Forever In Biton Savakis opinion following the advice of Cavan s therapist isn t working Refraining from dominant play with an abused submissive trying to heal is one thing Biton is willing to forgo that par

  • Title: Forever
  • Author: Shayla Kersten
  • ISBN: 9781595784100
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • In Biton Savakis opinion, following the advice of Cavan s therapist isn t working Refraining from dominant play with an abused submissive trying to heal is one thing Biton is willing to forgo that part of his life However, not talking to Cavan about making their arrangement permanent doesn t make sense.Three months after his new master promises him forever, Cavan is afIn Biton Savakis opinion, following the advice of Cavan s therapist isn t working Refraining from dominant play with an abused submissive trying to heal is one thing Biton is willing to forgo that part of his life However, not talking to Cavan about making their arrangement permanent doesn t make sense.Three months after his new master promises him forever, Cavan is afraid it won t happen Although the thirty day contract is long over, Biton hasn t offered a new one Nightmares about testifying against his former master don t make life easier.Just as Cavan begins to understand what he means to Biton, Cavan s past reaches out to steal his happiness and maybe his life.

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    1. I really liked how Biton and Cavan's story evolved throughout the two books in this series. I admit, and strictly for my own selfish reasons, that I hated for their story to come to an end. I can only hope that Ms. Kersten takes pity on us all, and continues this series. I know it would be very interesting to see how much they would have grown a year or so later.

    2. This is the continued story of Cavan and Biton. It starts about four months after the last story thirty days ends. I loved it! I honestly believe that to fully grasp the relationship between Biton and Cavan you should read the first bookThirty Days, first.Cavan has been in therapy for four months. Although he continues to have nightmares of his abuse, he has never felt more secure, safe and loved before. Cavan is anxious about the upcoming trial and continues to have worries about Biton's intent [...]

    3. A sequel to Thirty Days.Biton and Cavan's relationship evolves, but also the initial D/s contract (30 days) is nearing the endAs much as the 1st book of this mini-series was focused on Biton and his efforts to draw Cavan out of his shell - to heal him, to show him a better world and to punish those who'd hurt him - this 2nd instalment is totally Cavan's.He takes his therapy sessions, learns new things by devouring books, gets to know his way around the home and city. But Cavan also struggles - h [...]

    4. Cavan still go to a psychiatrist with Dr. Merten, who brainwashes him to believe that Biton and Cavan's relationship is wrong, she also says that he can not talk to Biton on their conversations. She also lies to Cavan, which makes him sad and confused, he do not trusts her anymore. This means that he eventually runs away and long finally get to say stop to it he does not feel is right.In the meantime, Maxwell Wainwright pulls things protracted and says he has an offer that is much better. In ret [...]

    5. Shayla Kersten won my heart with "Thirty Days" and "Forever".I liked the first one and I LOVED the sequel.I'm a fan.I began "A Helping Hand" and yes we can say I'm addictedlol

    6. OverallAn enjoyable story that continues the romance between Cavan and Biton as Cavan progresses from quivering slave to gentle submissive and Biton struggles to do what's best for his new lover. While a perfectly good story, it did nothing to amaze me into a higher score.StrengthsOverall Story. Although I question why the Big Bad waited to strike until now, overall the plot was good. It could come across as slightly cheesy, but it wasn't enough to make me put the book down, mostly because the c [...]

    7. Better than the fist. Cavan's grown and has become slightly more independent and Biton loves him even more. There is some BDSM in this in terms of dungeon play but it never gets to be too much. Cavan's awakening sexuality with this lifestyle is written well - and you are happy when he is happy. I loved loved loved the climax of the story - it was so utterly fitting and my neighbors probably thought something was going on in my room because I was like "YES YES YES!"ROFL!

    8. Other than the fact that I don't think the psychiatrist would have gotten to be such a leader in the field with her tactics, I really connected with the story.

    9. Keen to know what happened to Cavan and his new master and lover Biton I dived into this sequel to Thirty Days.If anything, I prefer the pace of Forever. The burgeoning sexual relationship and building of trust between the main characters seemed more realistically paced and thoughtfully considered. The net is tightening around the organised slavery ring, but it takes time to build up proof. Cavan's confidence is growing daily and he is beginning to put his previous experience in perspective. All [...]

    10. A well-fitted conclusion to "Thirty Days" and (thank goodness) a HEA for Bison and Cavan.I got upset with the psychiatrist's narrow opinion, and I was so glad that Cavan (eventually) dumped her. It was good too that Bison became more determined to keep Cavan - although it really shouldn't have taken that long to open up and share everything.Still a good story.I have one query - why couldn't these two books have been (slightly) edited to be only one? "Forever" is a natural conclusion to "Thirty D [...]

    11. I love the story of Cavan and Biton. Now, four months later, we see how far Cavan has come, becoming more independent every day and facing his past. It was frustrating to watch Biton basically just go along with everything the therapist suggested, and I wanted to smack her for the way she was playing Cavan against Biton. As with the first book, there were parts of this story that felt rushed and could have used a bit more detail and, perhaps, an epilogue showing how they were doing some time dow [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this sequel to Thirty Days. Cavan continues to try to deal with his very painful past with Biton's help. Unfortunately they also have to deal with a misguided therapist, legal issues and the bad guy from hell. Sexy, sweet, angsty and emotional all in all this was a very nice story.

