surprise, two couples. Loved Abe and Collin, and the snowed in cabin, Finally Richard is happy and I wanted that from when we first met Richard. Still not sure on Chad though, maybe it will take awhile. Great book, and love the ending on New Years Eve

    20. Did not bond with Abe and Collin as much, but it still was a touching story. Richard and Chad, I liked them less than Abe and Collin. Still very much enjoying the story. Love the author and originality for all of these books in the series.

    21. I loved the D/s in his esp with the dominant being the smaller guybut the best bit about this one was Abe and Collineir relationship was just so sweet x

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