    13. This is a wonderful story/series & I really can't add anything to my review for Thirty Days (here) highly recommended read.

    14. Well, I have to honestI skipped pages from this story as it was to sad for me. So, for what I managed to read(the happy parts)it was lovely. The Master Biton was very caring, protective of his Sub Cavan. They were a very lovely couple.

    15. I not disappointed in this sequel. Cavan flourished and found his strength. He even got to.well, I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Both books in this series is re-readers.

    16. Me encantaron los dos personajes. Son muy gustables. Un placer leer estos dos libros y que mal que acabe. Me hubiera gustado ver la evolución de su vida sexual xD.

    17. Another strong novella to follow up the terrific Thirty Days.At the end of Thirty Days Cavan has spoken to the police about his abuse and the possible death of another slave, Mateo, he is terrified of meeting the same end as Mateo and is still totally and understandably having a hard time trusting he won't be left by Biton, his new Master and lover. No matter that Biton has assured Cavan there is no need for a Master/slave contract anymore, that he loves him, Cavan is fearful of what may happen. [...]

    18. Oh, this one is significantly better than book one. As far as I’m concerned they shouldn’t actually be broken up, since the first can’t really stand on its own.Anyway! The magical therapist turned into a raging bitch. Nice. Except I’m sad that Cavan has to go through this on top of everything else.The thing is, while I might agree with the doc on some things, she is being manipulative and a bully towards someone who has been abused horribly, so she gets no pass. Rooting for Biton may sta [...]

    19. Forever is the sequel of Thirty Days, a story I have loved very much and maybe one of the first D/S story I have read. Cavan is an abused child sold like sex slave to an evil Master who, after beating him nearly to death, has abandoned him. But Cavan, even if he is free now, is not able to live a normal life, and Biton, an older man who has lost his former lover, takes pity on him and offers him an home and a Thirty Days D/S contract. This is more or less the previous story and now months are pa [...]

    20. Cavan is making progress by becoming a bit more self sufficient. This is despite Dr. Merten, Cavan's therapist, sessions. *Full disclosure - I avoid therapist because I've never had a good experience with them. The few times I've encountered ones, they projected their issues onto me.* I can say I completely loathed Dr. Merten and I hope she drops dead. People like her should be barred from helping others. She's financially raping people. She charges them to be even more fucked up. *steps down fr [...]

    21. After the arrest of Cavan’s former Master and their initial thirty days contract ended, Biton and Cavan are still together and trying to find out if they can have a true D/s relation. Cavan is still working to leave his trauma behind him and Biton is giving him his space. On advice of Cavan’s therapist they don’t have sex and they don’t talk about the therapy. That doesn’t help them to become closer, of course. When Cavan rebels against his therapist, because she tries to convince him [...]

    22. This sequel of "Thirty Days" is in my opinion better than the previous book. At the end of the first part we had the feeling that the story was not finished, but with "Forever" history finds its logical conclusion. I can only encourage readers to read these two books one after the other (there is a book including the two parts together that has been published) because they form an inseparable whole story.Endearing characters, a story that is more and more interesting and enjoyable to read.Cette [...]

    23. It was great to see Biton and Cavan again. I had wondered how they were doing after Thirty Days and Forever has answered it. Cavan is still unsure and uncertain of life and his place in Biton's world, at least at the beginning. Having his therapist telling him his thoughts and what he wants is wrong doesn't help him, and the one he loves, trusts and wants the most tells him to listen to his doctor keeps him confused and even more uncertain. I love how Cavan goes from uncertainty to the realizati [...]

    24. This is the continuation. Cavan’s old master has been arrested for murder but may get off with a slap on the wrist. Cavan is still going to therapy but the therapist is not helping him. Eventually the ring leader who’s been taking these kids and making them slaves kidnaps Cavan and shoots Bitek and the mystery continues as they try to rescue him and another slave before he is murdered. I HATED the therapist (but so did Cavan) and couldn’t believe she would play her own agenda so much but I [...]

    25. 3.5 stars.I liked it a bit better than the first story, because I really like Cavan and I was glad to see him fight for getting better, to be indipendent and to get rid of the hurt of his past. I liked it so much that I think the story should have been longer and spent more time on Cavan's needs and struggles, I got only bits of his growing up from a slave to a whole person and I think this was a bit overshadowed by sex. As in the first book I couldn't connect with Biton, even if I liked his ten [...]

    26. It was nice to visit these two great characters again. Biton tried so hard to do what is right for Cavan that there were times I wanted to yell at him because I felt that Cavan was left hanging. The therapist was the wrong person to be helping him because she was adding stress and hurt to Cavan. So many of the issues could have been solved with more communication on Biton's end.What I liked best was the true caring I felt between them. What I didn't like was the end. I wanted more and to know th [...]

    27. Thirty Days and Forever (Thirty Days, Book 2) are good kinky m/m romances about a Dom whose beloved partner/sub died from cancer. As he starts to get back into the scene, his friends introduce him to a sub who had been badly abused and tortured (almost to death) by his previous master. These were hard for me to read at times because the kept reminding me of a friend, although I don't think things got quite that bad for him before he got out

    28. Forever doesn't seem long enough for these twoVery good sequel. Well worth the money spent. It was again written to keep you glued to the pages, hoping for both of them to heal. Cheering when it went well and cringing when it didn't. I really really hope there is a book three and a continuance of their feelings for each other.j

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